Chapter 899 - It’s Not Bad to Have a Baby (2)

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Chapter 899: It’s Not Bad to Have a Baby (2)

As everyone knew, leopards didn’t eat rotten meat.

Seeing that in order to survive, this single-horned leopard could only endure its disgust and eat rotten meat, Yu Huang felt very uncomfortable. The leopard quickly finished eating and shook its head before walking in another direction. It seemed like it was going home.

“Follow it,” Yu Huang said.

The two of them concealed their auras and silently followed the leopard.

In the end, the leopard stopped at the edge of a cliff. It climbed up the rugged and steep cliff and finally entered a narrow cave that could only accommodate one leopard. Seeing this, Yu Huang frowned and said, “Its child is still alive.”

Sheng Xiao understood what Yu Huang was thinking and said, “This is a demon beast that needs to breastfeed its child. If we kidnap it, its child will starve to death. We should kidnap both of them and keep them by our side. We will provide them with food and they will provide milk for Senior Na Ling.”

This was the most appropriate arrangement.

“Hide yourself. When I go and lure the big one away, you’ll kidnap the small one.”

Yu Huang hid behind a steep rock while Sheng Xiao walked towards the cliff. As he stood under the cliff, he deliberately let out a threatening and provocative roar. When the leopard heard the commotion, it quickly hid its child. Then, it dragged its weak body to fight Sheng Xiao.

At this moment, Yu Huang immediately spread her phoenix wings and flew towards the small cave on the cliff.

When the female leopard, who was fighting Sheng Xiao, noticed Yu Huang’s actions, she turned around and roared angrily at Yu Huang. Then, she left Sheng Xiao and ran towards the cave. Sheng Xiao teleported in front of the leopard and blocked its path.

“Your opponent is me.”

“Roar!” The female leopard roared in despair and anger. She charged at Sheng Xiao fearlessly. Sheng Xiao subdued her with one move and tied her up with a spiritual rope.

At this moment, Yu Huang also kidnapped the baby leopard.

As Yu Huang carried the little leopard and flew down the cliff, she told Sheng Xiao, “It gave birth to three leopards, but the other two…” Yu Huang frowned and said sympathetically, “They have been eaten already. “Perhaps the two leopards were not in good health, so the female leopard thought that they were a burden and might implicate the little leopard in the end. Therefore, she bit them to death and ate them. ”

There was no other way.

Sheng Xiao stared at the leopard that was as thin as a kitten in Yu Huang’s arms and sighed. “Take them all away.”

When they returned to the beach, the female leopard was still struggling angrily. When Donor threw a freshly killed sea rabbit in front of it, it smelled fresh blood and flesh and hesitantly shut its mouth.

Donor handed the sea rabbit to the female leopard and said, “Follow us. We’ll give you food while you feed the child milk.”

The female leopard had yet to gain intelligence and was only an insignificant little demon beast on this continent.

As if it understood Donor’s words, it stared at the little merman in Kunlun’s arms for a while before lying down and biting the sea rabbit’s meat. After eating, the female leopard laid on the ground and let her child drink milk.

The female leopard had just eaten the sea rabbit and the milk had yet to be activated. The baby leopard tried its best to suck in a few mouthfuls of milk for a long time.

But before the baby leopard could take a few sips, it was carried away by Sheng Xiao.

After the little leopard ran out of milk, it bared its teeth at Sheng Xiao and lost its temper. Sheng Xiao didn’t do anything. He only stared at it quietly for a few seconds. Then, the little leopard lowered its head meekly and shut its mouth.

After placing the baby leopard on the ground, Sheng Xiao took Na Ling away from Kunlun and walked towards the female leopard.

The female leopard looked at Sheng Xiao warily. She wanted to seethe at him, but in the end, she didn’t dare to provoke him. She laid down and revealed her stomach.

Sheng Xiao placed Na Ling on the female leopard’s stomach.

As soon as Na Ling found the nipple, she gulped down the milk…

Na Ling fell asleep after drinking the milk.

After she fell asleep, the leopard mother and child also dozed off together.

Yu Huang and the others started a bonfire by the sea. As Sheng Xiao sat beside the bonfire, he took out the Divine Master rib fragment that Yu Huang had given him. He told Yu Huang and the others, “Since we can’t defeat that male Winged Fish yet, why don’t we cultivate by the sea for a period of time?”

They were on the easternmost side of the piece of land, a place very far from the residence of the male Winged Fish, so they were temporarily safe.

“Everyone will be cultivating in seclusion during this period of time. I want to take this opportunity to absorb this rib fragment.” Then, Sheng Xiao looked at Beatrice and said, “Try to comprehend the Buddha Pagoda cultivation technique. I hope you can gain something.”

Beatrice nodded. “I will.”

“Alright.” Sheng Xiao sat cross-legged as he absorbed the energy from the rib fragments.

Yu Huang put up a protective shield for Sheng Xiao, to ensure that they wouldn’t distract Sheng Xiao.

At this moment, Kunlun carried Na Ling to Yu Huang’s side and said, “Yu Huang, Na Ling seems to have pooped.”

Yu Huang was speechless.

While Yin Rong and the others were cultivating in seclusion, Yu Huang had to accompany Kunlun to take care of the child and teach him how to shower the baby. After teaching Kunlun for a few days, Yu Huang felt that she could start a nanny class for parents.

When Kunlun saw that Yu Huang had washed Na Ling clean and that she smelled nice, he chuckled.

“What are you laughing at?” Yu Huang was baffled.

Kunlun said, “The way you bathed Na Ling just now was really gentle.” Kunlun said sincerely, “Yu Huang, if you become a mother in the future, you will definitely be a good mother.”

Yu Huang couldn’t help but think of what Sheng Xiao had told her before.

Sheng Xiao said that he wanted to have a baby with her.

Yu Huang stared at the chubby baby in Kunlun’s arms. When she imagined the scene of Sheng Xiao carrying a child, she felt… tempted.

Having a baby didn’t seem like a bad idea.