Chapter 696 - Unfair

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When there were only a few dozen meters left, Yun Xi gave up on the acceleration function of his sports shoes and sprinted forward to fake heavy breathing after an intense exercise.

Everyone was already waiting beside the big willow tree.

“This is unbelievable! Yun Xi actually won against Xu Mei!”

After ten minutes, Xu Mei finally arrived at the finish line while panting.

“Impossible! This is absolutely impossible!”

Xu Mei screamed as her entire body collapsed to the ground.

“Your result has even surpassed some of the male soldiers. How did you do it?”

Mei Xu could not believe that an ordinary college student had such explosive power.

“There are track and field teams in universities, and they will also participate in competitions. They will even choose athletes for the Olympics. Why can’t college students have explosive power?”

Yun Xi randomly thought of a reason to retort Xu Mei.

It was a regret in Xu Mei’s life that she had never been to a university. When she heard Yun Xi describe the colorful life at university, a hint of jealousy appeared in Xu Mei’s eyes.

“Okay, you win this round! Let’s compete in shooting next round.”

Xu Mei wanted to find a sense of superiority in her outstanding field.

With the lesson from the marathon, Xu Mei was not sure what level Yun Xi’s rock climbing ability was at!

So, she was prepared to use the shooting competition to put pressure on her. When Yun Xi panicked, she would win the rock climbing competition, and then she would be able to defeat Yun Xi.

“Alright, let’s shoot then! It just so happens that I can save some strength!”

Yun Xi acted as if it did not matter.

Xu Mei hated Yun Xi’s attitude. It was as if everything was calm in her eyes as if victory was within her grasp.

“Hey, what kind of competition is this!”

At this moment, a tall and slightly fat person with a military rank was probably the battalion commander of the recruit camp.

“When I was eating in the canteen today, I heard some soldiers discussing a very interesting competition being held in our unit. “I wonder if I’m late. Will I still be able to see the two of you have an exciting competition?”

“Reporting to the commander. We are going to have a shooting competition next. Welcome, Commander!” Xu Mei saluted and then said.

“That’s great. I would like to see what kind of ability Commander Zhou Lin’s family has!”The battalion commander laughed.

“Today, I approve of your unlimited use of bullets until the victor can be determined.”

The battalion commander knew Xu Mei’s strength. However, Yun Xi’s strength was still unknown.

However, to dare to compete with the most powerful female sniper in the military region, she must be a ruthless character!

“Thank you, Chief!” Xu Mei saluted once again.

Usually, there was a limit to the number of bullets that could be used for training in the army. This time, she could finally shoot to her heart’s content.

“The training ground is over here!”

The soldier who had acted as the referee earlier gently reminded Yun Xi of the direction of the shooting training ground.

“Thank you!” Yun Xi thanked him, ignoring Xu Mei’s provocative gaze.

People with ability had always disdained verbal arguments. Yun Xi was prepared to teach Xu Mei a good lesson in front of her superior.

“Let’s not compete with the moving target first! The target is now 150 meters away. Hitting the tenth ring means the best result,” The soldier explained these rules mainly to Yun Xi.

Yun Xi nodded and smiled in response to his good intentions.

“Why are you talking so much nonsense? Hurry up and start! Don’t cry later!”

Xu Mei continued to provoke psychological pressure on Yun XI.

Xu Mei was the first to fire a bullet, hitting the bull’s eye of the 10th ring.

Yun Xi did not show any signs of weakness. She picked up the pistol that the referee had given her and lay on the ground to shoot.

A bullet streaked across the barrel of the gun, hitting the 10th ring as well.

“Not bad!” The battalion commander clapped his hands. Yun Xi’s strength was indeed not bad, and it surprised him a little. The two of them ended in a draw in the first round.

Xu Mei was not sure of Yun Xi’s strength, thinking that she was just lucky.

Xu Mei was sprawled on the ground and was about to fire a second shot when Yun Xi stopped her.

“What’s the matter with you now? Could it be that you’re starting to get scared? Do you want to stop the match? As long as you admit defeat, this match can completely stop!”

Xu Mei’s mood was a little bad after being interrupted.

“I just feel that this match is a little unfair!” Yun Xi said.

“Oh? How is it unfair? I’m here today. You can tell me all of your concerns and I’ll settle them for you. I just want to watch a fair and exciting match.”

The battalion commander was the first to speak.