Chapter 904 - Untitled

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Chapter 904: Untitled

When the male Winged Fish heard Na Ling’s words, it felt even more despair.

It was repenting for its mistake and asking ‘Na Ling’ to help it cut off these arms. It said that it wanted relief and only wanted to accompany its wife. It also told Feng Yuncheng how loving it and its wife used to be.

Feng Yuncheng was somewhat moved.

After the male Winged Fish finished speaking, Feng Yuncheng revealed an appropriate amount of disdain as he said, “Now that you’ve suffered, you’ve finally realized your mistake.”

Feng Yuncheng’s charm technique had already reached an indistinguishable level. The male Winged Fish really thought that Feng Yuncheng was the ancient merman Na Luo. In front of the ancient merman, its cultivation level was nothing impressive.

Therefore, as soon as the male Winged Fish recognized Na Ling, it gave up on fighting her.

Now, it only wanted to be freed from its pain and anguish.

The male Winged Fish wasn’t stupid. When it saw Na Ling take the initiative to look for it, it knew that she was here to help the Kunlun Divine Master retrieve his Divine Master Skeleton. However, Na Ling hated the male Winged Fish too much. Now that the male Winged Fish was controlled by the devilry of the remains, she wished the male Winged Fish could suffer even more.

Under such circumstances, how could Na Ling be willing to fulfill the male Winged Fish’s wish?

The male Winged Fish understood the situation, so it laid down obediently and called out in reverence and flattery.

It was saying: “My Lord, I have already suffered the punishment I deserve for my mistake. I hope you can free me. If you are willing to help me take away these arms, I am willing to provide you with information about other demon beasts that have harmed Lord Kunlun.” The male Winged Fish was very cunning. It guessed that ‘Na Ling’ was seeking revenge against all the demon beasts that had harmed the Kunlun Divine Master back then, so it decided to take the initiative to provide useful information.

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Feng Yuncheng and the others were indeed eager to know the whereabouts of the Kunlun Divine Master’s left leg bone. Hearing this, Feng Yuncheng nodded and said, “Speak.”

The male Winged Fish told him about the appearances of the other demon beasts that had eaten the body of the Kunlun Divine Master. Feng Yuncheng and the others had already fought the Nine-tailed Snake Demon and the Giant Iron Beast. Only when they saw that the information provided by the male Winged Fish matched the demon beasts they had seen did they confirm that it wasn’t lying.

“I can see that your attitude is quite repentant. In that case, I’ll free you from your pain.”

The male Winged Fish was overjoyed.

Feng Yuncheng raised his right hand and gestured for them to take action.

Seeing that, Sheng Xiao and the others, who were lying in ambush, immediately flew up and tied up the Winged Fish.

When the male Winged Fish saw Sheng Xiao and the others suddenly appear, a hint of confusion and vigilance flashed across its eyes. Feng Yuncheng noticed the male Winged Fish’s reaction and lied, “These are Kunlun’s most capable personal disciples. They came with me to avenge their mentor. If you lie down obediently, they will only take your wings and leave. If you dare to resist…”

‘Na Ling’ smiled mockingly as she swung her tail and Sheng Xiao’s seven ‘disciples’ turned into ferocious beast forms of different forms. They summoned their weapons at the same time.

Yu Huang held the Aofeng Bow in her hand and stepped on the Divine Feather Phoenix. As the Purifying Evil Phoenix Flame burned under her feet, she looked majestic and imposing. Sheng Xiao turned into the Black Qing Sky Dragon. As his huge body coiled in the air, it gave off a sense of pressure.

The Fire Unicorn and the Three-Eyed Unicorn stood side by side. One released the domineering and majestic aura of the Lord of All Demons, while the other gave off an unfathomable feeling even though her spiritual power was gentle.

Donor and Estelle, who had formed the Back Spirit contract, stood side by side. When the black wings intertwined with the white wings, it almost overshadowed the light in the sky.

The Winged Fish’s gaze swept past this group of young people. In the end, its gaze landed on Beatrice, who looked very similar to ‘Na Ling’ and had a sinister and unfathomable aura. As it stared at the dark blue nine-horned pagoda in Beatrice’s hand, it actually felt a sense of fear.

As expected of the disciples of the Kunlun Master. All of them were indeed mighty and extraordinary.

The male Winged Fish really believed Feng Yuncheng’s words. It let out a cry of resignation, raised the wings on its back, and roared, “Swish ~ ~ ~”

‘Na Ling’ roared, “Move!”

Sheng Xiao curled his tail immediately and wrapped it tightly around the male Winged Fish’s body. The male Winged Fish wanted to resist, but when he heard Na Ling shout, “If you want to regain your freedom, don’t move!” He didn’t dare to move anymore.

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After Sheng Xiao restrained the male Winged Fish’s huge body, Yu Huang held the Aofeng Longbow in her hand and shot through the wings with an arrow, connecting them together. There were no feathers on the male Winged Fish’s wings, but they were filled with sharp fish bones.

Donor used his spiritual power to press the wings tightly together. Seeing this, Estelle raised the scythe in his hand and swooped down from the sky.

Estelle waved his scythe. Just as the sharp scythe touched the root of the wing, the male Winged Fish’s gaze suddenly became fierce. It began to struggle violently, and the wings on its back instantly turned into a pair of purple human arms.

After the arm was pierced by a long arrow, countless resentment energy was released from the wound. Immediately, wild shrieks and howls sounded.

It was the cry of a Divine Master!

Seeing this, Yu Huang roared, “Suppress it!”

Donor gritted his teeth and said, “I can’t suppress it anymore!”

Seeing this, Beatrice said, “Let me do it!”

Beatrice mobilized all the spiritual power in her body and enlarged the Nine-Layered Divine Pagoda to its strongest state. The Divine Pagoda transformed into a hundred-meter-tall pagoda that descended from the sky with endless pressure and mercilessly smashed towards the male Winged Fish.

Sensing the danger, the arm attacked at the same time and actually raised the Nine-Layered Divine Pagoda.

However, in order to deal with the Nine-Layered Divine Pagoda, those arms couldn’t spare any extra strength to deal with Yu Huang and the others.

Seeing this, Yu Huang immediately summoned her Psychic Sphere and chanted the Purifying Spirit Incantation in a low voice. When the pure psychic energy surged towards the pair of arms, the black resentment power around the arms immediately let out whimpers.

However, the resentment in the arm had to focus on resisting the suppression of the Nine-Layered Divine Pagoda. Once it changed its target, Beatrice’s Nine-Layered Divine Pagoda would severely injure it. At that time, Sheng Xiao and the others would be able to work together to cut off the male Winged Fish’s arm.

The resentment power in the Divine Master’s arm wanted to torture the male Winged Fish and make it suffer!

Therefore, Yu Huang could only purify it bit by bit.

The majestic psychic power of a Level 5 Purifying Spirit Master surged into the ball of resentment energy and disintegrated it bit by bit. Everyone noticed that the resentment energy around the arms seemed to have become dimmer and weaker. Seeing that, Sheng Xiao suddenly let go of the Winged Fish and turned into human form to attack the arms with all his might.

“One Sword Slashes the Nine Heavens!”