Chapter 705 - Set Up the Camp

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Chapter 705: Set Up the Camp

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“Can you help me carry this? This is really too heavy.”

Halfway through, Li Yang stopped to seek Xu Mei’s help.

The two of them had already walked along the path for half an hour, but Xu Mei had yet to find a suitable hiding place.

Li Yang was like a servant behind Xu Mei, pointing wherever he went. However, a human was not a machine after all. Carrying such a huge monster, he walked forward as if he was flying. His body was simply unable to bear it.

“You’re really a weak chicken. It’s only been a short while, and you can’t walk anymore.”

Xu Mei looked unhappy.

“Alright, alright. Then hide behind that big rock in the depression in front. This place is also very far from where we buried the signal device. They shouldn’t be able to find us here.”

Although Xu Mei was dissatisfied with this teammate, this was after all a team competition. They would win together and lose together.

Xu Mei did not want to waste too much of Li Yang’s strength just because of the cannon. She still wanted to use this man’s strength to create a victory in the competition.

They hurriedly hid the cannon and walked to the opposite camp.

“This is for you. This is a smoke bomb that I made myself. When we reach the enemy’s camp, I will find a high point to snipe. If you find the enemy’s team members or the location where the signal device is hidden, detonate this smoke bomb.”

Scouts like them all knew how to make some simple weapons, and Xu Mei had especially learned some.

Li Yang stared at Xu Mei’s silhouette, his heart rippling.

This woman was always so outstanding as if nothing could faze her. She was much more outstanding than the woman at home who only knew how to live a stable life every day.

“Why are you staring at me? Hurry up and move forward.”

The weather was getting colder and colder, and the sun was setting earlier and earlier. If they continued to dawdle, there would be no more light. It was dangerous and difficult to cross this spring at night and walk to the enemy’s camp.

On the other hand, Yun Xi’s side did not have the intention of crossing the water to the enemy’s camp to look for the signal device.

“This is the secret weapon you brought?!”

Zhou Lin looked at the tent on the ground and a black line crossed his forehead.

“That’s right! What’s the difference between coming to such a deep forest and camping? Of course, we have to prepare this full set of weapons.”

“I brought enough food and fresh water, so we just have to drag the competition out. When they’ve finished all the food and fresh water on their bodies, and when they’re completely exhausted, we’ll go and catch them all in one fell swoop.”

Yun Xi’s goal was not just to win this match, but to win it beautifully.

Not only did Yun Xi want to destroy the enemy’s signal, but she also wanted to wipe out two people.

“This is your sleeping bag. Let’s have a good sleep in the tent first.”

Yun Xi threw a brand new sleeping bag to Zhou Lin.

“Don’t worry. I’ve set up an alarm nearby. If anything happens, the alarm will sound in time.”

Yun Xi pointed to a small black box next to the tent.

This alarm was originally used for wild animals that accidentally broke in during outdoor camping. Now, it actually had other uses.

Zhou Lin took the sleeping bag and lay down.

Although this tent was not big, it was more than enough to sleep two people.

The night would become even colder, but fortunately, the quality of the sleeping bag was very good, and Yun Xi slept very comfortably.

However, late at night, Yun Xi suddenly felt a little cold. Yun Xi moaned uncomfortably, feeling as if something was swimming around her body.

However, a day of camping had already reached the limit for a non-military person like her. Yun Xi tried to wrap her sleeping bag tightly around her body before turning over and falling into a deep sleep.

The person leaning against Yun Xi’s back with a face full of satisfaction.

Zhou Lin looked at Yun Xi’s sleeping face with a gentle gaze. If the two of them were to stay together, they would be able to resist all the difficulties in the world.

“Where are you touching? Can you have some self-control?”

Yun Xi said unhappily.