Chapter 903 - The Punishment She Deserves

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Chapter 903: The Punishment She Deserves

When Feng Yuncheng heard Donor’s mutter, he knew that his transformation must have been very successful.

“Phew.” Feng Yuncheng took a deep breath and mustered his courage. Then, he nodded at Sheng Xiao and the others. “I’ll go first. You guys wait for an opportunity to take action.”

Sheng Xiao nodded. “Understood.”

Feng Yuncheng walked out from behind the thick tree and towards the towering tree where the male Winged Fish lived.

Just as he was about to walk out of the forest, Beatrice suddenly shouted in a low voice, “Feng Yuncheng!”

Feng Yuncheng stopped in his tracks and turned to look at Beatrice. “Your Highness.”

Beatrice’s eyes flickered, and she looked a little diffident. She held the safety buckle on her sword and squeezed it a few times before saying, “You have to survive!”

After Feng Yuncheng received Beatrice’s concern, he felt as if his body was filled with endless strength.

He arrived at the edge of the forest and didn’t hide his aura or tracks at all as he walked towards the towering tree.

The male Winged Fish was immersed in the sorrow of killing his beloved wife and didn’t notice Feng Yuncheng approaching. When Feng Yuncheng approached and was only a hundred to two hundred meters away from the towering tree, the male Winged Fish finally smelled an unfamiliar aura approaching.

‘?????? ???? No(ve) l Bi n’,

The male Winged Fish thought that the fearless demon beasts on the continent were here to cause trouble. It turned around and bared its teeth as it roared angrily at Feng Yuncheng in an attempt to scare him away with a dignified roar.

However, when he turned around and saw Feng Yuncheng’s face clearly, his beast eyes instantly shrank into two extremely thin black dots, as small as the wick of a black pencil.

“Hiss!” The male Winged Fish subconsciously raised the feathers on its back and bristled.

Birds would only flare up when they were greatly agitated.

Clearly, he had recognized the identity of the ancient merman Feng Yuncheng had transformed into and was afraid of the ancient merman’s strength. That was why he instantly became agitated.

‘Na Ling’ narrowed her eyes and instantly flew to a position parallel to the top of the towering tree. She floated elegantly in the void as she looked at the male fish with a dignified expression. Her rosy lips were pursed tightly and she didn’t speak.

The male Winged Fish was already trembling in fear.

Even tens of thousands of years later, he couldn’t forget the appearance of the ancient merman.

More than ten thousand years ago, they had personally seen the Kunlun Divine Master sink a jade statue to the bottom of the deep sea. There was no merfolk in the sea of the Kunlun Mystic Realm. Therefore, this was the first time they had seen a demon beast with a human upper body but a tail. The sea beasts were curious, so they swam to the deep sea to take a look at the merfolk statue.

After a few more years, the murderous man suddenly came to the Kunlun Mystic Realm covered in blood with a seriously injured ancient merman in his arms.

A group of hungry sea rabbits was the first to attack the body of the Kunlun Divine Master. They ate the internal organs and ribs of the Kunlun Divine Master. When the couple saw that the sea rabbits had eaten the Kunlun Divine Master without any side effects, the greedy couple snatched the remaining body parts of the Kunlun Divine Master from the mouth of the sea rabbits.

Winged Fish could swim in the water, walk on land, and fly in the sky. The two of them brought the body of the Kunlun Divine Master to the land. Just as they bit off the pair of arms of the Kunlun Divine Master, they encountered the Nine-tailed Snake Demon, the Giant Iron Beast, and a Black Shark Bird.

They fought, but no one won.

In the end, the Winged Fish couple obtained the arms of the Kunlun Divine Master. The Giant Iron Beast obtained the head of the Kunlun Divine Master, the Nine-tailed Snake Demon obtained the right leg of the Kunlun Divine Master, and the Black Shark Bird obtained the left leg of the Kunlun Divine Master.

The couple found a secret cave and planned to refine the arms of the Kunlun Divine Master. However, during the refinement process, the female Winged Fish suddenly went berserk and lost control. She even wanted to eat the male Winged Fish. In order to save its beloved wife, the male Winged Fish could only break one of its beloved wife’s wings and refine the arm personally.

‘Visit (No ve (l)B i n) to read, pls!’,

From the day it refined the arms of the Kunlun Divine Master, the male Winged Fish was constantly tortured and devoured by the Divine Master’s corpse’s devilry. It struggled against the possessed remains of the two Divine Master arms for more than ten thousand years, but in the end, it still failed.

That day, the male Winged Fish’s consciousness became completely controlled by the devilry of the Divine Master’s corpse. It lost control and cruelly crushed the egg he hatched with its beloved wife. It even killed its beloved wife in the cruelest way and sucked dry all the demonic power in its body.

When it regained consciousness, the male Winged Fish looked at the child in the bird’s nest who had the body of a Winged Fish but had been crushed into meat paste by its claws. Its heart ached. When it saw its wife’s corpse that had long rotted, the male Winged Fish went crazy.

These days, it kept seeking death, but those arms would always stop the male Winged Fish at the last moment.

The male Winged Fish knew that this was the punishment given to it by the Kunlun Divine Master.

If it had known that this pair of arms would cause it to kill its wife and child and become a complete killing machine, it would never have touched it!

The reason the male Winged Fish was in so much anguish was because of the pair of arms behind him. Now, when the male Winged Fish saw the ancient merman that the owner of the arms loved the most back then, he had mixed feelings.

Na Ling looked so sacred and dignified while floating quietly in the sky. She made people subconsciously want to kneel and worship her.

As ‘Na Ling’ stared at the male Winged Fish coldly, her rosy lips curled up into a mocking smile.

“You, who stole Kunlun’s arm, are indeed very strong. Look, you even mercilessly killed your wife and child. You’re really the strongest hero in the world.”

Feng Yuncheng, who had transformed into Na Ling, could speak the language of that era without any communication barriers.

As for the male Winged Fish, it had eaten the arm of the Kunlun Divine Master, so under its influence, it could understand the language Na Ling was speaking.

Hearing this, the male Winged Fish couldn’t help but let out a sad cry.

Feng Yuncheng actually understood what the male Winged Fish meant. It was actually begging Feng Yuncheng to take away the Kunlun Divine Master’s arm.

While Feng Yuncheng was surprised, he also felt that it was ironic.

How could the remains of a Divine Master be taken away just like that?!

“You dared to steal the remains of a Divine Master, so you have to pay the price. Killing your wife and son is the punishment you deserve.”

‘Na Ling’ pretended to be unwilling to help and that she was angry at the male Winged Fish for stealing the arm of the Kunlun Divine Master.