Chapter 1096 - The Lu Family's Scheme

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Chapter 1096: The Lu Family’s Scheme

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Qiao Xi nodded thoughtfully. “Is that why they took this opportunity to spread rumors outside that Gu Zheng is unfilial and is pressuring Gu Zheng to take the initiative to give up? Or are they using public opinion to damage his reputation and make him unable to continue being a director?”

Song Shijing said, “Many people from Lu Corporation are here for the 5% of shares. This is not a small number. They won’t give up easily, so if they want to use public opinion to force the president to give up on the shares, they can also pressure the president as a board member. Moreover, some of Lu Corporation’s partners are here too. If they gather together, they’ll definitely think of ways to deal with the president.”

Qiao Xi raised her eyebrows. “Going against Gu Zheng for Lu Corporation? Are they crazy?”

“I think those people think that the president is also a member of the Lu family and is a junior. Even if there’s really a conflict, it’s not appropriate for him to fall out with the Lu family. Hence, in order to please the Lu family, they’re all on Lu Yan’s side. They think that the president doesn’t care about the 5% shares at all. The matter will be resolved soon,” Song Shijing replied.

Qiao Xi revealed an expression as if she had seen through everything. “They think that today’s meeting is very important. All the famous people in Li City are here, and the heads of the various large companies are all gathered here. If the Lu family wants to use public opinion to obtain the right to be a director, they can easily use moral coercion to force Gu Zheng to give up 5% of his shares. What a good plan!

“But are they the only ones who know how scary rumors can be? I have a lot of evidence against the Lu family! It’s uncertain who’ll lose their dignity then.”

Song Shijing stopped in his tracks and asked respectfully, “Young Madam, are you going to…”

“Where’s the Lu family?” Qiao Xi asked coldly.

Song Shijing said, “They’re in the lounge on the 11th floor. They said they’re discussing a collaboration with their business partners, but we all know that they must be talking bad about the president behind his back.”

“I understand.” Qiao Xi smiled. “They can’t wait anymore. After Gu Zheng and Lu Yan end the meeting, they’ll force Gu Zheng to give up. They’re definitely unable to restrain themselves now.”

Qiao Xi’s eyes were dispirited. “Bring me to them. After that, leave first. There are some things that I should handle myself. I won’t be able to do anything if you stay with me.”

Song Shijing hesitated, then seemed to understand something. He lowered his head and trembled. Was Young Madam going to attack them?

Qiao Xi said indifferently, “The higher-ups of Lu Corporation have all come to Huazhong Building, and the Lu family’s mansion is empty. It shouldn’t be a problem for me to come all the way here to look for them, right?”

Song Shijing brought Qiao Xi to a corner and walked around before leaving. “Young Madam, be careful. Call me if you need anything.”

Qiao Xi nodded. After Song Shijing left, she took out her phone and found Lu Muxue’s recording. She was very sure that Lu Muxue had not told the Lu family about this, so Lu Yan did not know that she had something on the Lu family.

If it were any other time, perhaps everyone would say that what Lu Muxue had done was just a small conflict between girls due to jealousy. It could not affect the two families. However, Lu Muxue was from the Lu family, so these things were not simple.

A few months ago, she made a bet with Lu Yan. Moreover, this bet was initiated by Lu Yan and wasn’t her idea to begin with. Now that the Lu family did not want to give her 5% of the shares, they were using public opinion to attack Gu Zheng. They even instructed Lu Muxue to frame her in university so that her reputation would be ruined. That way, she would not have the cheek to ask the Lu family for the shares at all.

Hence, all of this could be said to be the Lu family’s plan!

It would become obvious that the Lu family did not want to acknowledge this bet, so they spent a lot of effort to frame Qiao Xi. This way, everyone would also suspect that Old Master Lu was pretending to be sick. Was it Gu Zheng who was unfilial, or was it the Lu family who was dishonest?

The corners of Qiao Xi’s mouth curled up slightly as she looked at the people from the Lu family who were walking over not far away. She hurriedly pinched her thigh, and her eyes instantly turned red from the pain. She looked pitiful.

“I didn’t expect President Gu to be such a person!”

Qiao Xi was just about to step forward when she happened to hear someone say this. She had also guessed that the Lu family would try their best to slander Gu Zheng and make him the target of public condemnation.

She saw Lu Xiang being surrounded by everyone and hurriedly walked over. “Madam Lu! I’ve been looking for you for a long time. I hope you can give me a reasonable explanation!”