Chapter 1100 - Framing Me For The Shares

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Chapter 1100: Framing Me For The Shares

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A higher-up of Lu Corporation reprimanded sternly, “Mrs. Gu, do you need us to tell you what you and President Gu have done? You should be ashamed of your actions!”

Qiao Xi stroked her hair with an indifferent expression. “So what did I do?”

Lu Xiang’s heart thumped violently. She looked around uneasily. There were people from Lu Corporation and some business partners nearby. Now that they heard the commotion, some of them looked over curiously.

At this moment, Lu Xiang only wanted to stop Qiao Xi from speaking and bring her away immediately. She did not want her to spout nonsense in front of everyone. Otherwise, it would definitely affect the Lu family negatively.

However, the higher-up did not expect that Qiao Xi would still have the cheek to ask a question. He was instantly infuriated and ignored Lu Xiang’s obstruction. He directly roared angrily, “Why are you pretending?! Could it be that you want us to point at your nose and make things clear? Alright! I’ll make things clear. Let’s see how you’ll continue pretending!

“Mrs. Gu, it’s because you and President Gu are forcing Young Master Lu to hand over 5% of the shares that Chairman Lu fell ill. You don’t care about kinship and only care about money. Are you still not admitting it? Those are the Lu family’s shares. What right do you have to snatch them away?”

After that person shouted, the entire venue fell silent. Those who passed by just now also came closer, wanting to know what was going on. For a moment, Qiao Xi and the rest became the focus of the crowd.

Qiao Xi quietly watched the higher-up of Lu Corporation scold her, but she was not angry in the slightest. Instead, the corners of her mouth curled into a smile.

Looking at her smile, Lu Xiang instantly panicked, but Qiao Xi raised her head, revealing her bright eyes and stunning face. She smiled at Lu Xiang. This smile was charming, but in Lu Xiang’s eyes, it was so terrifying that it made her tremble.

Lu Xiang suddenly realized something and was about to stop her, but it was too late. Qiao Xi asked casually, “What shares?”

“Oh! I remember now. Lu Yan lost the bet and promised to compensate me with the shares! So, all of you are gathered together to scold me about these shares? But I’m clearly here for Lu Muxue!”

When she mentioned Lu Muxue again, the higher-up of Lu Corporation from earlier instantly exploded. “Can you stop pretending?! Everyone knows that you’re here for the shares! Chairman Lu is sick, yet you’re harassing Second Miss Lu. Do you still have any humanity?! I’ll tell you today that we won’t give you the shares. What can you do? If you have the ability, go to court and sue us!”

Qiao Xi frowned and said softly, “I’m here about Lu Muxue…”

The higher-up said sarcastically, “Mrs. Gu, you’re still using Lu Muxue as a shield at a time like this? If you’re afraid of losing your reputation, announce that you’ll give up this 5% of shares and apologize to Young Master Lu and Chairman Lu. Don’t think that just because you pretend not to know…”

“So you don’t want to give me this 5% of shares?” Qiao Xi said thoughtfully.

The higher-up thought that Qiao Xi had finally admitted it and revealed a proud smile. However, in the next second…

Qiao Xi said slowly, “So, the Lu family instructed Lu Muxue to frame me time and again just to make me give up this 5% of shares!”

In an instant, time seemed to have stopped.

Everyone was stunned on the spot, but their hearts were filled with doubts. What did she mean by the Lu family instructing Lu Muxue to frame her? Was Lu Muxue really from the Lu family?

“Nonsense!” The higher-up immediately retorted.

Qiao Xi did not want to waste time either. She took out her phone and pressed the play button. Lu Muxue’s voice sounded.

Lu Xiang’s face was livid. She did not care about her image or the surrounding onlookers. She rushed over and wanted to snatch the phone away. “Give it to me!”

Qiao Xi nimbly dodged and raised her phone above her head. The voice from the phone clearly entered everyone’s ears.

“Madam Zhou, you have to think carefully! If Young Master Zhou wants to break off the engagement for Qiao Xi, then that’s Young Master Zhou’s problem. However, if Qiao Xi seduced Young Master Zhou and caused her fiancee to break off the engagement in a fit of anger, then Qiao Xi is a mistress who seduced a man.

“Mr. Shang, how could this work be completed by an amateur? Could Qiao Xi have cheated? Does it mean this work belongs to Mr. Yi Cang?

“Mr. Shang, this is no small matter. You’re a fair person. If you can expose her during the competition, the students will definitely admire you very much. Only you can do this.”

Lu Muxue’s provocative words were heard. Everyone present was an experienced businessman. Of course, they could hear the deeper meaning behind her words.