Chapter 1101 - Two-Step Inversion

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Chapter 1101: Two-Step Inversion

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Lu Muxue first instigated Shang Jing to expose Qiao Xi for cheating during the competition, then instigated Madam Zhou to accuse Qiao Xi of being a mistress. From these two things, it could be seen that Lu Muxue was determined to ruin Qiao Xi’s reputation. This was no simple matter.

At this moment, someone suddenly said loudly, “I heard about the calligraphy competition. Shang Jing slandered a contestant, and Yi Cang claimed that the contestant’s work was his. The two of them joined forces to frame her. It turns out that the contestant is Mrs. Gu!”

When one person mentioned this, the others echoed, “Yes, I still remember that Liang Pingchuan also went to the scene. He even said that the contestant was his last disciple. In that case, Mrs. Gu is Mr. Liang’s disciple! Then isn’t Lu Muxue deliberately framing Mrs. Gu?!”

“I heard everything clearly in the recording. Lu Muxue deliberately led Shang Jing to expose Mrs. Gu for cheating and even let Yi Cang claim her work as his. If Mr. Liang hadn’t arrived in time, Mrs. Gu wouldn’t have been able to clear her name.”

As for Madam Zhou mentioned in the recording, the noblewomen present were not unfamiliar with her. A noblewoman in bright clothes snorted. “Could it be that Madam Zhou is the one with her head up in the clouds and thinks her son is the most outstanding and invincible person in the world? She’s famous in our social circle.”

“Is she stupid? With Mrs. Gu’s looks and talent, how could she fall for that useless son of hers? Moreover, Mrs. Gu is already married. I heard that President Gu dotes on her very much. With such a handsome and rich husband, why would Mrs. Gu be a mistress for that piece of trash, Zhou Lin’an?”

“Tsk tsk… It was Lu Muxue who instigated it. She deliberately made Madam Zhou accuse Mrs. Gu of being a mistress to ruin her reputation. Lu Muxue is the daughter of the Lu family. Why is she spending so much effort to frame Mrs. Gu?”

Everyone looked at each other and seemed to have an answer in their hearts.

Qiao Xi quietly listened to everyone’s discussion. When the scene calmed down, she slowly raised her eyes to look at Lu Xiang and asked with a small smile, “I’m also very curious. I’ve never seen Lu Muxue before. Why is she so hostile toward me? She has framed me time and again.

“In the past, I was very puzzled and wanted to talk to the Lu family about it. Today, I finally understand that it’s because Lu Corporation doesn’t want to give me the 5% of shares, so they had Lu Muxue frame me at the university. Once my reputation is ruined, Lu Corporation will announce that someone like me isn’t worthy of owning the Lu family’s shares. Then, this bet won’t be valid anymore. Moreover, this way, no one will accuse the Lu family of being untrustworthy.”

Hearing Qiao Xi’s words, the muscles on Lu Xiang’s face trembled. It was not like that! They did not ask Lu Muxue to frame Qiao Xi. This was all a misunderstanding!

“Oh… No wonder I heard someone say ‘I didn’t expect Gu Zheng to be such a person’ when I walked over. It’s because Lu Muxue’s schemes ended in failure. According to the bet, you should’ve transferred the shares to me, but you were unwilling to accept this outcome, so you targeted Gu Zheng again. You wanted to ruin his reputation and force us to give up the transfer of the shares, right?

“May I ask whose plan this is? First, you framed me, then you slandered Gu Zheng. Who came up with such shameful methods? Was it you, Madam Lu?”

Everyone’s sharp gazes instantly landed on Lu Xiang. Lu Muxue was just a university student, and she had just transferred to Li City University. She should have only met Mrs. Gu a few times and had no grudges with her. Why would she frame her? Hence, the Lu family must have instructed her to do this!

There was a reason why the Lu family did this. It could only be for the shares!

Everyone instantly understood that all of this was a trap from the beginning until the end. It was just that the Lu family did not expect Mrs. Gu to avoid their schemes both times they tried to frame her. Hence, they changed their methods and said that Gu Zheng was unfilial.

After knowing this, everyone could not help but suspect the matter of Gu Zheng angering the Old Master Lu till he fell sick. After Lu Muxue’s scheme failed, the Lu family still did not want to fulfill the bet, so…

Qiao Xi was the same as Lu Xiang. She had already arranged her own people. With a glance from her, someone probed, “Then the real question here is, is Chairman Lu really sick? Even if he’s really sick, he can’t blame it on President Gu, right? I heard that President Gu has been busy dealing with the company and the international conference recently. How could he have time to care about those shares with Chairman Lu?! Could it be that… this is all the Lu family’s one-man show?”

The corners of Qiao Xi’s mouth curled up in satisfaction. This was the effect she wanted.