Chapter 702 - Random Weapons

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Chapter 702: Random Weapons

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The competition was about to begin. The first step was to prepare for the drawing of weapons and equipment.

“Which one of you will draw first?”

This time, the battalion commander was in charge of supervising the competition. The battalion commander felt that it had been a long time since the military had been so lively. This competition was still very interesting.

Li Yang raised his hand.

Drawing first had benefits, and drawing later also had its benefits.

There were only so many weapons and equipment in total. If the good items were drawn first, the latecomer would naturally not be able to draw. Of course, if the person who drew first did not draw any satisfactory weapons, then the probability of the latter drawing a good weapon would be greatly increased.

Xu Mei walked forward and reached her hand into a black cardboard box. She fumbled around inside for a while and took out a piece of paper.

“Open it and see what it is.”

Li Yang could not wait to ask, and his body could not help but lean toward Xu Mei.

According to the rules of the game, both sides could know what kind of weapon the other side drew.

As the saying goes, know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated in a hundred battles.

After both sides knew the advantages and disadvantages of the other side’s weapon and their own weapon, they could use their wisdom to make the best plan.

The scouting competition, besides competing in physical strength, was also a competition for brainpower.

Xu Mei slowly opened the piece of paper, and the word ‘cannon’ was clearly written on it. In such a small-scale scouting competition, the cannon could be considered a top-tier weapon.

“Hahahaha, as expected, our female sniper’s first move was extraordinary, drawing such a weapon directly. Looks like Officer Zhou Lin’s team won’t have a chance!”

Li Yang was a little too pleased with himself, and Xu Mei’s lips curled up into a smile.

“This is your weapon!”

A soldier directly pushed a cannon over. This cannon looked very heavy, and it might be a little difficult to move it.

“It doesn’t matter! Let me be in charge of this cannon. When the competition starts, its lethality will definitely be amazing.”

Li Yang patted his shoulder and tried his best to show his manliness in front of Xu Mei.

Xu Mei realized that something was wrong.

“Why is there only a cannon? Why are there no cannonballs?”

Xu Mei asked the battalion commander.

“How can the cannon be used alone? The cannon without cannonballs is just an iron frame. It has no effect at all, and it is especially heavy.”

Li Yang was too happy too early.

“This will depend on your intelligence. When we fought in the past when the bullets in the barrel of the gun were all used up, the long spear could still be inserted with a bayonet, and the long spear would be the hilt. As for this cannon, you can also use your intelligence to let it display its abilities.”

The battalion commander encouraged Li Yang and Xu Mei, but it was just a formality on the surface. The battalion commander himself did not know what the cannon without cannonballs could do?!

“It’s your turn next!” The battalion commander said to Zhou Lin.

Yun Xi walked forward and reached into the black cardboard box. In the corner, she found a crumpled piece of paper.

Yun Xi took out the piece of paper. Everyone’s eyes were fixed on the piece of paper. What kind of weapon could be drawn out?

Although this weapon did not have much lethality, it could display a great advantage in this kind of scouting competition.

Overall, a telescope was much more useful than a cannon without cannonballs.

Li Yang rubbed his fists and walked to the side of the black cardboard box.

“This time, I will definitely draw a useful weapon. Maybe I will draw a cannonball. Chief Zhou Lin, you guys have to be careful.”

Li Yang cheered himself on.

“Don’t dawdle. Quickly open it and see what it is.”

Xu Mei urged him, but in her heart, she also hoped that this piece of paper was a cannonball.

The piece of paper that was picked after dawdling for a long time was actually a frying pan.

The frying pan could only be of some use in close combat, but Li Yang’s ability was obviously not as good as Zhou Lin’s. Using such a frying pan in close combat would instead become a burden.

“Don’t tell me I have to use it to cook?!” Li Yang scratched his head and asked.