Chapter 909 - The Greatest Secret

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Chapter 909: The Greatest Secret

After Feng Yuncheng successfully stepped into the Supreme Master Realm, he felt a little smug. He couldn’t help but run to Beatrice to show off.

He said, “Your Highness, I’ll show you my beast form!” After Feng Yuncheng closed his eyes, a colorful bewitching butterfly appeared on his upper body.

After breaking through to the Supreme Master Realm, Feng Yuncheng’s Bewitching Butterfly also evolved. After its wings were completely spread, its diameter was about thirty meters.

When it flapped its wings, many sparkling light spots would fall from its wings. The scene looked very beautiful.

Beatrice subconsciously reached out to catch the light spots.

The moment her skin touched the light spots, many distant and unfamiliar scenes appeared in her mind—

First, Beatrice saw a rippling sea.

She raised her head slightly and saw a few young mermaid babies sitting on the reef opposite her. Their tails hung in the dark blue seawater. As they gently slapped the water, they could create waves.

Jessica sat on the highest reef as she held a storybook in her hand and muttered softly, “…She saw the prince calling the bride’s name in his sleep. He only had her in his heart. The little mermaid kissed the prince’s forehead again and threw the knife into the sea with a trembling hand before jumping into the sea herself. At dawn, people couldn’t find the little mermaid. A white foam was floating on the waves beside the boat.”

This happened in Beatrice’s childhood.

At that time, one of Beatrice’s favorite things was to sit on the reef with her merfolk friends and listen to stories on a summer evening.

Next, the scene changed. Beatrice saw the underwater palace again. Then, she saw her beautiful mother and handsome father dancing in the palace.

The scene continued to change.

This time, Beatrice saw her brother, Mo Yelou, and Mo Yuelou. At that time, her brother had yet to inherit the throne of the Divine Moon Empire and marry his fiancée.

On the night of the Sacrifice Festival, her eldest brother drove her and her second brother to his future father-in-law’s house in a yellow sports car. They secretly broke the surveillance cameras and climbed in from outside the courtyard wall. Then, they hid in the courtyard to meet her sister-in-law.

She, who was the youngest, was forced by her brother to read a love letter to her sister-in-law.

Next, Beatrice saw many more scenes, and these were all happy moments that she had experienced.

‘The source of this ?ontent is’,

At the thought of those happy memories, Beatrice couldn’t help but smile gently.

Feng Yuncheng was stunned when he saw the smile on Beatrice’s face. Even after knowing Beatrice for so long, Feng Yuncheng rarely saw such a carefree smile on her face.

Her smile was really beautiful.

“Your Highness, why are you smiling?”

Beatrice blinked and immediately adjusted her expression. She pointed at the small light spots under the wings of the Bewitching Butterfly and asked curiously, “What are those?”

Feng Yuncheng said, “They are my beast form instincts.”

“Your beast form instinct?” Beatrice was surprised. “What is that?”

Feng Yuncheng explained patiently, “Only a small number of Beast Tamers have instinctive power in their beast forms. For example, Yu Huang’s Divine Feather Phoenix can release the Purifying Evil Phoenix Flame, and the Purifying Evil Phoenix Flame is her beast form instinct.”

“I see.” Beatrice asked again, “What’s the use of such a thing?”

Feng Yuncheng explained, “Although the Bewitching Butterfly is a flying butterfly beast form, no one in the Holy Spirit Continent has awakened this beast form yet. I once saw its general information in the Myriad Book Pavilion. According to it, the Bewitching Butterfly has two beast forms. One is the illusion technique, which is the charm technique you saw. The other is the Divine Butterfly Light.”

Beatrice looked at the light spots. “So these light spots we can see are called the Divine Butterfly Light.”

“That’s right.” Feng Yuncheng grabbed a handful of white Divine Butterfly Light and placed it in Beatrice’s palm as he said with a smile, “The white Divine Butterfly Light can arouse the happiest memories in people’s hearts and make them feel happy. Did you see a scene that made you happy just now?”

“I did see it. How magical.”

At this moment, Yu Huang suddenly looked at Feng Yuncheng and asked, “Other than the white Divine Butterfly Light, can you create any other Divine Butterfly Light?”

Beatrice looked surprised and said, “How is that possible? The Bewitching Butterfly only has these two beast forms.”

The others also looked at Yu Huang in surprise. They were curious as to why Yu Huang would ask such a question.

When Feng Yuncheng heard Yu Huang’s question, his smile suddenly froze.

Noticing Feng Yuncheng’s reaction, Beatrice was stunned. “Could it be that you can really create other Divine Butterfly Lights?”

Feng Yuncheng’s gaze flickered. After a long while, he looked at Yu Huang and nodded hesitantly. “I can indeed create other Divine Butterfly Lights.”

“As expected.” Yu Huang walked to Beatrice’s side and reached out to grab a handful of white light spots.

The moment she grabbed the white light spot, Yu Huang also saw those beautiful scenes in the depths of her memories.

After she came back to her senses and let go of the white light spots, she pondered over it and said, “I guess that your Divine Butterfly Light can not only arouse the kind side of a person’s heart, but also draw out the dark side of a person’s heart, right?”

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Feng Yuncheng’s jaw dropped slightly as he subconsciously said, “How did you know?” This was Feng Yuncheng’s biggest secret.

According to the records, the Bewitching Butterfly could only have two instincts, the illusion technique and the Divine Butterfly Light. However, Feng Yuncheng accidentally discovered that he could actually release another color of the Divine Butterfly Light.

The ability contained in the Divine Butterfly Light made Feng Yuncheng feel afraid.

Feng Yuncheng didn’t dare to create that kind of Divine Butterfly Light.

Only Feng Yuncheng knew this secret. Even his parents didn’t know, so how did Yu Huang know?

When Yu Huang saw Feng Yuncheng’s reaction, she knew that she had really guessed correctly. Yu Huang told Feng Yuncheng, “I was bluffing you just now.”

However, Feng Yuncheng didn’t believe Yu Huang’s words at all. He said firmly, “Even if you’re bluffing me, it’s because you have doubts. When did you start suspecting me?”

What was even more terrifying was that even Feng Yuncheng himself didn’t know.

Sheng Xiao and the others were also curious. They didn’t notice anything wrong with Feng Yuncheng. How did Yu Huang know?

Donor couldn’t help but ask, “Yu Huang, when did you realize that something was wrong?”

Seeing that everyone was very curious, Yu Huang explained, “Back then, when the Grand State Master recruited Xiao Shu and Feng Yuncheng into the Holy Spirit Academy as cleaners, I thought that he simply cherished talent. However, when I discovered that Xiao Shu was the Lord of All Demons, I suspected that the Grand State Master’s actions back then weren’t coincidental, but deliberate.”

“At that time, I thought that you might not be as simple as you seem. I’ve always been curious about your true strength, so when you took the initiative to use the illusion technique to deal with those demon beasts, I never opposed you.”

Feng Yuncheng couldn’t help but feel shocked. “So you suspected me long ago.” He couldn’t help but ask, “You knew that I was hiding something from you, but you still dared to keep me by your side. You still… trusted me so much.”

Yu Huang smirked and she said frankly, “Everyone has their own secrets. Even I have secrets that I can’t reveal to you guys. However, just because a person has a secret doesn’t mean that he has ulterior motives.”

Yu Huang glanced at Xiao Shu and told Feng Yuncheng, “Just like how we can accept Xiao Shu’s identity as the Lord of All Demons, we can also accept your uniqueness. You really don’t want to tell us your biggest secret?”

Feng Yuncheng looked like he was about to cry.

Then, he actually cried.

Seeing Feng Yuncheng cry, Beatrice was at a loss. “Feng Yuncheng, why are you crying? Don’t cry.”

Beatrice reached out to wipe Feng Yuncheng’s tears, but he turned his head to the side in embarrassment and refused to let Beatrice touch him.

Helpless, Beatrice could only look at Yu Huang for help.

Yu Huang was also helpless. She said, “The Black Shark Bird plate is too far away from here. Taking an aircraft is the most convenient and fastest way. Let’s prepare the aircraft first. Yuncheng, come and meet up with us later.”

Feng Yuncheng nodded. He was afraid that if he spoke, they would hear his choked voice.