Chapter 907 - End of the Pack

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Chapter 907: End of the Pack

Sheng Xiao cut it open and searched carefully. Soon, they found a rib that was different from the sea rabbit’s bone.

The sea rabbit’s bones were grayish-white, but the rib emitted a faint glow.

Yin Rong said in shock, “It really has Divine Master ribs!”

“Yes.” After Sheng Xiao used his spiritual power to take out the broken bone from the sea rabbit’s body, he handed the rib to Kunlun. “Feel it and see if it’s what you want.”

As soon as Kunlun held the rib, it felt a certain rib in its body ache, and the rib in its palm trembled slightly. Kunlun endured the pain and nodded. “Yes.”

“Really.” Yu Huang immediately turned around and asked Na Ling, “Na Ling, where did you meet them?”

At this moment, Na Ling also realized that this sea rabbit was somewhat extraordinary. She didn’t dare to lie and hurriedly pointed at the sea. “In a canyon cave very, very far away, there are many sea rabbits inside!” Na Ling continued, “I blocked the entrance of the cave and planned to eat this one before catching the rest!”

At such a young age, Na Ling already knew that she had to store food, and those unlucky sea rabbits became Na Ling’s reserve food.

Sheng Xiao asked curiously, “You blocked the entrance of the cave? What did you block it with?” These sea rabbits had refined the skeleton fragments of the Kunlun Divine Master. They were considered powerhouses among sea rabbits. How could Na Ling stop them at such a young age?

Sheng Xiao was suspicious and curious.

Na Ling actually said, “I moved a mountain peak at the bottom of the sea over and blocked the entrance.”

Everyone was speechless.

She moved a mountain??

Staring at Na Ling, who was only about 1.6 meters tall, no one could believe that she could move a mountain on her own.

In order to verify it, Sheng Xiao suggested that Na Ling bring them to look for the sea rabbits. Na Ling was fine with it, but she rubbed her stomach and pursed her lips as she said, “I’m still hungry. Sister Rong Rong, can you grill me a few pounds of tenderloin?”

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The tenderloin of sea rabbits was Na Ling’s favorite part. There was no fatty meat, so the taste was very fresh and tender.

Everyone knew how much of a troublemaker Na Ling was when she was hungry, so no one dared to starve her. They worked together to cut the meat, start a fire, and cook. Soon, Yin Rong finished frying a large pot of pork. Na Ling ate ten pieces alone, while the remaining nine pieces were shared among them.

After eating and drinking her fill, Na Ling brought them to find the sea rabbits.

When Na Ling said that it was ‘very, very far’, she wasn’t joking. It was really very far away.

In any case, Yu Huang and the others used their spiritual power to swim in the sea for three days and nights, but they didn’t reach the Sea Rabbit Cave. When they asked Na Ling how long it would take for them to arrive, Na Ling’s answer was always, “It’s just ahead. We’ll be there soon.” Na Ling had been saying this an hour after they entered the sea.

Yu Huang calculated according to the speed and direction of their march and discovered that they had already swam to the southernmost Iceland Continent from the Northwest Continent of the Kunlun Mystic Realm.

This was also the smallest continent in the Kunlun Mystic Realm and it had the worst environment.

When they arrived at this sea area, the surface of the sea was filled with a thick layer of ice. As Yu Huang and the others swam in the seawater, they could clearly feel how cold the temperature in the seawater was. They had no choice but to use a protective shield to resist the ice.

It would take them three days to reach the Sea Rabbit Cave. Na Ling only needed one night to run back and forth.

From this, it could be seen how shocking Na Ling’s speed in the water was.

Na Ling suddenly stopped and shouted happily, “We’re here. It’s right there!”

Finally, they arrived at their destination.

Everyone looked in the direction Na Ling was pointing at and discovered that there was a cylindrical iceberg hidden in the sea in front of them. That mountain was extremely high. It grew from the depths of the sea and reached the surface.

Because the bottom of the sea was too dark, they couldn’t see where the bottom of the mountain was.

As far as they could see, the mountain was covered in glaciers. Na Ling pointed at the middle of the mountain and said, “There’s a big hole there. Look, that’s the mountain peak I used to block the entrance!”

Everyone looked at the middle of the mountain and indeed saw a mountain peak that had been broken by brute force.

The mountain peak was about three to four hundred meters tall. The top of the mountain peak was stuffed into the exit of the Sea Rabbit Cave by Na Ling, blocking the cave tightly.

“Is that the mountain peak you broke?” Sheng Xiao asked thoughtfully.

Na Ling nodded and wagged her tail as she said, “After I swung my tail, that mountain fell.”

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Hearing this, everyone felt a lingering sense of fear.

They wondered how terrifying Na Ling’s true strength was.

Xiao Shu suddenly smiled evilly as he pressed Na Ling’s shoulder and said, “Na Ling, let’s open the entrance together later. When the sea rabbits run out, help us catch them!”

Na Ling frowned and couldn’t help but say, “But there are too many of them. I can’t catch all of them.”

“How many are there?” Sheng Xiao asked.

Na Ling said, “More than thirty!”

Everyone exchanged looks. In the end, Sheng Xiao asked Na Ling, “How many can you catch?”

Na Ling said, “About ten.”

The word ‘about’ was very ambiguous.

Sheng Xiao touched his nose and felt a sense of inferiority. “Alright, catch ten. We’ll catch the rest.”

Sheng Xiao turned into the Black Qing Sky Dragon and wrapped the peak of the mountain with his thick and long tail. Then, he pulled the mountain out of the cave with his tail.

Seeing the entrance of the cave suddenly open, the sea rabbits all swam deeper into the cave in fear to find the most hidden place to hide.

A few days ago, when they saw that the little merman had easily captured one of their companions and blocked the exit of the cave with a mountain, they realized that hiding in the cave was the stupidest thing!

Catching rabbits in a cave was like catching a whole nest!

If they had known earlier, they would have hidden separately and escaped on their own.

Unfortunately, it was too late to regret it.

Seeing that the sea rabbits were hiding in the cave and refused to come out, Xiao Shu chuckled and said regretfully, “These rabbits are quite cunning. They knew that we would be waiting for them at the entrance of the cave.” He rolled up his sleeves and said, “Since the little darlings refuse to come out, let’s go in and catch them!”

Yu Huang smiled and said, “Brother Xiao, you’ll be the last to enter. Remember to block the entrance.”

Everyone gave Yu Huang a thumbs up.

In terms of ruthlessness, Yu Huang was unrivaled.

Sheng Xiao held back his laughter and nodded. “Okay.”