Chapter 916 - Untitled

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Chapter 916: Untitled

On the morning of the fourth day, Yu Huang saw a Black Shark Bird standing up from the hill. She immediately shouted in a low voice, “A bird moved!”

Everyone looked at the opposite hill and saw a large group of Black Shark Birds flying into the distance together.

“The male birds have gone out to hunt. We can mobilize now.”

Feng Yuncheng took a deep breath and summoned the Bewitching Butterfly. It crossed the plain and flew towards the hill on the opposite side…

On the mountain peak, hundreds of huge bird mothers laid in their bird nests and hatched their bird babies.

Every time it was the breeding season, there would always be some bold demon beasts that would sneak into the incubation location and steal their bird babies when they were not paying attention. Therefore, during the incubation process, the bird mothers had to pay full attention to the situation around them.

A Black Shark Bird baby needed 60 days to successfully hatch. From the first day of hatching, the bird mothers didn’t sleep or rest. They personally laid on the bird egg and hatched the child with their warm bodies.

There were only three days left until the bird baby would be born.

After 57 consecutive days without sleep, the bird mothers were a little tired. At this moment, many bird mothers couldn’t help but doze off.

Just as they were about to fall asleep, they suddenly sensed a breeze.

Any commotion would attract the bird mothers’ attention.

A bird mother who was lying at the outermost edge of the hill immediately opened her eyes warily. She was curious about where the wind came from. The moment she opened her eyes, she saw a colorful and beautiful butterfly flying elegantly up from the bottom of the cliff.

The butterfly had a pair of huge and gorgeous wings. As it flapped its wings, many blood-red light spots fell.

Even after living on this plate for thousands of years, these Black Shark Birds had never seen such a beautiful butterfly. The Black Shark Bird mother was momentarily mesmerized and even called out to her other companions to come and see the butterfly.

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The bird mothers looked at the charming butterfly in fascination. Just as they were about to praise the butterfly’s beauty, they suddenly heard wolf howls.

The One-Eyed Snow Wolf was here!

The bird mothers turned to look at the top of the mountain in shock and saw a group of one-eyed snow wolves charging down from the top of the mountain. There were so many of them, more than a thousand.

There were only slightly more than a thousand warriors in the entire One-Eyed Snow Wolf clan.

From the looks of it, the One-Eyed Snow Wolves were going to come out in full force this time to completely exterminate the Black Shark Bird Clan.

Seeing that the other party was aggressive and there were too many of them, and that they were no match for the other party at all, the oldest bird mother let out a shrill roar of anger.

Hearing this, the bird mothers hurriedly picked up the bird egg that was as big as a yak and spread their wings to escape to another mountain peak. However, something strange happened. A pair of incomparably huge black wings actually grew out of the back of the one-eyed wolf pack.

Then, they all flew up.

When did these wolves obtain wings?

The bird mothers were stunned.

The One-Eyed Wolves with wings quickly caught up to the bird mothers. They were very ferocious and their claws quickly shattered the bird eggs under them. After destroying all the unhatched bird eggs, the One-Eyed Snow Wolves flew away proudly.

The bird mothers who had lost their eggs instantly went crazy. They roared angrily and chased after the one-eyed wolf pack.

In fact, the one-eyed wolf pack had never appeared on this mountain peak.

Seeing that the bird mothers were spreading their wings and flying towards the territory where the One-Eyed Wolf Beast lived, Sheng Xiao immediately shouted in a low voice, “Move!”

Hearing this, Yu Huang and the others immediately flew across the plain and arrived at the cliff opposite.

At this moment, the bird fathers had all gone out to hunt for food. The bird mothers, as if possessed, abandoned their egg babies and flew away. Only a group of teenage Black Shark Birds were left in the clan and they looked at the sky in confusion.

Why did those bird mothers suddenly fly away?

Among the Black Shark Birds, no bird mother would leave the egg’s side during the hatching period.

Then, what exactly happened?

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Before the adult Black Shark Birds could figure out what was going on, they suddenly sensed a dangerous aura rapidly approaching. They looked up and saw a group of demon beasts that they had never seen before appear in the sky of their territory.

Those two-legged beasts released a dangerous and powerful aura.

They immediately realized that they were no match for these two-legged beasts.

Just as they were feeling afraid, the trunk of the only towering tree at the top of the mountain range suddenly split into two. In the next second, a Black Shark Bird that was huge enough to blot out the sky flew out from the ground.

On the head of the Black Shark Bird, there was a very mighty crown feather. As it flapped its wings, the grass on the entire mountain range swayed in the wind.

Seeing the large Black Shark Bird, the teenage Black Shark Birds exclaimed, “Swish!”

It was their ancestor!

The ancestor landed on the mountain range in the blink of an eye. As it raised its beast eyes and stared at Sheng Xiao and the others in the void, it opened its mouth and roared angrily.

How dare these bastards bully his children?!

At that moment, Sheng Xiao and the others moved to the side, revealing Kunlun, Na Luo, and Beatrice, who they had hidden behind them.

When the Black Shark Bird Ancestor saw Kunlun and the merfolk on his left and right, he immediately let out a jarring cry—

Master! Master was actually back!

The Black Shark Bird had seen the Kunlun Divine Master before.

At that time, the Kunlun Divine Master would come to the Kunlun Mystic Realm every once in a while to torture demon beasts. The leader of the Black Shark Birds, its grandfather, was often tortured until he was covered in blood, but even so, he didn’t dare to make a peep.

Later, the Black Shark Bird Clan was chased around by the Terrestrial Alligator and the One-Eyed Wolf Beast. Only three to four clansmen were left. In order to escape, they had no choice but to escape from this land and go elsewhere.

But there were also terrifying demon beasts outside.

In short, during that period of time, the Black Shark Bird clan had a very difficult time.

Therefore, when it accidentally encountered the corpse of the Kunlun Divine Master, it boldly went to get a share.

However, how could the body of the Kunlun Divine Master be so easy to refine?

For the past ten thousand years, the Black Shark Bird had been enduring the torture of the Divine Master’s remains day and night. The clansmen all thought that it was in seclusion. Only it knew that it was hiding underground and fighting the devilry of the Divine Master’s remains.

It took nearly ten thousand years for the Black Shark to finally suppress the devilry. The Black Shark thought that it could finally welcome a new life, but it didn’t expect its master to return!