Chapter 901 - Crazy, Crazy (2)

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Chapter 901: Crazy, Crazy (2)

When Sheng Xiao realized that he couldn’t withstand the full-strength attack of the Nine-Layered Divine Pagoda alone, he could only helplessly transform into the original body of the Black Qing Sky Dragon. When the Black Qing Sky Dragon appeared, Sheng Xiao’s aura became powerful and terrifying.

After he roared and flipped over, his huge body wrapped around the Nine-Layered Divine Pagoda and he used all his strength to throw it.

The Nine-Layered Divine Pagoda fell to the ground and shattered. Beatrice also spat out a mouthful of blood. Sheng Xiao wasn’t in any better state. He had returned to his human form and was bleeding from the corner of his mouth. The dragon scale armor on his body was shattered.

Sheng Xiao wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and stared at Beatrice in surprise as he praised her generously, “Not bad. It’s indeed a powerful cultivation technique.”

After Beatrice landed on the ground, she was on the verge of collapse. She looked at Sheng Xiao in admiration and said with a smile, “As expected of the number one genius on the continent. Sheng Xiao, you’re indeed very strong.” When she realized that she might never be able to defeat Sheng Xiao in her life, she couldn’t help but feel regretful.

If she had known earlier, she would have beaten Sheng Xiao up a few more times in her childhood.

Sheng Xiao looked at the broken dragon scale armor around his body and said, “You’re very impressive to be able to injure me to this extent as a Supreme Master.”

The commotion caused by the two of them fighting was too great, so Yu Huang and the others were forced to stop their seclusion.

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Feng Yuncheng felt proud of Beatrice when he saw that she could hurt Sheng Xiao so badly as a Supreme Master. However, at the same time, he felt inferior.

The difference in strength between him and Her Highness seemed to be getting greater and greater.

The leopard mother and child were trembling in fear after watching the battle between Sheng Xiao and Beatrice.

There was only one year and two months left until the Kunlun Mystic Realm would close, so they had to hurry up and collect all the bones for Kunlun. When Sheng Xiao saw that everyone had woken up, he said, “After two months, everyone must have improved, so today, we will go see that male Winged Fish again.”

They flew on their swords and spent two days to reach the westernmost part of the continent.

Before they could approach the towering tree where the Winged Fish lived, they heard a sorrowful and despairing bird cry. It sounded like the bird was crying.

“It’s the Winged Fish!” After hearing the Winged Fish’s cry, they immediately guessed its owner’s identity.

Elves could sense the emotions of many creatures. Donor lowered his eyes and said, “It’s in great anguish and suffering. It’s… atoning.”

“Atoning?” Everyone looked at each other.

Xiao Shu sneered and said sarcastically, “Could it be that that fellow suddenly came to its senses and realized that it had bitten its wife to death, so it was overcome with regret?”

“It’s not impossible. In short, we’re almost at our destination, so just be careful.”

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Kunlun wanted to take care of the child, so he carried the child as he waited on the spot. Yu Huang and the others hid their auras as they quietly approached the towering tree.

The tree was very tall, so Yu Huang and the others saw the scene on the tree from afar—

The male Winged Fish was really crying at a highly decomposed corpse!

If the male fish Yu Huang and the others had seen two months ago was a ferocious and psychopathic killer, then the male fish they had seen today was a pitiful creature who had lost its love.

The male fish kept rubbing its head against its spouse’s rotten head. As it rubbed against it, it let out an anguished cry.

The male fish let out a shrill cry and suddenly spread the wings on its back before jumping into the sky. Then, it actually retracted its wings and let itself fall to the ground from the sky.

It was actually committing suicide!

But just as it was about to hit the ground, the wings on its back turned into a pair of arms uncontrollably. Those hands pressed hard on the ground and successfully saved the male fish.

Realizing that it couldn’t commit suicide, the male fish immediately got up and deliberately used his arms to hit the towering tree to shatter and break his arms.

However, those arms were extremely sturdy and couldn’t be destroyed.

The male fish tried many methods, but in the end, it realized that it couldn’t escape the control of these arms at all. It felt despair and returned to its nest to wait for death with its spouse’s body in its arms.

However, it had cultivated for ten thousand years. If it wanted to wait for death, how long would it have to wait?!