Chapter 1102 - Lu Yan Asked For The Bet

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Chapter 1102: Lu Yan Asked For The Bet

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At this moment, everyone could not help but be suspicious. “In that case, the Lu family failed to frame Mrs. Gu twice previously, so they targeted President Gu this time.”

The atmosphere instantly became awkward. The Lu family kept saying that President Gu had angered Chairman Lu and that he insisted on snatching the 5% of shares. However, President Gu held such a huge company like Gu Corporation. Would he be so obsessed with the Lu family’s assets?

If it were not for the recording in Mrs. Gu’s hand today, Lu Corporation’s plan would have succeeded a long time ago. Everyone would think that Mrs. Gu was immoral and President Gu was heartless and unfilial.

Now that the recording was out, the Lu family’s actions were no longer credible in everyone’s eyes.

Why did Old Master Lu fall sick at this time? Was it because he did not want to give President Gu the 5% shares and deliberately maligned President Gu? After all, everyone knew very well that Old Master Lu favored Lu Yan but did not have any feelings for President Gu, his biological grandson.

The corners of Qiao Xi’s mouth curled up into a smile, and her gaze was deep. She gestured slightly to the man not far away. There were some things that could not be said by her personally. They had to be said by others to be believable.

These methods were all learned from the Lu family. They were not the only ones who could attack using public opinion.

Lu Corporation could insinuate that she exposed Lu Muxue’s matter to complicate the matter. However, the Lu family did not have any evidence, so they would not be as convincing as her.

Lu Xiang bit her lip tightly. She did not expect Qiao Xi to spout nonsense and deliberately make everyone think that the Lu family had instructed Lu Muxue to malign her.

A higher-up of Lu Corporation could not help but say, “Lu Muxue framed you because you offended her. How can you confuse her matters with the company’s matters?”

Qiao Xi’s eyes were slightly red as she said aggrievedly, “Then what does Chairman Lu’s illness have to do with Ah Zheng? He’s old, so fainting just means that his health isn’t good. Why is your Lu family spreading the news that it’s Ah Zheng’s fault? After all, Ah Zheng has never stepped foot into your Lu family, much less angered Chairman Lu. You’re just bullying our Ah Zheng for having a good temper and not wanting to bicker with you, so you’re slandering him for being unfilial. Do you still have a conscience?”

The higher-up’s face instantly flushed red from Qiao Xi’s accusations, and he was unable to say a word.

She actually said that Gu Zheng had a good temper? Gu Zheng was the most terrifying person!

Qiao Xi had a helpless expression. “I heard that Lu Muxue has just transferred to Li City University. The first time we met was during the calligraphy competition. We didn’t even say anything to each other, so how could I have offended her? However, she spent so much effort framing me and even tried to ruin my reputation time and again. Previously, I didn’t understand why she did all that, but I finally understand now.”

The crowd booed. The Lu family’s methods were too vicious. For that bit of shares, they wanted to ruin Mrs. Gu’s reputation and even sent their juniors to do it.

The higher-up was angered to the point his entire body trembled. He pointed at Qiao Xi and shouted loudly, “Shut up! Shut up! This is all a misunderstanding. It’s not true!

“Chairman Lu was angered by Gu Zheng. If he hadn’t insisted on the 5% shares, how could…” The higher-up suddenly stopped talking, and his expression was very ugly.

Qiao Xi glanced at him indifferently and questioned in an icy-cold voice, “Then did Chairman Lu suddenly fall ill because he didn’t want to give us this 5% of shares?

“Why does Gu Zheng want this 5% of shares? It’s all because Lu Yan lost the bet with me. Back then, we agreed that he would bet on Lu Corporation’s shares while I would bet on Gu Corporation’s 5% shares. Since he lost in the end, shouldn’t he fulfill the bet?”

Everyone gasped. 5% of Gu Corporation’s shares?

The higher-up of Lu Corporation was still unconvinced. “That’s because you schemed to deceive Young Master Lu, so…”

“I schemed to deceive him?” Qiao Xi interrupted him with a cold smile, then said loudly, “Please get this straight. This bet was proposed by Lu Yan. I originally didn’t want to make a bet with him, but he joined forces with Yao Mengqing to mock me for not knowing how to ride a horse. He said that I embarrassed Gu Zheng. In the beginning, I refused twice, but he still insisted. For Ah Zheng’s sake, I agreed to this bet.

“Lu Yan was the one who took the initiative to ask for this 5% of shares. Because he thought that I didn’t know how to ride a horse, he asked me to bet on shares of Gu Corporation. The shares of Lu Corporation and Gu Corporation are not of the same value. Speaking of which, I’ve suffered a loss.”