Chapter 1110 - Chairman Lu Is Really Ill

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Chapter 1110: Chairman Lu Is Really Ill

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Qiao Xi was enjoying the delicacies on the table when Gu Zheng suddenly chuckled and said, “Mrs. Gu, my gratitude is very sincere. How are you going to thank me?”

Qiao Xi was dumbfounded. Why should she thank Gu Zheng? It was already good enough that she did not beat him up, yet she actually wanted to thank him.

However, in the next second, Qiao Xi understood.

Gu Zheng held a business card between his fingers and handed it to her. “This was found in Meng Fan’s residence.”

There was a word written on the business card—Xiao.

Qiao Xi’s pupils constricted abruptly, and her body instantly stiffened. The word ‘Xiao’ was in her grandfather’s name. She knew that her grandfather was definitely still alive because her grandfather had always secretly sent her news. However, she did not know where her grandfather was. Why had he not appeared for so long? Moreover, it was not just her. Even her teacher and her brothers could not find any clues. Her grandfather seemed to have vanished from the face of the earth.

Although this business card only had the word ‘Xiao’ on it and Grandpa was not the only person in the world who had the word ‘Xiao’ in his name, Qiao Xi had an inexplicable feeling that this business card belonged to Grandpa. Could it be that Grandpa knew Meng Fan?

Qiao Xi’s fingers stroked the business card. Gu Zheng smiled gently. “Mrs. Gu, do you think you should thank me?”

Qiao Xi could not help but roll her eyes. This bastard actually wanted to thank her. They were husband and wife. Did they have to be so courteous to each other?

“Actually, my request is very simple. I just want to ask you a question,” Gu Zheng said casually, his tone exceptionally gentle.

Qiao Xi nodded shyly. Gu Zheng leaned closer and whispered in her ear, “Junior, do you think Chairman Lu is really sick?”

Qiao Xi instantly choked. She originally thought that Gu Zheng would take this opportunity to tease her, but she never expected that he would actually ask about this. Qiao Xi replied without even thinking, “It’s definitely not true. The Lu family is deliberately acting and spreading rumors to slander you!”

The corners of Gu Zheng’s mouth curled up as he looked at Qiao Xi affectionately and praised, “Xi Xi, you’re so smart.”

Qiao Xi suddenly felt that something was wrong. Previously, Old Master Lu was indeed pretending, but in order to satisfy his hobby of pretending to be sick, she specially made Old Master Lu faint. However, she did it very secretly! No one should have noticed it. If the Lu family had noticed it, they would have exploded a long time ago. How could they let her eat her meal obediently?

Gu Zheng knew? Impossible! He must be bluffing!

Qiao Xi stabilized the emotions in her heart and asked with a shocked expression, “Could it be that Old Master Lu is really sick? If that’s the case, then it’s really well-deserved! But why are you asking me this question? I’ve been with you all day today! I even stayed in Longwan Residential while you cooked for me before this. How can I know if Old Master Lu is really sick?”

Gu Zheng smiled meaningfully. “You’ve been in Longwan Residential the entire time? Haven’t you gone out?”

Qiao Xi hurriedly nodded and looked at Gu Zheng with a sincere expression. Gu Zheng also looked at her with a gentle gaze. His tone was gentle, but the words he said caused Qiao Xi’s heart to palpitate.

“I understand. Then it mustn’t have been today. It must’ve been sometime in the past.”

Qiao Xi instantly choked on the chili in her throat. Her eyes instantly turned red. She hurriedly picked up the glass and drank the red wine in one gulp.

Gu Zheng patted her back gently. “Xi Xi, don’t be agitated. I’ll get you a glass of water.”

As he spoke, he stood up and left the private room. The gentleness and smile in his eyes instantly vanished, replaced by a layer of coldness.

“Looks like the Lu family hasn’t changed. They actually dare to look for trouble with Xi Xi.” Gu Zheng was expressionless, but a trace of killing intent flashed past his eyes.

His thin lips parted slightly as he chuckled. “Song Shijing, since Chairman Lu likes to pretend to be sick so much, let him lie in bed for a few more days.”

Xi Xi must have attacked Old Master Lu not only because of Lu Muxue but also for other reasons. Could it be that the Lu family had done something to Xi Xi behind her back?

Gu Zheng’s body was filled with killing intent. When he thought of the wife he doted on being schemed against and bullied by others, he could not control the anger in his heart.

Song Shijing was silent for a moment before asking, “President, is Chairman Lu’s fainting related to Young Madam?”

Gu Zheng nodded, and his voice carried a hint of coldness. “Xi Xi did it, but Xi Xi wouldn’t have attacked for no reason. Since she attacked the old master, it must be because of what the Lu family did.”