Chapter 1112 - Young Master Lu, Are You Threatening Me?

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Chapter 1112: Young Master Lu, Are You Threatening Me?

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The anger in Gu Yao’s heart surged. He could not suppress the anger in his heart anymore and quickened his pace. However, when he approached, he heard a cold female voice, “What right do Young Master Lu and Madam Lu have to talk to me? I don’t want to see you!”

At this moment, although Qiao Xi’s eyes were slightly red, her eyes were filled with disdain. When she looked at the two people from the Lu family, it was as if she was looking at a pile of trash. She did not conceal the disgust in her heart in the slightest.

However, her voice was sobbing and there were tears in her eyes. These did not match her disdainful tone at all.

Gu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. As expected, how could Qiao Xi be bullied by the two pieces of trash from the Lu family? Then why was Qiao Xi crying? Could it be that she saw the others and deliberately pretended to cry?

Gu Yao admired her even more. He had to admit that Qiao Xi’s methods were really good. It was only right for her to use unusual methods to deal with the Lu family.

Lu Yan’s expression was extremely gloomy, but his tone was still gentle. “Miss Qiao, I just want to calmly talk to you. Why are you so resistant? Moreover, what I want to say is about your grandfather. You must be very interested, right?”

The surroundings instantly fell silent, and the air seemed to have frozen.

Gu Yao gasped. He knew very well how important Qiao Xi’s grandfather was to her. That was her bottom line.

Why would Lu Yan mention Qiao Xi’s grandfather? Could it be that he knew where he was? If he was mentioned, would Qiao Xi go chat with Lu Yan? Then wouldn’t she have put on such a show for nothing?

At this moment, Gu Yao’s mind was a little chaotic. He was not in a rush to approach her. After all, it was a matter related to Qiao Xi’s grandfather. It was better to let her handle it herself.

The next second, Qiao Xi sneered and glanced at Lu Yan with disdain. Her eyes were narrowed and filled with danger. “Young Master Lu, are you threatening me?”

Lu Yan smiled. “I’m not threatening you. I just want to invite you to chat and improve our relationship.”

Qiao Xi was about to vomit from disgust. Lu Yan wanted to improve their relationship. In his next life! She would absolutely not like a vicious person like Lu Yan!

After a few seconds of silence, Qiao Xi suddenly sneered. “Who do you think you are? I can’t even find out anything about Grandpa, yet you can?”

She did not believe that Lu Yan would have such ability. No one around her could find any clues, so how could an idiot like Lu Yan find out? Did he really think she was easy to deceive?

Gu Yao could not help but laugh.

When Lu Yan heard Qiao Xi’s words, the smile on his face froze. Even though he had been pretending to be gentle since he was young, he was still unable to suppress the anger in his eyes at this moment.

He suppressed his anger and took a deep breath before slowly saying, “Miss Qiao, I really have something very important to tell you. If you’re not interested in Mr. Xiao, then let’s talk about my grandfather.

“Actually, my grandfather really fainted. He’s already…”

“Lu Yan.” Qiao Xi interrupted him mercilessly and chuckled. “Do you think I’m very free? What makes you think I want to talk to you?”

The muscles on Lu Yan’s face instantly stiffened, and he could not help but clench his fists.

Qiao Xi swept a cold glance at Lu Yan and Lu Xiang. Her beautiful eyes were filled with coldness and a trace of hatred. It was this group of people from the Lu family who gave Gu Zheng a tragic childhood. He was abused by Huang Lilan and locked in Maple Garden without food or water. Meanwhile, Lu Yan, this fake, was living a luxurious life in the Lu family.

Everything that Lu Yan had originally belonged to Gu Zheng. Now, he was actually shameless enough to want to use the Lu family’s power to show off in front of Gu Zheng and snatch everything that Gu Zheng had attained. Was he worthy?

Qiao Xi’s heart ached. Even though she had never seen him when he was a kid, she could imagine how Gu Zheng had survived all these years. At that time, when he found out about his background, he dragged his injured body to look for the Lu family to ask for help, but the Lu family rejected him. From that moment onward, the Lu family was already a stranger in his eyes.

The Lu family did not treat Lu Qingyun as family, much less Gu Zheng. They would rather choose Lu Yan, who was not related to them by blood, than accept Gu Zheng. The Lu family did not have a heart at all!