Chapter 697 - Shooting Competition

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Chapter 697: Shooting Competition

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“Even if I’m not a professional gunner, I know that the gun in her hand is definitely different from the gun in my hand. The sniper rifle in her hand is professional and has higher accuracy. If we want fair competition, then the guns used by the two of us should be the same.”

Yun Xi’s words were very reasonable. The battalion commander nodded.

“Go and get another ordinary gun for Xu Mei! “The battalion commander instructed a soldier beside him.

Xu Mei obviously wanted to use the sniper rifle in her hand, but the cost of making a sniper rifle was extremely expensive. The value of each bullet could even be worth half a case of ordinary handgun bullets.

It was very difficult to find a second sniper rifle like this in the military region. Xu Mei could only use ordinary guns like Yun Xi.

“Even if I use a normal rifle, I will still beat you!”

Xu Mei released her vicious words and crouched on the ground, shooting at the target in the distance.

The people in the distance shouted out the specific number of rings.

“Impossible! How is this possible? The number of people on the other side must be wrong. I was clearly aiming at the bull’s eye. How could there be a deviation?!”

Xu Mei stood up in disbelief and began to become frustrated.

“This is because there is a certain amount of error between ordinary guns and professional sniper guns.”

Most of the people in the training ground were young seedlings of snipers. They had a very detailed grasp of the knowledge of these guns.

“What do you mean?!”Xu Mei asked the soldier who explained.

“Because you have used sniper guns for too long, you thought that all guns would not have errors. For ordinary guns like this, there will be certain errors due to wind speed, humidity, weather conditions, and many other factors. So if you want to hit the bull’s eye, you must deviate from the bull’s eye by a certain distance.”

The soldier spoke at a moderate pace, and the battalion commander also echoed.

“That’s indeed the case!”

“I’m not used to using this gun. This round doesn’t count. Give me another chance, and I’ll definitely hit the 10th ring.”

Xu Mei begged the battalion commander to give her another chance.

“Why doesn’t it count? Is it because you’re not familiar with this gun? Then it’s unfair to me as well!”

Yun Xi stood up and spoke up for herself.

“You’re a soldier. You can touch a gun every day, but I’m just an ordinary student. The gun I can touch is just a toy gun that shoots balloons in carnivals. This is also my first time using this kind of gun. Then based on your logic, is it only fair that I have to use a toy gun to shoot?”

What Yun Xi said was very reasonable.

“Xu Mei, you can be considered a very experienced sniper. If you were on the battlefield and your gun broke and you picked up another gun, wouldn’t you still be able to snipe? It’s not that you don’t know these principles, it’s just that you haven’t considered them. So these can be considered your own negligence. I can’t give you another chance to start over.”

The battalion commander was still very fair. He did not favor Xu Mei just because she was a soldier whom he had personally trained.

“Hmph! Consider yourself lucky!”

Xu Mei muttered a few words in a low voice.

“Then start shooting! Let’s see if you were just lucky!”

Xu Mei had never been certain of Yun Xi’s strength. A person who had never touched a gun before was able to hit the 10th ring because of pure luck. If she were to do it again, it would definitely not be the 10th ring!

The bullet once again sliced through Yun XI’s gun barrel.

It was the 10th ring again!

The surrounding people were already applauding. For an amateur to be able to hit the 10th ring consecutively, she definitely had the ability.

“You! How did you do it?” Xu Mei’s mouth was agape in disbelief.

It looked like they had to increase the difficulty of the competition!

“Chief, what’s the point of only hitting these motionless targets? Why don’t we increase the difficulty of the competition? Let’s hit those moving targets!” Xu Mei suggested.

If the targets could move, then the experience that Yun Xi had accumulated from shooting balloons with a toy gun would be of no use.

“I’d like to see such a competition. I wonder what Miss Yun Xi thinks?” The battalion commander asked Yun Xi for his opinion.

This matter would sooner or later spread to Zhou Lin’s ears. He could not let Zhou Lin think that the people in his unit were working together to bully others!