Chapter 694 - Challenge

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Chapter 694: Challenge

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Zhou Lin had been in the army for so many years, but there had never been any news about him having a relationship with any woman.

“It’s true! I didn’t lie to you at all about this! Yesterday, the wife of the commander of the recruit company came to get the medicine. I heard it from her. During this family visit, Zhou Lin’s fiancée was among them.”

“Impossible, impossible!”

As Xu Mei spoke, she walked out of the room and went to the dormitory building that the camp had prepared for the military officers.

Although Xu Mei had never been to this place before, she had already inquired about all the information about Zhou Lin before. Now, she went straight to his dormitory.

There was a landline phone in Zhou Lin’s dormitory. It could be used to call outside, but the landline number could not be displayed on the other party’s phone.

At this moment, Yun Xi was lying on the table and talking to the school’s counselor.

“I’m sorry, teacher. Something has happened at home recently! I might have to take a half-month holiday. Don’t worry, I definitely won’t miss these classes.”

Yun Xi paused for a long time. The teacher across from her said a lot of words earnestly.

“Don’t worry, teacher. This time, I will definitely try my best to become a good student. I will definitely bring glory to you.”

After saying that, Yun Xi hung up the phone. Yun Xi turned around and saw Xu Mei staring at her with her eyes wide open.

“You are?!”Yun XI asked.

“You are Zhou Lin’s fiancée?!” Xu Mei sized up Yun Xi from head to toe.

Earlier, Yun Xi’s back was facing her when Yun Xi was in the call. Now, Xu Mei was carefully examining Yun Xi’s face.

She was indeed more beautiful!

However, Zhou Lin was definitely not that kind of shallow person. He would not be with someone just because of her beautiful face.

Xu Mei had just heard Yun Xi call the school and learned that Yun Xi was a university student.

In this era, university students were still relatively scarce. Could it be that Zhou Lin was with her because of her identity as a university student? Could it be an internal marriage of the family?

Many questions surfaced in Xu Mei’s heart.

What was so great about university students? Was it not just that they had read a little more? Was there a little more ink in their stomachs?

They were both soldiers, so she and Zhou Lin would have more common topics to talk about.

Yun Xi replied, but she could already sense that the person who had come was not friendly.

“I really didn’t expect that our Chief Zhou Lin, who hasn’t been in a relationship for so many years, would actually find an ordinary woman like you in the end,” Xu Mei ridiculed.

“I don’t need you to judge whether I’m worthy or not. If there’s nothing else, then leave our room! After all, this is the dormitory of a male military officer. It’s better to avoid people who aren’t family members. Otherwise, people will say that you’re shameless.”

Yun Xi felt that the other party was like a love rival, so she did not speak too politely.

“Let’s not talk about whether I’m worthy of being judged here. Do you dare to compete with me? If you can beat me, I won’t judge you anymore. If you can’t beat me, then please leave Zhou Lin’s side.”

In the world of soldiers, strength spoke for itself.

“Alright! Then what do you want to compete with?” Yun Xi was not willing to admit defeat.

Xu Mei lowered her head and thought for a moment.

She had been in the army since she was 15 years old and had not received much cultural education. The cultural classes that she could learn were all taught in the army, so if it was a competition of culture, she definitely would not be able to compete with university students.

Xu Mei felt that this matter concerned her and Zhou Lin’s happiness and that she had to compete with something that she was more certain of.

“Since we’re in the army, then let’s compare things that we should compare in the army. Cross-country, shooting, weight lifting…”

Xu Mei listed out the training contents in the army one by one.

“You can choose from whatever you want to compete!”

Xu Mei looked very confident.

The corners of Yun Xi’s mouth curled up into a sneer. Xu Mei listed out things that she was better at. The word ‘shameless’ really suited her!

“You should be that female sniper!”

“How do you know?” Xu Mei was puzzled.

Yun Xi did not answer her.

Yun Xi just wanted to confirm some of the doubts in her heart.

“Since you want to compete, I’ll play to the end. It’s no fun to compete with only one match. The first to get two wins out of three would win. We’ll compete in shooting, and the other two competitions will be cross-country running and rock climbing!”

Yun Xi wanted to let his opponent realize that there was always someone better than her in her field of expertise.