Chapter 695 - Marathon

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Chapter 695: Marathon

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“Then let’s have a marathon first!”

Xu Mei wanted to humiliate Yun Xi bit by bit.

Marathons were a sport that snipers were not good at, but to a soldier, their ability was definitely much better than an ordinary person’s.

Yun Xi felt that it did not matter what the competition was.

The gossipy medic had already spread the news that the two of them were quarreling and that they were going to have a competition. Coincidentally, during the break after lunch, everyone came over to watch the show.

“Then why are you still standing there? Hurry up and leave. Could it be that you’re afraid?”

Xu Mei saw that Yun Xi had not moved for a long time and once again put pressure on her.

“Of course, it’s to change into a pair of shoes that fit my feet!”

As Yun Xi spoke, she fumbled under the bed and found a pair of pure white sports shoes.

“If you’re wearing military boots, it’ll definitely be easier for you to run. I can’t wear home slippers to go out and compete with you!”

This pair of white sports shoes was not an ordinary pair of white sports shoes. They were the white sports shoes that Yun Xi had exchanged from her space.

The cloth panel function in Yun Xi’s space could not only take out the entire piece of cloth, but it could also take out clothes and shoes that had already been made.

Moreover, the clothes and shoes would also have additional functions. For example, thin clothes could keep you warm, and ordinary shoes could speed her up.

Previously, Yun Xi had never developed this function. Firstly, he was afraid that it would be too flashy, and secondly, there was no need for it.

Now, it was finally time for this function to show its value.

“If you’re afraid of losing, you can just say so. You don’t have to tie your shoes for two or three minutes. Looking at your thin arms and legs, you definitely don’t exercise much!”

Xu Mei was still putting psychological pressure on Yun XI.

“Let’s go down and compete now!”

Stealing someone else’s man and still being so shameless.

“I won’t bully you anymore. It’s a total of ten kilometers from here to that tree over there. Let’s compete for ten kilometers today!”

Xu Mei pointed at a thick and big willow tree on a distant hillside.

Some soldiers who were watching the show also surrounded the two of them, and the female soldiers began to discuss among themselves.

“No way, it’s actually 10 kilometers marathon!”

“How can you say it’s not bullying? It’s too difficult for an ordinary person to run 10 kilometers! When I first came to the army, five kilometers was a nightmare for me.”

“This girl is also very unlucky. She just had to offend the female devil of our army.”

Everyone discussed one after another. Xu Mei raised her head proudly as she listened to everyone’s discussion.

The eyes of the crowd were bright. Although marathons were not something that snipers were good at, it was still more than enough for an ordinary person like Ying Yunxi.

“I’ll be your judge!”

A male soldier rushed out from the crowd. He held a starting gun in his hand and stood at the starting point to be the judge.

At the start of the match, the starting gun let out a loud bang.

Xu Mei took the lead and ran out. Yun Xi followed closely behind.

Yun Xi ran at a leisurely pace. Xu Mei turned her head to look at her figure. The corners of her mouth curled up into a triumphant smile as she cursed in her heart.

‘She still dares to compete like this. Looks like she really doesn’t know the immensity of Heaven and earth.’

Xu Mei thought to herself that she would definitely win. She had finally resolved a stumbling block in her pursuit of Zhou Lin.

Xu Mei accelerated forward with all her might. Yun Xi could not even see her back anymore.

Yun Xi was not in a hurry. She estimated the time and suddenly began to use the acceleration function of her shoes to run forward.

The shoes brought people along, so Yun Xi did not have to exert any effort. She looked like he was wearing a pair of white sports shoes, but in fact, he was wearing a pair of firestorm wheels.

Yun Xi could even feel the sound of the wind whistling past his ears. As she ran, she saw Xu Mei’s figure. The clothes on Xu Mei’s back were soaked through, and she was breathing heavily nonstop.

Xu Mei could feel the sound of Yun Xi’s footsteps, and her mouth opened wide in disbelief.

“What? Is it unbelievable? Don’t tell me you think you’re going to win for sure. I’m starting to speed up. Don’t slack off!”

After saying that, Yun Xi shook Xu Mei off.

When they were near the finish line, Yun Xi stopped.

Yun Xi used the small spitter in her space to wet her clothes on her back and sprayed a lot of bean-sized beads of sweat on her forehead.