Chapter 1097 - Adding Fire

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Chapter 1097: Adding Fire

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40 minutes ago, Lu Xiang arrived at Huazhong Building. Everyone in the Lu family knew very well that if Gu Zheng returned to the Lu family and controlled their shares, it would be a huge threat to the Lu family.

Moreover, the Lu family had already confirmed their heir. Although they had to admit that Lu Yan was indeed not as outstanding as Gu Zheng and many higher-ups were dissatisfied with his actions, Lu Xiang and Old Master Lu had always thought highly of Lu Yan.

At this moment, Lu Yan had also obtained the right to participate in the international conference. Moreover, he already had the ability to compete with Gu Zheng for the position of director. Only when that happened would everyone trust Lu Yan a little more. They hoped that he could rise in the Lu family’s stead.

Lu Yan would not fail again this time!

Gu Zheng had just reunited with the Lu family, but the matter of the 5% of shares had made his grandfather sick. In order to snatch the shares from his brother, he no longer cared about kinship.

Now that the Lu family had already spread rumors everywhere, Lu Xiang came today to add fuel to the fire and make public opinion burn brighter.

These were all the presidents of companies who had business dealings with the Lu family. Lu Xiang deliberately mentioned Old Master Lu’s illness in front of these people to arouse everyone’s suspicion.

“Why isn’t Chairman Lu here?! He should be attending such an important event!”

“I heard that Chairman Lu is sick. It look like he’s seriously ill this time! Otherwise, he would’ve definitely come. After all, Lu Yan is still young. He’ll definitely be worried!”

“The last time I saw Chairman Lu, he was fine. Why did he suddenly fall sick?”

Just as everyone was feeling puzzled, someone suddenly stood up and said, “Chairman Lu is already in his 60s. It’s normal for him to fall sick, but he fell sick this time because of anger. I heard it’s because of President Gu…”

The person who spoke was arranged by the Lu family because this matter could not be said by the Lu family themselves. Otherwise, it would seem too deliberate. Everyone would believe it if someone else said it.

“Second Miss Lu is here!” Everyone hurriedly looked over.

Lu Xiang looked up and glanced at the person who just spoke. A trace of sinisterness flashed past her eyes, then she went forward to greet him tiredly.

“Second Miss Lu, I heard that Chairman Lu…”

“I’m sorry, everyone. My father suddenly fell sick and couldn’t come today. If there’s anything, you can talk to me first. I can’t decide before going back to discuss it with Ah Yan.”

Everyone frowned. It seemed that Old Master Lu was seriously ill!

“Second Miss Lu, could it be that Chairman Lu’s illness is really…”

Lu Xiang nodded helplessly. “Yes, Ah Yan and Ah Zheng were still in the meeting room just now… Forget it, I don’t know how to solve this matter. My father is still lying on the bed unconscious. He needs to sign the transferal for the 5% of shares. Now that he hasn’t woken up, I don’t know how to explain it to Ah Zheng.”

Everyone looked at each other with different expressions.

Gu Zheng wanted the Lu family’s shares, so he urged the Lu family to hand them over as soon as possible. However, Old Master Lu suddenly fell sick and was unconscious. Lu Xiang hoped that Gu Zheng would not be anxious and wait for Old Master Lu to wake up before taking the discussion further.

“Second Miss Lu, what’s with the 5% shares?” someone asked curiously.

When Lu Xiang heard this, a trace of success flashed past her eyes. She raised her head and sighed. “It’s Ah Yan’s fault for being too naive and being schemed against. At that time, Ah Yan thought that Ah Zheng was his brother, so he didn’t take any precautions and made a bet with Mrs. Gu. Actually, everyone knew that it was a joke and no one would take it seriously. Unexpectedly, after Mrs. Gu won, she pestered Ah Yan for the Lu family’s shares. Of course, my father wouldn’t agree to give the shares to her.

“Who knew that Ah Zheng would insist that Ah Yan had promised to give him shares? My father was so angry that he fell sick. Now, Ah Yan is also blaming himself. It was just a joke. No one took it to heart, but they actually really want the Lu family’s shares.

“Ah Zheng has already acknowledged the Lu family. Logically speaking, he should have a portion of the shares. We’ll arrange for the shares to be transferred in the future, but Ah Yan has been managing the company all these years. Of course, my father is angry that Ah Zheng used this method to snatch the shares. He just didn’t expect his own family to scheme against him. Sigh!”

Lu Xiang looked sad. “I’m here on behalf of Lu Corporation to talk to Ah Zheng. I hope he can postpone it and wait for my father to wake up. Otherwise, the shareholders of Lu Corporation won’t agree.”

As soon as she finished speaking, everyone shook their heads in disappointment. Gu Zheng was already so rich, so why did he have to snatch the Lu family’s shares?