Chapter 1098 - Mrs. Gu Is Here To Cause Trouble

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Chapter 1098: Mrs. Gu Is Here To Cause Trouble

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First, Gu Zheng tricked Lu Yan into losing his shares. Then, he mde Old Master Lu so angry that he was unconscious. Now, he even wanted to force Second Miss Lu?

The transfer of shares required Old Master Lu’s signature. Now that Old Master Lu was unconscious, it was reasonable for the Lu family to ask for a delay in the procedures.

Moreover, no matter what, Old Master Lu was Gu Zheng’s grandfather. Gu Zheng made his grandfather sick because of money. In everyone’s eyes, he was unfilial!

Even if Gu Zheng did not like Lu Yan and did not care about Lu Xiang, the old master was his biological grandfather. How could he be so heartless? Could it be that in his eyes, there was only money and benefits and no kinship?

At this moment, the person who was bribed by the Lu family said again, “President Gu is going too far! He’s abandoning his grandfather for money!

“Speaking of which, it’s still Young Master Lu who’s filial and kind. His only fault is that he trusts others too much. That’s why he lets others take advantage of loopholes and cheat the Lu family of their shares.

“Although President Gu has already acknowledged the Lu family, he has never treated them as his family. Otherwise, why would he scheme to cheat Lu Yan of his shares?”

Hearing everyone’s discussion, the corners of Lu Xiang’s mouth could not help but curl up. This was the effect she wanted. As long as everyone knew that Gu Zheng had angered the old master to the point of falling sick for the sake of the shares, Gu Zheng’s reputation would be ruined. At that time, how would he have the face to compete with Ah Yan for the position of director?

So what if Gu Zheng was capable? How could a man with an extremely bad character and who was so heartless to his family become the leader?

When Gu Zheng’s reputation was ruined, Gu Corporation’s shares would definitely plummet. Gu Zheng had previously caused Lu Corporation to suffer heavy losses. Now, he should have a taste of the same thing.

At this moment, Lu Yan was quietly watching this scene not far away. When he heard everyone criticize Gu Zheng for being heartless, the smile on his face grew wider.

Just as he was feeling proud, he suddenly heard a girl crying out, “Madam Lu, you’re here! I’ve been looking for you for a long time. I hope you can give me a reasonable explanation!”

Everyone widened their eyes. What was going on?

Lu Xiang looked at the person in front of her, and her expression instantly froze. She gritted her teeth and made cracking sounds.

Qiao Xi’s eyes were filled with tears as she looked at her pitifully, but Lu Xiang saw a trace of disdain and ridicule in her eyes.

“Madam… Gu?” Lu Xiang was stunned for a few seconds. She naturally did not call out to Qiao Xi out of respect but to let everyone know that this was Gu Zheng’s wife.

Just as everyone was complaining in their hearts, they heard someone come to question Lu Xiang. Lu Xiang looked very nervous and even called the woman in front of her ‘Mrs. Gu.’ They instantly understood. Gu Zheng had just angered the old master until he fainted when Mrs. Gu came to question him. Could it be that she was here to ask for the shares?

Lu Xiang thought so too, so she deliberately called out ‘Mrs. Gu’ loudly. She wanted to use all these small details to attack Gu Zheng and use public opinion to make him unable to raise his head.

At this moment, Lu Xiang felt that Qiao Xi was really stupid. She clearly knew that Gu Zheng was in the midst of a storm of public opinion, yet she still appeared to cause trouble, completely confirming that Gu Zheng was unfilial. It was simply adding fuel to the fire.

However, when she looked into Qiao Xi’s eyes, she felt inexplicably uneasy in her heart. With her understanding of Qiao Xi, the matter did not seem to be so simple. Qiao Xi would not do anything stupid, so what exactly was she here for?

Lu Xiang pondered for a moment and said coldly, “Mrs. Gu, I have nothing to explain. Now that Ah Zheng has already made my father sick, what else do you want? Please leave immediately!”

Everyone looked at Qiao Xi with disdain. The old master was already unconscious, yet the couple was still chasing after him. Their minds were filled with shares. Wasn’t this a little too much?

Moreover, Mrs. Gu looked aggrieved and angry. What was there to be aggrieved about if she could not get the shares? These shares belonged to the Lu family!

Now that Chairman Lu was unconscious, the entire Lu family was worried sick about this 5% of shares. This was all caused by the couple’s greed. How could she still have the cheek to feel aggrieved?

When Lu Xiang saw everyone’s disdainful and disgusted expressions, the corners of her mouth curled into a victorious smile. She hoped that Qiao Xi would cause trouble. The bigger the commotion, the better. This would completely ruin Gu Zheng’s reputation.

At this moment, Gu Zheng was still negotiating in the meeting room, while his stupid wife had already cut off all paths of retreat for him. She really wanted to see Gu Zheng’s expression after he came out of the meeting room. Would he be angry or regretful?