Chapter 692 - Participated in the Training

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Chapter 692: Participated in the Training

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“Wait a minute?! Who did you say you went to have dinner with today?!”

“It’s Zhou Lin’s fiancée!” Li Yang said slowly.

“Then did you hear his fiancée say why Zhou Lin came to our military district this time?”

Li Yang was actually a little nervous.

“It seems that he’s here to select new special forces soldiers. Do you also want to participate in this special forces soldier selection?”

Zhang Ling noticed the change in Li Yang.

“Joining the special forces soldiers is too dangerous, and the frequency of missions will become more frequent. Then, wouldn’t it be a long time before we have another child?!”

“I think it’s already good enough to be a vice company commander in the new recruit camp to train new soldiers. We are all ordinary people, so let’s not take any risks.”

Zhang Ling began to persuade her husband to give up on participating in the special forces selection.

“You woman, what do you know?! Every day, you’re safe and sound. I really can’t live this life anymore.”

Li Yang and Zhang Ling were now people from two different worlds. One wanted to pursue a higher and broader sky, while the other only wanted to maintain their current status and live a stable life.

The two of them had long been strangers, and they did not speak at all.

“Is it because of that woman again? Is it because she wants to participate in the special forces selection? So you want to go with her!”

Zhang Ling blamed her failed marriage on another woman, and never looked for any problems from herself.

“Why are you so annoying?! I’ve said this matter many times, and it’s all in the past. Why do you always bring up the past? Are you afraid that these new recruits don’t know about my dark past?”

Li Yang also became unhappy.

“If you can’t continue to stay here quietly and maintain this state, then you’d better go back to your hometown and farm!”

“You’re chasing me away! You actually chased me away for such a person! Li Yang, do you still have a conscience? I wash your clothes and cook for you every day, and I even gave birth to your children. What did I do wrong for you to treat me like this? !”

In Zhang Ling’s worldview, she was just a housewife who lived her life dutifully. Why would she be treated like this if she did not do anything wrong?!

“It’s my fault, it’s all my fault, alright?!”

Li Yang did not want to argue with her anymore. He walked out of the dormitory and returned to the camp. Officers like them would also set aside an empty bed for themselves in the dormitory. They would only stay there when they were busy with training tasks.

Li Yang was probably the officer who used this bed the most among all these officers.

Although it was said that he wanted to blend in with the recruits, everyone knew in their hearts that he was doing this to avoid his wife.

Early the next morning, Li Yang appeared in front of Zhou Lin.

“Officer Zhou, I heard that you came to our recruit camp this time to select some suitable people to join the special forces. I feel that the opportunity to join the special forces should be fair and equal. I also want to sign up for this special forces training.”

Zhou Lin sized him up.

His entire body was full of tendons and muscles, and he had a clean crew cut. He was indeed a good seedling to become a soldier.

However, people often consider a person’s personality first. In Zhou Lin’s heart, Li Yang was a man who was not responsible for his family.

Li Yang also saw some clues in Zhou Lin’s eyes. Before Zhou Lin opened his mouth to answer, he asked first, “Could it be that Officer Zhou Lin only gives young people opportunities, and not veterans like us? If Officer Zhou Lin does this, it is very likely that it will cause dissatisfaction among everyone. The soldiers in our unit follow the strength, and they will all agree.”

“Alright, then I will give you this opportunity! After I draw up the list of recruits from the recruit camp, you can follow these recruits to the training grounds to train. As for whether you can become a real special forces soldier, that will depend on your ability, not your ability to talk.”

The news that Zhou Lin had heard was only one side of the story that Yun Xi had heard from Zhang Ling. Zhou Lin felt that Li Yang should have some ability to become the vice company commander of the new recruit company, so he wanted to give Li Yang a chance.