Chapter 699 - Rock Climbing Competition

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Chapter 699: Rock Climbing Competition

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“We have to compete in the rock climbing competition! Why shouldn’t we? Even if you have already won the competition between us, we have stipulated that three matches. I have never been a person who does things without a proper end.”

Xu Mei knew that she had lost, but she still wanted to set up a good character for herself.

“Alright then, let’s continue to finish this competition! If we don’t have a rock climbing competition with you today, then it would be my fault.”

Yun Xi nodded and agreed.

This time, the rock climbing competition was held indoors, and the battalion commander also followed everyone to watch the show.

Zhou Lin’s arrival made the battalion commander pay more attention to the safety of this competition. After all, Yun Xi was not a professional, so he still had to make a series of safety precautions.

If Yun Xi made any mistakes within the recruit camp, he would probably not be able to continue being the battalion commander.

Xu Mei looked at the thick foam mat beneath her, her heart filled with bitterness. They did not receive such treatment during their training.

“The rules of the competition are very simple. Whoever climbs to the top first will win. There are no restrictions on the method of climbing.”

At the start of the competition, Xu Mei used all her strength to climb up. Although she lost their bet, Xu Mei still wanted to win and save some face.

Yun Xi climbed up slowly, treating this last match as a form of entertainment.

Xu Mei could not stand Yun Xi’s indifferent attitude. She hoped that Yun Xi would use all her strength to carry out this match.

Xu Mei increased her speed again, hoping that Yun Xi would pay more attention to this match.

However, the successive matches had already exhausted Xu Mei’s strength. The intense rock climbing caused Xu Mei to choke in mid-air. The muscles in her abdomen were in intense pain, like a hundred thousand needles stabbing into her body.

Xu Mei did not want to give up. She endured the pain and continued to climb upwards. Bean-sized beads of sweat slid down from her forehead, but Xu Mei still did not slow down.

Yun Xi suddenly increased her speed and caught up to Xu Mei in a short while. Xu Mei did not want to admit defeat. She competed with Yun XI in her heart and used all her strength to climb upwards.

However, the more she used her strength, the more the muscles in her abdomen were in pain. Xu Mei had no choice but to slow down. She watched helplessly as Yun Xi was about to climb to the top of the rock.

“Just two more steps!”

“Looks like Miss Yun Xi has won this match again!”

The spectators below also began to discuss.

There were only three more steps left. Yun Xi used both hands and feet.

The people below had already started to cheer for Yun Xi. No one noticed Xu Mei’s tottering figure.

Yun Xi suddenly let go of her hands, and his body fell in a zigzag pattern, steadily landing on the foam cushion under the rock wall.

Everyone could see that Yun Xi had deliberately lost this match. Yun Xi had created a dilemma for Xu Mei.

Xu Mei now wanted to learn from Yun Xi and jump off the rock wall, which meant that she could not afford to lose. If she continued to climb the rest, Xu Mei’s current physical condition might not be able to bear it.

Xu Mei could only brace herself and continue to climb upwards. However, the pain in her abdomen was getting more and more intense, and it even affected the strength of her arms.

Xu Mei could not hold on properly, and her body slid down from the cliff. However, Yun Xi slid down gracefully in a large font, while Xu Mei rolled down. Her appearance was very ugly.

Yun Xi walked to Xu Mei’s side.

“I originally wanted you to win once, why are you so careless?”

As Yun Xi spoke, she helped Xu Mei stand up.

Yun Xi leaned beside Xu Mei’s ear and spoke to her in a tone that only the two of them could hear.

“Even if you win today, it’s still worse than losing. The next time you snatch another person’s man, remember to weigh your own strength.”

Xu Mei’s face was trembling with anger when she heard this. In addition, the muscles in her chest and abdomen were getting more and more painful. Xu Mei’s expression became very ferocious.

From the perspective of a bystander, Xu Mei simply could not afford to lose. The other party helped her stand up, but Xu Mei even gave her a dirty look.

“Impossible, impossible! Why didn’t I advance? That Wu Bing’s ranking and results are not as good as mine. Why did he advance?”