Chapter 1103 - Lu Yan Is An Idiot

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Chapter 1103: Lu Yan Is An Idiot

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“In the end, I was forced to agree to the bet. This was Lu Yan’s idea from the beginning. If he had won, I would’ve fulfilled the bet and handed over 5% of Gu Corporation’s shares. Now that I’ve won, according to the agreement, Lu Yan should transfer the shares to me. However, a few months have passed, yet Lu Yan hasn’t fulfilled his promise.”

Qiao Xi’s eyes suddenly turned cold as her sharp gaze landed on the higher-up. She questioned word by word, “Do you have evidence to say that I deceived Lu Yan into making a bet? Could it be that it’s my fault that he lost? Is the heir of Lu Corporation so easy to deceive? If he was easily deceived into losing 5% of his corporation’s shares, I don’t think your Lu family’s business will last long. It’s only a matter of time before Lu Yan loses everything!

“Why don’t you change heirs as soon as possible? I wonder how much of the Lu family’s assets will Lu Yan squander next? At that time, Chairman Lu will be bedridden and unconscious all year round.”

As soon as she finished speaking, everyone laughed.

What Mrs. Gu said made sense. They were saying that the heir of Lu Corporation was schemed against, which resulted in him losing 5% of the shares. If news of this got out, it would be a joke. Lu Yan had done such an idiotic thing but still had the cheek to complain?

If the heir of Lu Corporation was really such an idiot, they would have to reconsider whether to collaborate with Lu Corporation.

The higher-up was instantly infuriated when he saw everyone laughing at him. He glared fiercely at Qiao Xi. “It’s all because you agreed to the bet! If you hadn’t agreed, none of this would’ve happened!”

“Heh!” Qiao Xi sneered. “I made it very clear that it was Lu Yan who forced me to make a bet. I rejected him twice, but he still didn’t let me off. If you don’t believe me, I can show you the surveillance footage. But are you sure you want me to show it to everyone?”

Everyone’s faces were filled with disdain. The Lu family was too unreasonable. Lu Yan was the one who suggested the bet. Now that he had lost, he said that Mrs. Gu tricked him into making the bet. Was he an idiot? Was he so easily deceived?

The higher-up’s face was livid. “Then the bet is unfair! Young Master Lu thought that you didn’t know how to ride a horse, so he made the bet. You were clearly pretending!”

Everyone’s gazes were filled with disdain. How could he say such things? If Mrs. Gu did not know how to ride a horse, why would she bet with him? She could have just given Young Master Lu Gu Corporation’s shares!

Qiao Xi was neither anxious nor impatient as she said slowly, “Lu Yan thought that I didn’t know how to ride a horse, so he wanted to bet with me. This means that he has always been thinking about Gu Corporation’s shares. It’s just that he didn’t expect me to know how to ride a horse, so he lost. The essence of this matter is actually Lu Yan’s greed. He wanted to snatch Ah Zheng’s shares, so he made a bet with me. Now that he has lost, he wants to go back on his word. Your Lu family is taking advantage of the situation here. Why are you so shameless?

“Lu Yan is allowed to scheme against me, but I can’t fight back? If I fight back, does it mean that I’m scheming and unfilial? In the eyes of the Lu family, I should deliberately lose the competition and give the shares to the Lu family, huh? Only then will you think that I did the right thing and won’t frame me and Gu Zheng anymore, right?”

Qiao Xi’s voice was icy-cold as she glanced fiercely at the Lu family.

At this moment, the hall was silent. Everyone was shocked by the Lu family’s shamelessness. From the beginning to the end, Mrs. Gu had not done anything wrong. She had only agreed to the bet according to Lu Yan’s wishes. This bet was also to protect her husband’s reputation. Now that she had won, it was reasonable for her to ask for shares. After all, the shares were her winnings. Logically speaking, the Lu family should fulfill the bet. It was fine that the Lu family had been delaying giving out the shares, but they even found someone to frame Mrs. Gu and reverse the truth. Rumor also had it that President Gu had made Chairman Lu sick.

If Chairman Lu was really sick, he could not blame it on President Gu. After all, Lu Yan had lost the shares himself. The Lu family could not go back on their word.

This bet was proposed by Lu Yan, and he lost the shares. In the end, even if Chairman Lu was sick, it would be Lu Yan’s fault. It had nothing to do with President Gu.

Seeing everyone’s disdainful gazes, Lu Xiang’s face instantly turned pale. She gritted her teeth and calmed down. Then, she said unhappily, “Mrs. Gu, back then, Ah Yan was too rash when he made a bet with you. However, Gu Zheng used his power to anger my father until he fell sick. This is the truth!”

Seeing this, the higher-up immediately echoed, “That’s right! Young Master Lu was rash and felt very guilty after the incident. However, because of this 5% of shares, President Gu disregarded family ties and directly angered Chairman Lu until he fell sick. Even now when the old master is still lying on the hospital bed, he still refuses to let the matter go! We’re too angry over this, so we spoke without thinking just now!”