Chapter 1104 - Suspecting Lu Yan's Identity

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Chapter 1104: Suspecting Lu Yan’s Identity

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Qiao Xi’s expression was indifferent as she remained silent for a long time. Under the burning gazes of everyone, she slowly said, “I hope you understand a fact. Is 5% of Lu Corporation’s shares really important to Gu Zheng?

“Although we only bet on 5% of the shares back then, you know very well that Lu Corporation’s shares can’t compare to Gu Corporation’s at all. Why should Gu Zheng anger Chairman Lu to death just for this bit of shares?”

Everyone could not help but look at Lu Xiang, their eyes filling up with doubt. Only then did they realize that with Gu Zheng’s current wealth and power, he did not have to care about the Lu family’s shares at all, much less ask Old Master Lu for them.

Everyone present was involved in this matter. When Qiao Xi said that, they understood in their hearts. Lu Yan clearly wanted to ruin President Gu’s reputation and take this opportunity to make President Gu give up his shares and transfer them. Moreover, they heard that Lu Yan still wanted to compete with President Gu for the position of director. Coincidentally, these rumors broke out at this moment and attacked President Gu from the root, making him unable to continue working.

These things were originally Lu Yan’s fault. Now, he still wanted to push the blame on others. He was really shameless!

“Gu Zheng is Old Master Lu’s biological grandson! Could it be that he can’t compare to Lu Yan?”

“Lu Yan is the heir that Old Master carefully taught, while Gu Zheng has just reunited with the Lu family. In the Lu family’s eyes, Lu Yan is naturally more important.”

“Actually, the Lu family has already let Gu Zheng down. In the past, they treated him as an illegitimate child and said bad things about him everywhere. They slandered him and caused trouble for him. Now, even though they’ve acknowledged him, they’re still framing Gu Zheng for Lu Yan. They don’t treat Gu Zheng as family at all.”

“Speaking of which, Gu Zheng is Miss Lu Qingyun’s son. What’s going on with Lu Yan?” Someone in the crowd raised a question. “I heard that Chairman Lu has never liked his daughter, Lu Qingyun, but he likes Second Miss Lu Xiang. Lu Xiang is the illegitimate daughter of Old Master Lu and his mistress.”

“I still remember that the person who was originally engaged to the Jiang family was Miss Lu Qingyun. Later on, Lu Xiang liked President Jiang, so she married into the Jiang family. Miss Lu Qingyun was not favored, so she was forced to marry Gu Weiming. If Lu Yan is really Miss Lu Qingyun’s son, why is he so liked in the Lu family? Even Lu Xiang, who has always been at odds with Lu Qingyun, dotes on Lu Yan a lot. I keep feeling that something is wrong!”

The moment that was said, the hall instantly fell silent. These words were undoubtedly a bomb to everyone. Back then, after Gu Zheng’s identity was confirmed, the Lu family announced to the public that Lu Qingyun had given birth to two sons. They only found Lu Yan, but they did not know that the other son was Gu Zheng.

Although this explanation was a little far-fetched, everyone had to believe it. After all, if Lu Yan was not Lu Qingyun’s child, why would the Lu family keep him and nurture him as the heir?

All the noblewomen in high society knew that Lu Qingyun’s biological mother committed suicide. This matter could not be separated from Old Madam Lu. Ever since Lu Qingyun’s biological mother passed away, Lu Xiang and her daughter occupied the Lu family. They stole Lu Qingyun’s father and Lu Qingyun’s marriage contract. Why would Lu Xiang be so kind to Lu Yan?

If Lu Xiang had really repented and decided to take care of Lu Qingyun’s son to make up for her mistake back then, why was she only good to Lu Yan but spared no effort in suppressing Gu Zheng? Could it be that Lu Yan was not Lu Qingyun’s son?

“Shut up!” Lu Xiang pointed at the person who spoke just now. Her eyes were bloodshot as if she wanted to devour someone. Then, she glared fiercely at Qiao Xi. “Qiao Xi! Stop spouting nonsense. Ah Yan is my sister’s biological son!”

Qiao Xi said slowly, “Second Miss Lu, don’t bark at people randomly. I wasn’t the one who said that. Everyone is just making speculations about this odd situation. Why are you so agitated? Look at you, there are wrinkles on your face.”

“You…” Lu Xiang was angered to the point her face flushed red. Faced with everyone’s questioning gazes, she forcefully suppressed the anger in her heart and could only stare fixedly at Qiao Xi. Her eyes were about to burst into flames.

At this moment, she had a bad feeling. They had clearly occupied the moral high ground today to criticize Gu Zheng. Even if they could not ruin his reputation, he would still be negatively affected. By then, Ah Yan could snatch away his position as director.

However, things deviated from their expectations. Ever since Qiao Xi came, the situation had changed with just a few words. There were even people who suspected Ah Yan’s identity.

No! She would never allow this to happen! She had to think of a countermeasure.