Chapter 701 - Scouting Competition

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Chapter 701: Scouting Competition

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“I’m still not convinced! Chief Zhou Lin, why don’t we have a competition as well? Just like the competition between Xu Mei and Miss Yun Xi, we will decide based on strength, not just based on one person’s words. If my ability is stronger than yours and I can beat you, then you will agree to let me join the special forces.”

Li Yang tried to find another way to fight for another chance for himself.

“How do you want to compete? What do you want to compete in?”

Zhou Lin felt that this person was really annoying.

“Let’s compete in the scouting competition.” Li Yang thought for a while and said.

“There are many ways to compete in the scouting competition. How do you want to compete?”

Zhou Lin’s interest was piqued.

“Chief Zhou Lin, didn’t you deny my ability to fight alone? Then we will form two teams and find a teammate from each team. Let’s have a 2 versus 2 competition.”

“Great! It’s been a long time since I’ve had such an experience. I just happened to come to your recruit camp to play with you.”

The rules of the scouting competitions were as follows:

There were two teams in the match, each team would get a signal receiver before the start of the match.

Within 15 minutes of the start of the match, the two teams would each place the receiver in a place that they thought was safe in their own camp. Once the location of the signal receiver was confirmed, it was not allowed to change again.

After 15 minutes, both teams could enter the enemy camp. Whoever destroyed the receiver first would win.

At the same time, it was inevitable that there would be a head-on confrontation in the match. Each team member carried a smoke bomb. After ‘death’, the smoke bomb would ignite and the team member would be eliminated.

Once two members from the same camp were eliminated, the game would also end.

There was another interesting way to play in the 2 vs 2 scouting competition. That was that before each player entered the competition, they would draw lots to determine their own weapons in this competition.

The weapons were random. The lucky player could draw a pistol or even a cannon, while the unlucky player could only draw a dagger or even a frying pan.

To win a match, one needed a certain amount of luck in addition to being strong. It was the same in actual combat. In addition to strength, one also had to be in the right place at the right time. Luck was also a very important thing.

Li Yang came to the shooting range and found Xu Mei, hoping that she could form a team with him.

Xu Mei originally did not want to form a team with Li Yang. Firstly, her impression of Li Yang was not very good. Secondly, Xu Mei did not want to stand on the opposite side of Zhou Lin.

However, Xu Mei changed her mind.

The teammate that Zhou Lin chose was not a member of the special forces that came with him at the same time, nor was he a rising star that was discovered in the recruit camp.

It was actually Yun Xi!

Xu Mei even went out of her way to discuss this with Zhou Lin.

“Yun Xi is not a soldier in the army. Why can she participate in the scouting competition together? And why would you choose a teammate who doesn’t understand the rules of the competition? Her existence is very likely to drag you down. If you choose Yun Xi, you might as well choose me. As long as the two of us work together, we will definitely be able to win this competition.”

“The rules of the competition didn’t say that you have to choose a teammate from the soldiers. You just have to choose a suitable teammate from the barracks. Yun Xi was also in the camp. I didn’t violate the first rule of the game

“Secondly, what right do you have to say that she will definitely drag me down? I’m sure everyone still remembers clearly how she defeated you in the various physical fitness competitions. You’re just a defeated opponent of Yun Xi. Why should I give up on her and choose you?”

The last sentence had a double meaning.

In the scouting competition, Zhou Lin would not give up on Yun Xi and choose Xu Mei. In real life, in love, Zhou Lin would not do the same.

“Good! Then let’s meet in the competition! I will prove my strength to you. I will prove to you that in actual combat, I am stronger than Yun Xi.”

Therefore, Xu Mei agreed to Li Yang’s invitation to form a team. Xu Mei wanted to avenge her previous humiliation by defeating Yun Xi in this scouting competition.