Chapter 1099 - Qiao Xi's Plan

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Chapter 1099: Qiao Xi’s Plan

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Lu Xiang frowned. Qiao Xi was clearly an idiot, but Ah Yan actually still wanted to marry Qiao Xi. He thought that Qiao Xi was the most suitable candidate to be the mistress of the household and had always wanted to ruin Gu Zheng and Qiao Xi’s marriage to snatch Qiao Xi. However, she was truly unable to see what was so good about Qiao Xi that she was worthy of Ah Yan’s meticulous scheming.

Immediately after, Qiao Xi said aggrievedly, “Madam Lu, I went to the Lu family’s mansion just now, but the butler said that Chairman Lu was sick and refused to see anyone. After that, I went to Lu Corporation. The higher-ups and shareholders of Lu Corporation weren’t around, so I could only come to Huazhong Building to look for you.

“The Lu family has to give me an explanation today. Otherwise, I won’t leave!”

Lu Xiang was so excited that her entire body was trembling. She was not in a rush to speak. Instead, she gestured to the man not far away. The man immediately understood and shouted, “Mrs. Gu, Chairman Lu is refusing to see guests because of you and President Gu! You’ve already angered the old master to the point of making him sick. Now, you’re even questioning Miss Lu Xiang. Why are you so heartless?”

Qiao Xi was unhurried and still had an aggrieved expression.

Lu Xiang raised her hand to stop that person. Then, she put on the air of an elder and sighed helplessly. “Mrs. Gu is still young. Perhaps she doesn’t know the ways of the world and just wants money. But… the bet back then was just a joke. I didn’t expect Mrs. Gu to still remember it after so long. She actually came to look for me now.

“Forget it, don’t blame her. Give her a chance to change.”

Everyone praised, “Second Miss Lu, you’re really magnanimous! As expected of the Lu family’s daughter.”

“Mrs. Gu is already in her 20s, right? She’s already an adult. Why is she still so insensible? For this bit of shares, she made Chairman Lu so angry that he fell sick. Now, she still has the cheek to come here and even dare to question Second Miss Lu in public. Who gave her the courage?!”

“Actually, President Gu doesn’t take the Lu family seriously. Otherwise, why would Mrs. Gu not care about the Lu family’s reputation and come here? If the matter blows up, it won’t be good for either family!”

“What nonsense! The juniors nowadays are really becoming more and more unreasonable. Even if Lu Yan really made a bet with Mrs. Gu, they shouldn’t force the Lu family to this extent for the sake of shares. Could it be that the Lu family would run away?”

Hearing everyone’s accusations, Lu Xiang became even prouder. If Qiao Xi quarreled with everyone here, it would quickly attract a large number of people to observe the situation. At that time, this ugly matter would be completely exposed.

Lu Xiang looked coldly at Qiao Xi and quietly waited for Qiao Xi to scold her hysterically. However, in the next second, Qiao Xi groaned. Her fair and smooth face was filled with grievance, but her clear eyes were filled with disdain.

She looked at everyone innocently and said gently, “What shares? What are you talking about? Second Miss Lu, I’m here to look for you about the matter of Lu Muxue framing me in university. How is this related to the shares?”

The corridor instantly fell silent.

The corners of Lu Xiang’s mouth twitched slightly. Lu Muxue?

Everyone was confused. Who was Lu Muxue? Was she also from the Lu family? From Mrs. Gu’s expression, could it be that she was not here for the shares?

Lu Xiang stared fixedly at Qiao Xi. She suddenly recalled that Lu Muxue had just transferred to Li City University and was also in the design department. In that case, Lu Muxue and Qiao Xi had already met. From Qiao Xi’s words, did Lu Muxue do something wrong?

She suddenly had a bad feeling. Before she could say anything, the person beside her criticized unhappily, “Mrs. Gu, we’re talking about the shares. Why are you talking about Lu Muxue?”

“Mrs. Gu, you and President Gu have already made Chairman Lu sick. Don’t you have any regrets? No matter what, Chairman Lu is President Gu’s grandfather. You should respect him. Miss Lu Xiang is also your elder. What right do you have to question her?”

For some reason, from the moment Qiao Xi finished speaking, a wave of uneasiness surged into Lu Xiang’s heart. Moreover, it grew stronger and stronger. Before she could think clearly, she heard Qiao Xi sneer.

Qiao Xi looked at them with slight grievance. “Why would Ah Zheng and I regret doing anything? On the other hand, the Lu family has done something wrong. You should apologize to me.”

The moment that was said, the people from Lu Corporation instantly exploded. How could this person be so shameless? If she had not made a bet with Lu Yan, how could Lu Yan have lost 5% of his shares? How could Chairman Lu have fallen sick?

Now, not only did she not feel guilty at all, but she even wanted the Lu family to apologize? What kind of logic was this?