Chapter 900 - Crazy, Crazy (1)

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Chapter 900: Crazy, Crazy (1)

Sheng Xiao’s spiritual power was powerful. Yu Huang and the others took more than a month to completely absorb the fragments of the Kunlun Divine Master’s ribs, but Sheng Xiao only took half a month to do it.

Seeing that Yu Huang and the others were still in seclusion, he took care of the child with Kunlun.

After another ten days, Beatrice suddenly opened her eyes.

Beatrice suddenly extended her right hand and circulated all the spiritual power in her body to gather them in her right palm. The spiritual power surged into her palm and slowly gathered into the shape of a nine-pointed pagoda. The pagoda was ink-blue and gave off a murderous aura.

Sheng Xiao stared at the tower in her palm and asked in surprise, “Did you master it?”

Beatrice’s eyes glazed over for a moment before she regained consciousness.

She turned to look at Sheng Xiao and said, “No, I just comprehended the essence of the first move of the Nine-Layered Divine Pagoda.” Beatrice’s eyes were filled with surprise as she stared at the pagoda in her palm and said happily, “I obtained the Nine-Layered Divine Pagoda cultivation technique at the age of 14. I cultivated it for more than 20 years, but I only comprehended the shape of the Nine-Layered Divine Pagoda. I never really comprehended its essence.”

“After obtaining Senior Na Ling’s inheritance, I cultivated with the cultivation technique incantation and actually condensed the Nine-Layered Divine Pagoda.”

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Sheng Xiao said, “Do you want to try how powerful your Nine-Layered Divine Pagoda is?”

Beatrice smiled at Sheng Xiao as she said, “Have you forgotten that I beat you up when you were young?” Beatrice was ten years older than Sheng Xiao. The first time Sheng Xiao saw her, he called her Sister Beatrice.

At that time, Beatrice hated being called ‘sister’, ‘miss’, and ‘princess’ the most.

Sheng Xiao had touched Beatrice’s sore spot the moment they met. For that, Beatrice disliked Sheng Xiao.

When she was young, Beatrice often beat Sheng Xiao up.

When Sheng Xiao was young, his soul was incomplete and he wasn’t in good health, so he wasn’t Beatrice’s match at all. However, as Sheng Xiao grew up, his spiritual power stabilized. After he awakened his beast form at the age of nine, his cultivation speed improved by leaps and bounds.

In just a few years, Beatrice was no longer Sheng Xiao’s match.

Therefore, when she heard that Sheng Xiao offered to fight with her, Beatrice couldn’t help but tease him.

Sheng Xiao smiled. “Let’s give it a try.”

The two of them flew into the sky to fight.

As soon as the battle started, Sheng Xiao summoned the Dragon Sword and activated his spiritual power to the maximum.

Beatrice didn’t dare to underestimate Sheng Xiao. She activated all the energy in her beast heart. Her charming face became decisive. Her sapphire blue eyes were filled with killing intent and ruthlessness as she pulled out her sword and swung it into a tower. She shouted, “Nine-Layered Divine Pagoda, first move!”

A majestic blue energy body was released from the sword and turned into the phantom of a nine-storey tower with nine eaves.

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“Nine-Layered Divine Pagoda, second move!”

The second energy body rushed into the illusory tower. After the tower shook slightly, the illusory tower seemed to have become thicker.

“Nine-Layered Divine Pagoda, third move!”

An energy wave fused into the nine-storey pagoda, making it even more sturdy.

“Nine-Layered Divine Pagoda, ninth move!”

When the last blue spiritual energy fused with the nine-story tower, the nine-storey tower suddenly turned quickly. As it turned, the illusory tower actually had a substantial body. The tower suddenly expanded and became a huge tower about a hundred meters tall.

Beatrice flew to the tower. At this moment, she had already transformed into a merman.

“Nine-Layered Divine Pagoda, Divine Suppression!”

After Beatrice’s fishtail landed heavily on the Nine-Layered Divine Pagoda, the Nine-Layered Divine Pagoda fell rapidly towards Sheng Xiao.

It looked like an ordinary hundred-meter-tall tower, but Sheng Xiao could clearly feel the destructive power emanating from it. Sheng Xiao’s hair stood on end and he had a feeling that once he was pressed down by the tower, his bones would be crushed and he would be reduced to ashes.

After Sheng Xiao shouted, the dragon-scale armor appeared around him and he fused with the Dragon Sword before charging towards the tower.

Sheng Xiao summoned all his spiritual power to attack the tower. After the two energies collided with a muffled sound, Sheng Xiao felt dizzy and disoriented. He immediately spat out a mouthful of blood.