Chapter 693 - Female Sniper

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Chapter 693: Female Sniper

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“Hello, you should be Chief Zhou Lin!”

Zhou Lin raised his eyebrows as he looked at the bold and valiant female soldier in front of him.

“Chief Zhou, I am Xu Mei who is participating in this special forces training. This is a special recommendation letter that Vice Battalion Commander Xu gave me. I am applying for this special forces training as a sniper.”

Snipers were considered scarce resources in the army, and female snipers were even more scarce resources.

Zhou Lin thought of what Yun Xi said last night. This Xu Mei should be Li Yang’s idol.

Zhou Lin felt that it was still a little strange to be meeting the hero and heroine of this matter within a day.

“Even snipers have to participate in the devil-like training. Can a female soldier like you hold on?”

This was not Zhou Lin’s sexism.

Zhou Lin was certain of Xu Mei’s sniping ability, but there was a natural gap between the strength of men and women. Having superior sniping ability did not mean that one could adapt to such tough training.

“Don’t worry, Chief! I will definitely pass this training. I will become a soldier as excellent as the chief, and walk side by side with the Chief!”

The more Xu Mei spoke, the more excited she became. In the end, she even saluted him.

Xu Mei’s words were a little ambiguous. Xu Mei looked at Zhou Lin with a meaningful gaze.

“Mei Mei, how was it? Did Chief Zhou Lin agree to let you join his team?”

Xu Mei was accompanied by a female soldier who had been standing at the door. She looked like she was dressed as a medic.

“No, it’s not that easy to join the special forces. Chief Zhou Lin asked me to join the training first. Through the training, I can join the special forces.”

“So snipers also have to participate in the training. I thought you guys had an internal channel.”

“Snipers also have to participate in the training. Look at the soldiers of the Science and Technology Unit. They also have to participate in this kind of military training. Of course, the training will not be relaxed just because I’m a sniper or a female soldier.”

“I thought that our Mei Mei is so beautiful, so Chief Zhou Lin would be merciful to you!”

The medic teased Xu Mei.

“Don’t talk nonsense! How bad would it be if people heard this!”

“Didn’t you pay attention to Chief Zhou Lin a long time ago? Now that you’ve finally seen him in person, aren’t you even more tempted? As long as you pass this special forces training, you can stay by Chief Zhou Lin’s side.”

Xu Mei had been paying attention to Zhou Lin for a long time. She had heard that there was a swift and decisive Chief Zhou in the special forces camp. Xu Mei’s vision was also very high. She believed that if she wanted to marry someone, she should marry such a man.

Li Yang should be the biggest stain in Xu Mei’s life.

At that time, two people participated in the scout competition. As the only female sniper in the team, Xu Mei was naturally treated better by the other male soldiers. Xu Mei also enjoyed this kind of treatment. Li Yang was one of the people who treated her too well.

In the last scouting competition, their team was ambushed. In the end, only two people were left in the ten-person team.

One of them was Li Yang, who had survived under the cover of his teammates, and the other was her, who had sniped on the hillside.

For collective honor, the two of them began to work together. Taking advantage of a huge oversight by the enemy army, the two of them directly took down the enemy’s nest and won the final victory of this competition.

However, it was this cooperation that made Li Yang feel that he and Xu Mei had a very high tacit understanding. Li Yang could not extricate himself from falling in love with Xu Mei, but Xu Mei did not have any feelings for him.

Xu Mei tactfully rejected Li Yang’s declaration of love, but Li Yang attributed this rejection to his wife. He thought that if he did not have a wife, the two of them would definitely be the most enviable couple in the world.

It was not until Li Yang saw the way Xu Mei looked at Zhou Lin that he realized that it was all his own wishful thinking.

During that meeting, Li Yang started arguing with others for the first time. He kept saying theories that were contrary to Zhou Lin’s. In fact, it was because he was jealous and bitter in his heart.

“Zhou Lin actually already has a fiancée?! How come I’ve never heard of this before? How long has it been?”

When Xu Mei heard the news from the medic, her face was full of disbelief.