Chapter 906 - Unexpected Gain

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Chapter 906: Unexpected Gain

Yu Huang stared at Na Ling and said thoughtfully, “In that case, perhaps Na Ling can completely grow up before we leave the Kunlun Mystic Realm.”

Na Ling, who had slowly grown up, became less and less interested in milk and showed a strong interest in adult food. Yu Huang and the others would only cook a meal every few days, and every time Yu Huang and the others stewed meat, Na Ling would sit on a stone stool and stare at the delicious meat curiously with her round purple eyes.

On this day, when Yu Huang was practicing archery, she happened to see a few colorful birds flying across the sky.

She suddenly wanted to eat roasted birds.

Yu Huang loosened her grip and the sharp arrow shot into the sky, hitting three small demon beast birds.

She carried the little birds back to the camp and threw them to Estelle. “Let’s eat roasted birds tonight.”

“I’m the best at killing birds.” Estelle carried the demon beasts to the beach to wash them.

Yin Rong was best at roasting meat. When she roasted meat, Na Ling squatted obediently at the side and watched. Perhaps it was because the meat was too delicious, or perhaps it was because Na Ling was too hungry, but in short, she was drooling.

Yin Rong thought about how Na Ling had grown up and should be able to eat some meat, so she tore off one of the demon beast’s wings and gave it to Na Ling.

Kunlun saw this scene and hurriedly shouted, “Wait!”

Yin Rong was startled. She thought that Kunlun would blame her for giving Na Ling meat.

However, Kunlun reached out and took the wing as he said, “It’s too hot. Don’t burn Na Ling.” With that, he gently blew on the wing. Only after confirming that the temperature was fine did he give the wing to Na Ling.

The meat was clearly roasted by Yin Rong and given to her by her, but Na Ling only thanked Kunlun with a smile. “Thank you, Kunlun.”

Kunlun patted Na Ling’s head before continuing to do other things. For some reason, in this life, Kunlun wasn’t obsessed with cultivation, but with planting vegetables and food. He cultivated a few pieces of land on the continent and planted many wild vegetables and rice.

It was very likely that he would transform the former small killing world into a food plantation.

After Kunlun left, Na Ling opened her mouth and bit the wing. Then, Yin Rong heard the sound of bird bones being chewed by her.

Yin Rong suddenly felt her bones ache when she heard that unnerving sound.

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After eating the small wings, Na Ling opened her mouth and revealed a mouthful of small white teeth as she smiled sweetly at Yin Rong and said, “Sister Rong Rong, I want to eat more.”

Yin Rong was instantly overjoyed. “I’ll give you another leg.”

Another two months passed, but Yu Huang and the others still hadn’t found the whereabouts of the sea rabbits.

Na Ling, who had grown up being doted on by everyone, had already grown into a young girl.

The 13 to 14-year-old Na Ling was already very pretty. Her purple eyes appeared charming and seductive when she looked at people. Even as a woman, when Yu Huang occasionally met Na Ling’s gaze, she had the feeling that Na Ling liked her.

But Na Ling was still very chubby.

As a girl, she could have worn Yin Rong and Yu Huang’s dresses. However, the chubby her wasn’t their size at all, so she wore the T-shirt Kunlun had made for her all day long.

She was a beautiful chubby girl.

As a chubby girl, Na Ling also had a big appetite. How much could she eat? Even after drinking a carton of milk every day, she could still finish a ten-pound demon beast alone. Even so, she was often hungry in the middle of the night and secretly went into the sea to find shells to eat.

When Na Ling sneaked into the sea for the umpteenth time, she was discovered by Kunlun.

Kunlun was worried that she would be bullied by the sea beasts, so he forbade her from going into the sea again. Na Ling, who was unable to go into the sea to find shells to eat, often woke up in the middle of the night from hunger and stared at the leopard mother and its baby in a daze.

When Sheng Xiao noticed Na Ling looking at the leopard mother with a hungry gaze one night, he smiled. The next day, he convinced Kunlun to allow Na Ling to enter the sea. Of course, they also equipped Na Ling with emergency survival equipment. If Na Ling was in danger, they could find her as long as she fired the signal gun.

At the same time, he also asked Beatrice to deliberately spread the news that Na Ling was the daughter of the Kunlun Divine Master.

He believed that after knowing the little merman’s true identity, no one would dare to hurt Na Ling.

Just like that, Na Ling went to the sea every night to find food.

This morning, Yu Huang and the others suddenly realized that Na Ling had disappeared. When Kunlun searched the vicinity but still didn’t find any traces of Na Ling, he panicked. “Could Na Ling have been captured by a demon beast?!” Kunlun’s imagination couldn’t help but run wild.

Yu Huang shook her head and said, “I don’t think so.” Ever since they killed the male Winged Fish, the nearby demon beasts had to take a detour when they saw them. How could they dare to provoke them?

“Then could it be that she was eaten by a sea beast?” Kunlun panicked even more when he thought about how Na Ling liked to sneak into the sea. Perhaps she was eaten by a hungry sea beast.

“That’s even more impossible,” Beatrice said. “The sea beasts all think that Na Ling is the daughter of the Kunlun Divine Master. Who would dare to eat her?”

Before long, they suddenly heard Na Ling’s cry. “Kunlun, Yu Huang, come and take a look. I caught a little rabbit!”

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Her voice came from the beach.

Everyone quickly ran to the beach and saw Na Ling bringing back an extremely huge sea rabbit with her bare hands!

The sea rabbit was even larger than the sea rabbits Yu Huang and the others had seen before. It looked like it weighed more than a thousand pounds. Na Ling forcefully dragged it towards the coast.

It was difficult to imagine how Na Ling killed this sea rabbit and dragged it ashore.

When Na Ling noticed that her friends were all here, she flaunted proudly, “Isn’t this rabbit big? Sister Rong Rong, such a big rabbit is enough to last us several meals, right? If we can’t finish it, we can make… oh, cured rabbit meat!”

Na Ling liked eating sea rabbits the most.

Although this creature looked ugly and terrifying, its meat was fresh and delicious.

Yin Rong smiled and said, “Yes, it’s enough for you to eat for two months.”

Everyone arrived beside Na Ling and sized her up. Seeing that Na Ling wasn’t injured, they were relieved. Xiao Shu and Estelle said, “Na Ling, we’ll help you drag it.”

Na Ling let go of the sea rabbit’s ears.

Xiao Shu was about to pull the sea rabbit’s ear when he noticed a bowl-sized gap.

Xiao Shu froze. “Wait!” Xiao Shu stopped Estelle.

Estelle looked at him quizzically. “What’s wrong?”

“Check the ear in your hand.”

Hearing this, Estelle let go and realized that there was also a bowl-sized gap on the rabbit ear in his hand.

The two of them looked at each other in shock.

Xiao Shu quickly turned around and shouted at Sheng Xiao and the others, “Na Ling seems to have caught a disabled sea rabbit!”

Hearing this, everyone rushed over immediately.

Seeing that there was really a gap in the sea rabbit’s ear, they were surprised and overjoyed.

Sheng Xiao rolled up his sleeves and said, “Cut it open and see if there are any Divine Master bones in its body.”