Chapter 915 - Bad Friend

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Chapter 915: Bad Friend

As the Elven Prince, Donor naturally knew about this.

But Donor didn’t want Estelle to know about this.

Donor looked at Estelle uneasily and felt his heart skip a beat when he saw Estelle’s gloomy gaze.

Donor glared at Xiao Shu fiercely before explaining weakly, “My uncle is a psychopath. His actions violated the law, so he has already been stripped of his status as a member of the royal family and is still imprisoned in the Light Sea as punishment…”

“Heh.” Xiao Shu interrupted Donor with a cold smile as he said mockingly, “He harmed more than three hundred children. In the end, he only ended up being deprived of his status as a member of the royal family and imprisoned. Do you think this punishment is very fair?”

“You elves can’t even bear to kill demon beast cubs, so why are you so ruthless to the Night Elves’ cubs? It can be seen that your so-called kindness is just a hypocritical act.”

Xiao Shu’s sarcasm rendered Donor speechless.

Estelle stared at Donor with grief and indignation, as if he wanted to say something, but then the urge was suppressed by some other emotion.

The atmosphere became a little heavy.

At this moment, Xiao Shu turned around to face Yu Huang and the others as he said, “I think Senior Sheng’s method is feasible. What do you guys think?”

As Yin Rong stared at the smile on Xiao Shu’s face, she felt a little uncomfortable. She walked to Xiao Shu’s side silently and held his hand as she whispered, “I think Senior Sheng’s train of thought is right, but it’s indeed inappropriate to exploit the cubs.”

As Xiao Shu stared at Yin Rong quietly for a while, his gaze became complicated. He lifted the strand of hair on Yin Rong’s forehead and lamented, “You’re too soft-hearted.”

Yu Huang suddenly narrowed her eyes and said, “According to the Beast Tamer Alliance’s rules regarding the hunting of demon beasts, there are two ironclad rules. One, hunting demon beast cubs is strictly prohibited. Two, hunting pregnant demon beasts is strictly prohibited.”

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At this point, Yu Huang looked straight at Xiao Shu and said, “I don’t believe that you don’t know this iron rule.”

Xiao Shu laughed and said, “But this isn’t the Holy Spirit Academy.”

Yu Huang smirked, and her gaze instantly became cold. “Xiao Shu, stop pretending.” Yu Huang looked at Xiao Shu with a sharp gaze, as if she had seen through him at a glance.

Xiao Shu was a little unnerved by Yu Huang’s expresison.

He acted as if he didn’t understand what Yu Huang meant and asked her, “Pretend? What am I pretending?”

Yu Huang said bluntly, “You don’t agree with Sheng Xiao’s method at all. You even felt conflicted after hearing his thoughts and wanted to retort.”

Xiao Shu subconsciously said, “No, I think his idea is feasible.”

“But just because it’s feasible doesn’t mean it’s right.”

At this moment, Yu Huang’s sharp gaze suddenly became filled with pity again.

She looked at Xiao Shu and said, “During the War of Freedom back then, in order to exterminate the demon beasts, Beast Tamers must have killed demon beast cubs and pregnant demon beasts. As the Lord of All Demons, you watched them get killed. You were angry and anguished. You wished you could annihilate the entire world, but you were being used by Prime Master Goldfeather, so you were unable to do so.”

“So, when you heard Sheng Xiao’s thoughts, you were very angry. Perhaps at that moment, you even had the urge to wipe out all the Beast Tamers. Donor’s words agitated you even more.”

As Yu Huang analyzed further, Xiao Shujun’s expression became even more gloomy and serious.

When Yin Rong, Beatrice, and the others saw Xiao Shu’s reaction, they realized that Yu Huang’s guess was right.

No one expected Xiao Shu’s psychological change to be so complicated.

Xiao Shu felt helpless when his thoughts were seen through by Yu Huang. He narrowed his eyes and looked at Yu Huang with some fear. Then, he suddenly said, “Yu Huang, you can always see through everyone’s intentions. Could it be that you have the ability to read people’s minds?”

Yu Huang was shocked when she heard this.

After Xiao Shu’s reminder, Feng Yuncheng and the others also realized Yu Huang’s unique ability.

That’s right. How could Yu Huang see through Xiao Shu’s thoughts at a glance?

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Could it be that she really could read minds?

Feng Yuncheng asked Yu Huang directly, “Yu Huang, do you have other abilities that we don’t know about? Like… mind-reading?”

Everyone valued privacy. If they knew that Yu Huang was good at reading minds, they would definitely mind.

Therefore, Yu Huang rarely used this skill. Yu Huang only used her mind-reading skill because she discovered Xiao Shu’s abnormal emotions just now.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Shu was so smart that he immediately guessed that she had mind-reading skills and even exposed her.

Facing the suspicious gazes of her good friends, Yu Huang couldn’t take it anymore. She told a white lie and said, “I met a red-furred ape in the abyss in the past and obtained the power that allows me to sense malice from people.”

Yu Huang looked at Xiao Shu and explained, “I sensed your malicious intent to destroy the world.”

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

Feng Yuncheng patted his chest and said with lingering fear, “Fortunately, you can only sense malice. I thought that you could eavesdrop on our thoughts at all times.” He had been with Beatrice recently and his mind was filled with lewd thoughts. If Yu Huang heard it and told Beatrice, what would happen?

Yu Huang shook her head and said, “You’re overthinking things. Speaking of which, I think Brother Xiao’s previous thoughts are on the right track. However, we don’t need to use the cubs to arouse hatred between the two races. Don’t forget that there’s someone among us who can create a killing illusion.”

Upon hearing this, everyone tacitly looked at Feng Yuncheng.

Sheng Xiao immediately understood what Yu Huang meant. “You’re saying that we should let Fourth Brother create a killing illusion and arouse the hatred of the Black Shark Birds towards the One-Eyed Snow Wolf? When the Black Shark Birds come out to take revenge, we should take the opportunity to ambush their ancestor?”

“That’s right.” Yu Huang blinked at Feng Yuncheng and said, “Fourth, it’s time to showcase your ability.”

Feng Yuncheng subconsciously asked, “Do you really think I can do it?”

Beatrice said, “If you’re a man, you can’t say no.”

Feng Yuncheng immediately straightened his chest. “I can do it!” After living for 29 years, it was finally Feng Yuncheng’s turn to show off. He… found it difficult to refuse. “However, my cultivation level is still relatively weak. I can’t create an illusion for the entire Black Shark Bird clan. It’s best if you guys can help me think of a way to lure those bird fathers away.”

“That’s easy,” Kunlun told Feng Yuncheng. “During the breeding season, the Black Shark Bird fathers will go out together every few days to forage for their wives. We can wait until then to create a killing illusion.”

“That makes things easier.”

After making up their minds, everyone hid in the forest and quietly waited for the day when the bird fathers went out to hunt.