Chapter 1113 - Apologize To My Sister-in-law!

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Chapter 1113: Apologize To My Sister-in-law!

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Qiao Xi’s eyes were cold as she stared at the two of them. Lu Xiang and Lu Yan were both imposters who occupied someone else’s family. One was an illegitimate daughter, while the other was a bastard who was even inferior to an illegitimate child. What right did they have to pick on Gu Zheng? Moreover, Gu Zheng was not in the wrong at all. All of this was the Lu family’s plan.

Qiao Xi lowered her eyes and shook her wrist. “Lu Yan, my temper isn’t too good.”

Lu Yan suddenly realized that something was wrong. Immediately after, Qiao Xi raised her fist and attacked him. He dodged in a sorry state, but he was kicked in the leg.

In the past, Lu Yan must have known that Huang Lilan often beat and scolded Gu Zheng. He did not feel guilty at all and even felt happy. Now, he even dared to disgust her. She did not have a good temper like Gu Zheng. She would definitely beat this idiot up!

“Bastard! I haven’t hit anyone in a long time. Since you insist on forcing me to do it, then I’ll satisfy you!” Qiao Xi flew up and kicked Lu Yan’s knee. Lu Yan instantly gritted his teeth in pain.

‘Damn! There are others here! How can I hide it for you now? Your image as a weak woman has completely collapsed! Calm down, Qiao Xi!’

Lu Yan’s knee was already numb from the pain. It spread to his entire body. He cried out in pain and staggered a few steps before supporting himself against the wall.

Qiao Xi crossed her arms and smiled happily. He was indeed a good-for-nothing. Her kick almost took Lu Yan down. Why was a young man in his 20s so weak?

Back then, when Gu Zheng was only a few years old, he had to endure beatings 10 times more painful than this. Before he returned to the Gu family, he was still wandering outside for many years. Since he was young, Huang Lilan had abused him and treated him as a punching bag. Whenever she was unhappy, he would be beaten up. After that, Huang Lilan brought him back to the Gu family, but she often locked him in the basement and abused him. To him, returning to the Gu family was just a change of environment but he would still be beaten up all the same.

These were all the crimes committed by Lu Yan’s biological mother, so Qiao Xi wanted Lu Yan to have a taste of being beaten up today. She wanted him to experience how Gu Zheng struggled in pain in the past!

She had only kicked Lu Yan lightly, but he could not take it anymore. She had even more painful methods!

Qiao Xi took out a needle from her sleeve and held the silver needle between her fingers. She was just about to attack…

“Qiao Xi!” Gu Yao hurriedly stopped her, his face filled with panic.

‘Sister-in-law, look around! There are others around! Why did you attack? If others see this, not only will your weak image be ruined, but the Lu family will also have something on you.’

Gu Yao hurriedly coughed twice and ran over to pull Qiao Xi back. Only then did she realize that Gu Yao was here. Then, she slowly turned around and saw a group of people standing not far away.

Qiao Xi: “!!!” ‘Damn! When did so many people come? Did they see me kick Lu Yan just now?’

Her expression changed drastically, and her eyes were filled with panic. However, her eyes were red, and her voice was filled with tears. She looked pitiful.

Gu Yao shifted his eyes and hurriedly shielded Qiao Xi behind him. He roared at the two of them, “Young Master Lu, Madam Lu! What right do you have to bully my sister-in-law?”

Lu Yan endured the intense pain from his knee, and his forehead was covered in sweat. He had clearly seen a needle between Qiao Xi’s fingers just now. At that instant, a huge fear arose in his heart.

He wanted to escape, but his legs did not seem to listen to him anymore. If Gu Yao had not stopped him and the needle had already pierced into his body, would he have died? That needle might be poisonous!

Was Qiao Xi such a vicious person? Was she still a woman? This kick almost broke his leg. Moreover, he could sense that Qiao Xi did not use her full strength. If she had really used her full strength, he would probably be rolling on the floor in pain now.

Lu Yan’s face was filled with viciousness. Before he could recover from the pain and shock, he heard Gu Yao say, “What right do you have to bully my sister-in-law?!”

Lu Yan’s throat was filled with the smell of blood. They were bullying Qiao Xi? They had never touched Qiao Xi’s finger from the beginning until the end. It was clearly Qiao Xi who kicked him and even wanted to stab him with a needle. Could it be that Gu Yao did not see the needle in Qiao Xi’s hand?

“My sister-in-law is just a weak woman. She’s so gentle, but she was so angry that she kicked you away. What did you say that made her cry from anger?!”

Gu Yao questioned Lu Yan word by word. He wanted to take the initiative and catch Lu Yan off guard. He frowned and ordered, “Apologize to my sister-in-law!”

Lu Yan was so angry that he was about to vomit blood. He felt that his head was about to explode.