Chapter 698 - Comical Smile

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Chapter 698: Comical Smile

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“I’m happy to accompany you!” Yun Xi replied indifferently.

The corners of Xu Mei’s mouth curled up into a sneer again, thinking that this Yun Xi was really too arrogant.

An arrogant person would sooner or later walk toward self-destruction!

“The few of you go and arrange two moving targets!” The battalion commander instructed the soldiers beside him.

The moving targets were made into the shape of a human upper body, and the target’s shooting disc was set at the chest of the human-shaped mold.

“Reporting to the chief, this is a distance of 200 meters!”

A distance of 200 meters was more than enough for this kind of ordinary gun.

After everything was arranged properly, the moving target in the distance began to move.

A deep trench was dug under the moving target, and soldiers were sent to move the target back and forth under the trench. The purpose of the trench was to ensure the safety of the soldiers.

“Let’s begin! This time, I’ll let you go first!”

Xu Mei wanted to be the finale. She wanted to let Yun Xi make a fool of herself by shooting first!

“No problem!” After saying that, Yun Xi lay down on the ground and aimed at the moving target in the distance.

“Another 10th ring hit!” The voice of the person in the distance reported again.

“How is that possible?!” Xu Mei was a little flustered.

“It seems that our Zhou Lin officer’s family members are equally strong. I think that our Zhou Lin officer has been training his family members a lot at home.”

The battalion commander joked, trying to make the atmosphere less awkward.

Xu Mei lay on the ground, looking at the target in the distance, and started shooting.

Xu Mei had come to pick a fight with Yun Xi without eating lunch, followed by another 10km marathon trip. Her body was already running low on energy, and her vision of the things in the distance had become a little blurry.

In addition, she was using an ordinary gun now, so Xu Mei needed some time to get used to the gun’s deviated angle.

Xu Mei was afraid that if she lost this match, then her pride as a female sniper, who had been praised all this time, would become a joke.

However, the more afraid she was of losing the match, the more Xu Mei’s hands trembled.

The bullets in Xu Mei’s gun barrel shot out, but surprisingly, they did not hit the moving target.

“It’s a missed shot!” The voice from the other side came back.

Xu Mei immediately felt the strength in her limbs being lost, and she lay on the ground, unable to stand up.

“I’m not convinced!” Xu Mei was still unwilling to accept it.

Shooting was clearly her forte, so why would she lose to an ordinary college student?!

“I feel that there is an element of luck in Yun Xi. I want her to fire a few more shots. If she fires a few more shots, she won’t be able to hit the target’s ten rings every time.”

“Then what do you think? Are you willing to compare yourself to Xu Mei like this?” The battalion commander asked Yun Xi.

“Sure!” Just as Yun Xi finished saying that, Zhou Lin also appeared at the shooting range.

“Hey, Chief Zhou is here to cheer on his family member. Your family member has extraordinary strength!”The battalion commander began to tease Zhou Lin.

Xu Mei did not want to lose, so she reorganized her state so that she would always look heroic in front of Zhou Lin.

Yun Xi crouched on the ground and aimed at the moving target on the opposite side, firing three shots in a row.

“Zero!” The voice from the opposite side rang out again.

Xu Mei seemed to have grabbed onto the last straw and hurriedly shouted.

“See, I told you! The previous few shots she fired were a fluke. All of them were shot to the 10th ring by luck. If she were to shoot continuously, she definitely wouldn’t be able to hit the 10th ring. She didn’t even manage to hit the target.”

Zhou Lin picked up the binoculars and looked at the target in the distance. The corners of his mouth curled up into a doting smile.

“Battalion Commander! I think the outcome is already very obvious!”

Yun Xi put down the gun in her hand. Zhou Lin took the opportunity to pass the binoculars in his hand to the battalion commander.

The battalion commander looked at the target in the distance.

Yun Xi shot the bullet at the head of the target.

Two shots were fired at the eyes, and one shot at the mouth. Looking at the target through the binoculars, it looked like she was drawing a funny smiling face.

Two shots were fired at the eyes to warn Xu Mei not to be blind, and one shot at the mouth to warn Xu Mei to be a little more virtuous.

“I declare that this round is Yun Xi’s victory!”

Xu Mei still did not understand what was going on and did not know why the battalion commander had decided the outcome this way.

“I think there’s no need for the rock climbing competition to continue! I’ve already won two out of three rounds.” Yun Xi raised her eyebrows.

Then, ignoring the presence of many people present, she directly threw herself into Zhou Lin’s arms.