Chapter 914 - Cause Trouble

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Chapter 914: Cause Trouble

Yu Huang’s frank attitude made Yin Rong and the others relax.

They were afraid that Yu Huang would pretend to have lost her memory after she woke up. Then, they wouldn’t know how to face Yu Huang. Since Yu Huang could call herself an old witch with a self-deprecating attitude, it could be seen that she still remembered what she said when she was drunk.

Beatrice gave Yu Huang a thumbs-up and pretended to be puzzled. “How is it pretending to be young? You’re very young to begin with.”

Yu Huang shook her head and said, “I’m old. I’m not like you young people.”

Beatrice approached Yu Huang and said in a low voice that could only be heard by the two of them, “In your hometown, your field of work must be related to weapon research.” Back then, when she found out that the genius weapon designer, Professor Night Owl, was actually a girl who wasn’t even 20 years old, Beatrice was puzzled.

How could such a young child have such shocking design talent?

Now, Beatrice could guess the truth.

Perhaps Yu Huang was a weapon design big shot during the Doomsday Era on Earth.

And she, who had come to the Holy Spirit Continent with her memories, could naturally create miracles.

Yu Huang didn’t hide it from Beatrice. She nodded frankly and told her, “My adoptive father was a weapons design master. Even during the Doomsday Era on Earth, he was protected by the global police.” A precious talent would be treated well in any era.

Nodding, Beatrice said, “No wonder.”

“What secret are you two whispering about?” Feng Yuncheng was very curious.

Yu Huang looked up at Feng Yuncheng and said, “A secret between women.”

Since she had already said that it was a secret topic between women, Feng Yuncheng couldn’t ask further.

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At this moment, Xiao Shu walked to the observation platform. Through the glass, he looked at the group of Black Shark Birds on the opposite mountain. At this moment, his expression, which was always mirthful, became serious. Xiao Shu said worriedly, “Look, that mountain is filled with Black Shark Birds. What are they doing?”

Upon hearing this, Yu Huang and the others came to Xiao Shu’s side and looked at the hill opposite them through the window—

In front of the mountain they were on, there was the plain where Yu Huang had almost been eaten by the parasitic crabs back then. At the end of the plain, there was a steep cliff, and the Black Shark Birds lived above the cliff.

The hill Xiao Shu was pointing at grew on the cliff.

The slope was relatively flat. There were almost no large trees growing on it, only tender green grass.

At this moment, countless adult Black Shark Birds were squatting on the hill. They were motionless, as if they were holding some strange ritual.

Seeing this scene, Yu Huang and the others were puzzled. “What are they doing?”

Kunlun said, “They’re hatching children.”

“Hatching children?” Xiao Shu was surprised. “Don’t birds incubate children in bird nests?” As the Lord of All Demons, he had never seen the flying demon beast incubating a child on the ground. This wasn’t in line with their living habits.

However, Kunlun said, “The Black Shark Bird baby is huge. If it hatches on a tree, it can easily break the tree branches. A long time ago, the Black Shark Birds hatched babies in the huge forest in the east, but after the One-Eyed Snow Wolf worked together to push down all the huge trees there, they were forced to hatch their children here.”

Kunlun also said, “Every time the Black Shark Bird hatches a baby, be it the bird mother or the bird father, they will guard each other and quietly wait for the child to be born. Now, it’s the time for the Black Shark Birds to gather. I’m afraid it won’t be easy for us to bypass them and deal with their ancestor.”

“Then what should we do?” Donor frowned in irritation. “Are we just going to wait here? Wait for all their babies to hatch?” He spread his hands out and said helplessly, “Even if the babies successfully hatch, they still have to be nurtured for a period of time. If we wait like this, the training will end.”

There were less than eight months left until the end of the Kunlun Mystic Realm.

They couldn’t afford to wait.

Sheng Xiao pursed his lips and pondered for a moment. Then, he suddenly looked up and said, “There’s a way.”

“Oh really?” Everyone turned to look at him.

Yu Huang asked, “What way?”

A hint of ruthlessness flashed across Sheng Xiao’s eyes as he said in a low voice, “Let’s wait quietly for a while. After the Black Shark Bird cubs hatch successfully, we’ll think of a way to capture the healthiest cubs in their clan and throw them into the territory of the One-Eyed Snow Wolf and the Terrestrial Alligator…”

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Before Sheng Xiao could finish speaking, Xiao Shu clapped his hands and laughed. “Sheng Xiao, you’re indeed a ruthless person.”

Xiao Shu, who was equally ruthless, understood what Sheng Xiao meant almost instantly.

Xiao Shu smiled and said, “You want to use the deaths of the cubs to arouse the hatred between the Black Shark Bird Clan and the One-Eyed Snow Wolf Clan. Under the influence of hatred and anger, the bird mothers will definitely go to the territory of the One-Eyed Snow Wolf Clan and the Terrestrial Alligator to seek justice. At that time, only a group of bird fathers and bird babies who are not good at fighting will be left on the opposite mountain. We can sneak in and ambush their ancestor.”

“What a good move. Amazing! Amazing indeed!” Although Xiao Shu was smiling, his smile didn’t reach his eyes. There was even mockery and coldness hidden in his eyes.

Sheng Xiao looked at Xiao Shu quietly and asked, “Is it funny?”

Xiao Shu smiled as he said, “Senior Sheng, you’re indeed very smart to have such a wonderful idea.”

Sheng Xiao felt that Xiao Shu’s words and the way he looked at him were cold.

Sheng Xiao said, “This is just a preliminary idea.”

Donor frowned when he heard the conversation between Sheng Xiao and Xiao Shu. He said, “The cubs are innocent. Although the Black Shark Bird and the One-Eyed Snow Wolf are enemies, we shouldn’t use newborn children to achieve our goal.”

Donor said to Sheng Xiao, “The elves never hurt demon beast cubs. I think we should think of another way.”

Hearing Donor’s words, Xiao Shu suddenly sneered. “Are you elves very benevolent?”

Donor was about to retort when he heard Xiao Shu say, “I clearly remember that a scandal happened in the Elve Clan fifty years ago…”

As soon as he heard this, Donor guessed what Xiao Shu wanted to say. He glanced at Estelle in a panic and subconsciously raised his voice to shout at Xiao Shu, “Xiao Shu, shut up!”

But Xiao Shu insisted on continuing.

He glanced at Estelle with a faint smile and ignored Donor’s anger as he said, “Fifty years ago, a female elven reporter covered in blood crossed thousands of mountains and rivers to the headquarters of the Divine Moon Empire’s Beast Tamer Alliance headquarters in Jingdu. She handed a USB flash drive filled with secretly taken photos and videos to Yin Mingjue, the president of the Alliance at that time. Why don’t you guys guess what was inside?”

Since Xiao Shu wanted to cause more trouble, he glanced at Estelle sympathetically and said, “The USB drive contained videos of the Elven King’s younger brother, Yardo, torturing Night Elf children.”

Estelle’s expression changed drastically.

Xiao Shu said to Donor, “Although this scandal was suppressed by the Elven Royal Family and didn’t spread on the Holy Spirit Continent, as the Elven Prince, you must have heard of this matter.”