Chapter 898 - It’s Not Bad to Have a Baby

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Chapter 898: It’s Not Bad to Have a Baby

Kunlun was tall and sturdy, with a baboon body and the head of a human. His appearance was actually quite scary, but the baby wasn’t afraid of Kunlun. She only cried a few times before burying her face in the middle of Kunlun’s chest and puckering her lips.

Kunlun stiffened, not knowing what to do.

Seeing this, Yin Rong rubbed her nose and said awkwardly, “She seems to want to drink milk.”

Babies grew up drinking milk.

After he lifted the wide collar of his T-shirt and looked down at his flat chest, he immediately frowned in embarrassment. “I… don’t have any milk.”

Everyone couldn’t help but laugh.

Everyone turned their gazes to Yu Huang and Yin Rong.

Noticing their gazes, Yin Rong blushed and hid behind Yu Huang in embarrassment as she explained softly, “Although we’re girls, we don’t have milk either.”

Yu Huang rolled her eyes and said coldly, “Only pregnant women who have just given birth have milk.” After a moment of silence, Yu Huang said, “Let’s leave this place first and go ashore.”

After they swam out from the bottom of the statue, they called Feng Yuncheng and Beatrice, who were resting at the bottom of the sea, to swim towards the surface.

When they returned to the surface, everyone was exhausted. Now that they were on land again, they breathed in the oxygen freely and enjoyed the sunlight. As they lay on the ground, they breathed in the oxygen vigorously. Kunlun carefully lifted open his T-shirt and carried the little baby girl out of his arms.

The little baby girl was already starving and kept sucking on her hands. Kunlun was really afraid that she would eat her own fingers.

“Beatrice, what do you merfolk eat when you’re babies?”

Beatrice said without thinking, “Of course it’s milk.”

All mammals drank milk.

Everyone looked at each other helplessly. Yu Huang stood up and looked towards the land as she said, “There must be female demon beasts that have just been born on the continent. If this child doesn’t drink milk, she will starve to death.”

Beatrice glanced at the little merman and said, “She won’t starve to death, but merfolk will never grow unless they eat.”

In other words, this little fellow would always be in her infant form.

“I’ll go with you.” Sheng Xiao stood up and walked deeper into the land with Yu Huang.

More than a month ago, the shocking tsunami caused by the male Winged Fish had ruthlessly destroyed this continent. As far as the eye could see, the entire continent was desolate and damp. Many tall branches had been pushed down by the tsunami, and the corpses of countless dead demon beasts were on the wet ground.

The air of this continent was filled with the stench of corpses.

Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao blocked their sense of smell, then they took out their masks and put them on to resist the microorganisms and bacteria in the air. As their combat boots stepped on the wet soil, they left a shallow pit. After they walked five kilometers west, they finally saw a living creature.

It was a creature that looked like a leopard but had a single horn.

It was extremely thin, and its ribs were clearly visible under its thin skin.

However, Yu Huang discovered that its breasts were slightly red. It looked like it was in the breastfeeding stage. It was difficult to imagine how such a skinny demon beast could force its weak body to breastfeed its child.

Sheng Xiao noticed the one-horned leopard’s condition too. He looked at Yu Huang and asked, “Is this it?”

Yu Huang thought about it and said, “Let’s follow it and see if its child is still alive.”

The single-horned leopard had yet to discover the existence of Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao. It walked on foot in the desolate plains. As it walked, it sniffed the corpses of the demon beasts on the ground. However, these demon beasts had been dead for more than a month. They had already rotted, and only some smelly rotten flesh was still hanging on the bones.

The leopard sniffed the corpses of more than thirty demon beasts in a row. In the end, it stopped beside the corpse of a sea beast. It was a large sea beast that looked like a whale. It must have died in despair after being stranded here by the tsunami more than a month ago.

The leopard entered the sea beast’s stomach and dragged out a large piece of smelly meat. Then, it lay beside the sea beast’s corpse and started chewing it.