Chapter 908 - The Outrageous Sheng Xiao

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Chapter 908: The Outrageous Sheng Xiao

Na Ling brought her other companions into the cave first. Sheng Xiao picked up the mountain peak and was the last to enter the cave. After entering the cave, he really blocked the entrance.

This time, the 30 sea rabbits became prey for them to capture.

Seeing the sea rabbits, Na Ling suddenly turned into a dark purple light and rushed towards a sea rabbit at the speed of a meteorite hitting the planet. Before everyone could see Na Ling’s figure clearly, they heard a sea rabbit cry in pain—

Upon hearing the cry, everyone looked in the direction of the sea rabbit and saw Na Ling grabbing the ear of a sea rabbit with both hands and biting the artery on its neck.

She bit the rabbit without letting go.

Na Ling only let go after confirming that the rabbit’s artery had been bitten apart.

As soon as she let go, a stream of dark red blood spurted out of the sea rabbit’s neck.

The sea rabbit struggled for a while before dying.

After killing one sea rabbit, Na Ling mercilessly abandoned it and rushed towards another sea rabbit like a rocket. She was extremely fast and arrived beside another sea rabbit in the blink of an eye. Before the sea rabbit could see Na Ling’s position clearly, its neck was bitten by Na Ling’s sharp teeth.

Everyone was stunned.

“This…” Yin Rong frowned in discomfort and turned to look elsewhere.

Xiao Shu stroked his chin and said with intrigue, “As expected of ancient merfolk. Even without cultivation techniques and demonic power, they are still the absolute overlords of the sea.” Xiao Shu’s smile deepened as he said meaningfully, “I love this type of sea creature. I wonder how lively things will be if I bring Na Ling to the Holy Spirit Continent.”

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Sheng Xiao immediately looked at Xiao Shu warningly.

Xiao Shu hurriedly spread his arms and said, “I was just thinking about it.” After regaining his memories, Xiao Shu always had many strange and terrifying thoughts.

Sheng Xiao snorted. “You better be.”

At this moment, Beatrice smiled and said, “It’s said that before the ancient merfolk awakened their intelligence, they were already tyrants in the sea. Therefore, if the Beast Tamers at that time could awaken their mermaid beast form, they would be natural battle-type Beast Tamers.”

“Alright, let’s do it!”

Those sea rabbits weren’t weak to begin with. However, when they saw Kunlun, Beatrice, and the little merman, Na Ling, they automatically treated them as family. When they thought of the terrifying past of the Kunlun Divine Master ruling this world ten thousand years ago, the sea rabbits were terrified.

They were desperate to escape, so how could they dare to take the initiative to counterattack?

This was a psychological battle, and the sea rabbits, who had lost their confidence right from the start, had no chance of winning at all.

Soon, the sea rabbits were successfully captured by them.

When the group arrived at the Iceland Continent, they found more than two hundred bones in the body of the sea rabbit. After Kunlun absorbed all those bones, he almost returned to his original appearance. However, only his legs still looked like those of a baboon.

The reason why he didn’t absorb the right leg was that he was worried that with legs of different lengths, it would be inconvenient for him to walk.

At this moment, there were only seven to eight months left until the Kunlun Mystic Realm training ended.

Sheng Xiao and the others planned to set off for the Black Shark Bird section immediately to help Kunlun collect the last left leg skeleton. However, on the day they set off, Feng Yuncheng welcomed his Supreme Master tribulation.

This tribulation came very suddenly.

According to Feng Yuncheng’s cultivation speed, he would have to cultivate bitterly for at least another three to four years before he could break through to the Supreme Master Realm. Perhaps it was because he had the Divine Master rib fragment, but Feng Yuncheng actually broke through without warning.

For some reason, Feng Yuncheng sat on the ground and waited for a long time, but his Supreme Master Tribulation didn’t come.

When Feng Yuncheng released his spiritual energy, he saw that he had three spiritual energy rings, which meant that he had already stepped into the Supreme Master Realm. He couldn’t help but feel puzzled. “Why didn’t I experience tribulation lightning?”

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Looking at the calm and clear sky, Yu Huang suddenly said, “Ten thousand years ago, Senior Kunlun took the initiative to give up his Divine Master position and cut off the connection between the Kunlun Mystic Realm and the three thousand worlds. Strictly speaking, the Kunlun Mystic Realm does not belong to the three thousand worlds. It’s normal that there is no tribulation lightning here.”

Hearing this, Xiao Shu subconsciously retorted Yu Huang’s point of view. He said eloquently, “The heavens is the strongest existence in the world. Shouldn’t it be an omniscient existence? Even if this is the Kunlun Mystic Realm, there should be tribulation lightning.”

In the eyes of demon beasts, the heavens was simply a holy existence that couldn’t be defied.

Even the frivolous Xiao Shu was filled with fear and respect when he mentioned the heavens.

Yu Huang seemed to want to say something, but Sheng Xiao shook his head.

He looked at Xiao Shu as he said calmly, “The world is a broad term. It refers to everything. It can mean the earth, the universe, or the galaxy. The world is so big that it can’t be estimated. The heavens is only the strongest energy existence in the three thousand worlds.”

Xiao Shu was still a little indignant when he heard this. Yin Rong, Donor, and the others revealed thoughtful expressions.

Sheng Xiao suddenly asked, “Does everyone still remember the world called Earth that we went to in order to find Estelle?”

Donor and the others hurriedly nodded.

Sheng Xiao looked at Estelle and said, “You’ve lived in that world for decades. Tell me, are there immortal cultivators there? Is the heavens in that world?”

Estelle shook his head. “Although there are many unexplainable mysterious phenomena in that world and there are many myths and legends circulating, that world isn’t controlled by the heavens like the Holy Spirit Continent is. From this, it can be seen that the heavens isn’t the master of the world. It is only the strongest existence in the three thousand worlds.”

“That’s right. Therefore, it makes sense that the Kunlun Mystic Realm, which has severed its connection with the three thousand worlds, doesn’t have tribulation lightning.”

After hearing Sheng Xiao’s analysis, Xiao Shu still found it unbelievable. He felt that his worldview had been shattered and he needed to reconstruct it. However, no matter what, Feng Yuncheng was still envied by everyone for being able to avoid the lightning tribulation.

Donor patted Feng Yuncheng’s shoulder and said enviously, “Bastard, you’re quite lucky.”

Feng Yuncheng smiled and was a little smug as he said, “Hey, this is nothing. Perhaps it’s because I have a good character.”

These words angered Donor and the others so much that they wanted to hit him.

At that moment, Sheng Xiao said calmly, “Don’t forget that someone who has never suffered the lightning tribulation is here.”

Everyone glared at Sheng Xiao.

Yu Huang, who was almost killed by the lightning tribulation last time, rolled her eyes at Sheng Xiao and scolded angrily, “Shut your mouth!”

When Sheng Xiao saw that his wife was angry, he immediately kept his mouth shut.