Chapter 905 - Kunlun, Hug Me

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Chapter 905: Kunlun, Hug Me

Nine powerful spiritual energies attacked the pair of arms from all directions. Coupled with the power contained in Beatrice’s Nine-Layered Divine Pagoda, the pair of arms quickly showed signs of fatigue. Hearing the wailing sound become softer and softer, Donor transferred all his energy to Estelle without hesitation.

After receiving Donor’s energy enhancement, the wings on Estelle’s back suddenly enlarged by half. He raised the Demon Scythe and roared as he charged at the male fish again—

The sharp scythe pierced through the dense resentment and cut horizontally. The pair of arms fell from the back of the male Winged Fish.

The male Winged Fish let out a heart-wrenching wail.

Wings were the most important part of the Winged Fish’s body. After its wings were cut off, the male fish was in so much pain that its consciousness became blurry. As it laid in the bird’s nest, it kept howling.

As soon as the pair of arms landed on the ground, the flesh and blood on them instantly rotted away and the pair of arms turned into white bones.

After Yu Huang landed beside the arm bone, she said to Sheng Xiao and the others, “Keep watch. I’ll purify its spirit!”

After successfully cutting off the male Winged Fish’s arms, Feng Yuncheng could no longer hold on. His body swayed and he returned to his original form before falling into Beatrice’s arms.

Beatrice, who had been observing Feng Yuncheng’s situation, hurriedly reached out and hugged his shoulder when she saw him collapse. After Beatrice sat on the ground and placed Feng Yuncheng’s head on her thigh, she patted Feng Yuncheng’s shoulder and said, “Rest for a while.”

Feng Yuncheng realized that his head was resting on Beatrice’s lap. He knew very well how much Beatrice hated intimate interaction with men, so he got up to change his position. However, when he got up, he deliberately pretended that he couldn’t get up.

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Feng Yuncheng snorted and said considerately, “Your Highness, please put me on the ground to rest.”

How could Beatrice bear to push Feng Yuncheng away?

She pressed his head down and said domineeringly, “Shut up and rest!”

Feng Yuncheng chuckled to himself and fell asleep with a smile.

When the male Winged Fish noticed that ‘Na Ling’ had actually transformed into a two-legged monster, it realized that it had been tricked.

Now that its wings had been cut off and the other party had many people, the male Winged Fish had become a sheep that was waiting to be slaughtered.

It could only glare at them helplessly.

Yu Huang spent a day before she finally completely purified the resentment in the arm’s bone. She handed the bone to Kunlun, and the skeleton automatically fused with Kunlun’s arm.

As soon as Kunlun’s arm fused with the bone, Kunlun’s shoulder and arm twisted. Kunlun let out a pained roar. After a while, Kunlun’s baboon arm turned into a human arm under everyone’s watch.

At this moment, the male Winged Fish also recovered from the pain. When it saw the sudden appearance of Kunlun, it screamed, as if it had gone crazy. It carried its wife’s corpse and jumped down from the towering tree before running towards the sea.

It was afraid that if was too slow, it would be killed by Kunlun.

Seeing the male Winged Fish run away, Donor sneered. “What a coward.”

Seeing that Feng Yuncheng’s face had already regained its color, Yu Huang said, “This place is a little far from the Black Shark Bird section. Let’s first collect the skeletons eaten by the sea rabbits, then go to the Black Shark Bird section to collect the last leg bone.”

From the male Winged Fish, they had already learned the appearance of those sea rabbits who took the leg bone.

According to the male Winged Fish, there was a gap on both ears of those sea rabbits. Because they were too weak and couldn’t provide combat strength for their race, their Patriarch marked them as ‘disabled’.

As disabled creatures, they had no right to eat the spoils of war at all. They could only occasionally eat scraps.

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Therefore, they were all very thin and scrawny. When they saw the dying Kunlun Divine Master, they boldly ate him.

“As disabled sea rabbits, they couldn’t grow up at all. Now, the disabled sea rabbits that have become extremely powerful in the isolated sea are most likely the sea rabbits that secretly ate the Kunlun Divine Master ten thousand years ago.” Sheng Xiao looked at Beatrice and said, “Beatrice, use your sound waves to tell all the sea beasts to help us find the whereabouts of the disabled sea rabbits.”

They temporarily stayed in the Northwest Continent. As they took care of the child and cultivated, they collected information about the whereabouts of the sea rabbits.

As for the leopard mother who followed them, because she had eaten her fill and rested well, her milk was also extremely good. Not only did she raise Na Ling into a chubby baby, but she also raised her own child into a strong and plump leopard. And after months of interaction, the leopard mother had already treated Yu Huang and the others as her providers.

In fact, when Yu Huang and the others approached it, it would even take the initiative to lie on the ground and let them stroke its stomach.

It treated itself as a pet leopard.

Its baby was very familiar with Yu Huang and the others. When Yu Huang and the others were eating meat, it would squat by Yu Huang’s feet and chew on bones. After eating the bones, it would even roll around Yu Huang’s shoes and wheedle.

However, after more than two months, they still hadn’t gathered the whereabouts of the sea rabbits. Those sea rabbits seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

Sheng Xiao analyzed the situation. “After the news of the ancient merman’s revival spread, the sea rabbits must have guessed that they would suffer revenge, so they hid.”

“I thought so too.” Yu Huang was a little worried and said, “If sea rabbits want to hide, I’m afraid it won’t be easy to find them.”

“There’s no hurry.” Sheng Xiao said, “They will come out to hunt when they’re hungry.”

During this period of time, Na Ling’s growth speed was extremely fast. In just two months, she had grown to the height of a five to six-year-old child. She could even speak. The first thing she said was, “Hug me, Kunlun.”

This was the first time they had heard Na Ling speak, so everyone was stunned.

Sheng Xiao asked Beatrice, “Do merfolk children learn to speak at two months old?”

Beatrice was also puzzled and said, “How is that possible? I’m considered talented, but I only learned how to speak after ten months.” Beatrice stared at the chubby Na Ling and said, “Besides, we merfolk reach adulthood at the age of 13. Usually, when we’re two months old, we’re only as tall as a human that is one or two years old.”

No matter what, Na Ling had grown too quickly.

“Could it be because of the leopard’s milk?” Yu Huang looked at the leopard mother thoughtfully and suspected that the leopard mother’s milk was too nutritious.

“That might not be the case,” Xiao Shu said. “Although leopard’s milk is nutritious, it won’t have such a magical effect. This might be related to the fact that Na Ling is an ancient merman.” As the Lord of All Demon, Xiao Shu knew the situation of various demon beasts better than them.

Since he said that there was nothing special about the leopard mother’s milk, it was probably because of Na Ling herself.