Chapter 902 - Crazy, Crazy (3)

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Chapter 902: Crazy, Crazy (3)

Watching this scene while hiding in the dark, Yu Huang guessed that there was something wrong with the male fish’s mental state. “From the looks of it, that pair of arms has completely lost control. Not only did the male fish fail to successfully refine that pair of arms, but that pair of arms even took control of the male fish’s consciousness.”

Sheng Xiao and the others could feel how powerful the skeleton’s devilry was. They personally saw how the male fish lost its consciousness and become a killing machine.

What should they do in the face of such a ferocious beast that could even kill its wife when it lost control?

Xiao Shu said, “In the end, it’s the evilness of the Kunlun Divine Master’s skeleton that caused this tragedy. Yu Huang, can you purify the spirit of the male Winged Fish?”

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Yu Huang shook her head with a serious expression. “It’s very difficult. Since it was able to control a super demon beast, its devilry is definitely extraordinarily powerful. If my mentor was here, you would definitely be able to successfully purify its spirit. However, I’ve successfully purified the head of the Kunlun Divine Master once, so if I’m given enough time, I can also purify the devilry on his arm.”

Xiao Shu asked again, “So, as long as we successfully subdue the male Winged Fish, you can purify its spirit?”

“That’s true. How can it be so easy to subdue the powerful Winged Fish?”

Hearing this, Feng Yuncheng suddenly recommended himself. He said, “I can transform into Na Ling.”

Beatrice subconsciously said, “No! The devilry of the Kunlun Divine Master’s arm is too strong. It might not remember Na Ling at all. You’re courting death!”

Feng Yuncheng looked at Beatrice and said, “Why was the Kunlun Divine Master eaten by the demon beasts? That’s because he used all his remaining spiritual power to form a barrier to protect Senior Na Ling! I don’t believe that he, who loves Senior Na Ling so deeply, would forget her.”

If there was anyone in this world who could influence the Kunlun Divine Master, it was indeed Na Ling. “I will transform into Senior Na Ling to attract its attention. You guys wait for an opportunity to successfully cut off the wings of the male Winged Fish.”

Beatrice still wanted to object, but Yu Huang said, “I think this method is feasible.”

Seeing that Beatrice still didn’t agree with him, Feng Yuncheng boldly held Beatrice’s hand.

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Beatrice stared at him blankly but didn’t shake his hand off.

For Beatrice, who was afraid of men, allowing Feng Yuncheng to hold her hand was already a huge improvement.

Feng Yuncheng said to Beatrice, “Your Highness, I’m indeed the weakest, but no matter how weak I am, I’m still a man. I want to show off in front of the woman I love. I’m willing to be a subject who admires you, but occasionally, I also want to be a knight who protects you.”

Hearing this, Beatrice could no longer bear to stop Feng Yuncheng. “Alright, I’ll believe you this time.”

With Beatrice’s support, Feng Yuncheng was immediately filled with confidence and courage.

He said to everyone, “Close your eyes and imagine what Na Ling looks like.”

Hearing this, everyone closed their eyes and silently imagined Senior Na Ling’s appearance when she was alive. When they opened their eyes again, they saw a beautiful female merman with long dark blue curly hair standing in front of them. The merman was wearing a dark purple robe and asked with a dignified expression, “Do I look like her?”

Everyone was speechless.

Donor lowered his eyes and muttered, “Damn, Kunlun is so lucky.”

He was very envious that Kunlun had such a beautiful wife.

Ugly people already had beautiful wives, but handsome people didn’t even have a romantic partner.