Chapter 917 - Untitled

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Chapter 917: Untitled

After recognizing Kunlun, the Black Shark Bird’s huge and mighty body actually trembled uncontrollably.

It was as timid as a mouse that had seen a cat.

At this moment, Kunlun had already sensed the existence of the other bone. It stared at the Black Shark Bird’s abnormally thick left leg and suddenly opened its mouth to let out a sharp roar at the Black Shark Bird.

He was threatening the Black Shark Bird: “How dare you, you beast! If you take the initiative to return your left leg, I will only kill you. If you dare to resist, I will slaughter your entire clan.”

When he heard the term ‘beast’, a fear that emerged from the depths of the soul lingered deeply in the Black Shark Bird’s heart.

It remembered that more than ten thousand years ago, the Kunlun Divine Master’s favorite thing to do was to hold his killing net and chase demon beasts in the sky. As he chased them, he even berated them. He always called the demon beasts—

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The Black Shark Bird tilted its head and sized up its territory. It realized that the bird fathers and mothers were gone, while the egg babies had yet to hatch. There were only more than a hundred teenage Black Shark Birds left in the entire Black Shark Bird Clan. It felt despair.

The Black Shark Bird ancestor realized that its clan was about to be wiped out!

It took over the Black Shark Bird Clan from its mother. It definitely couldn’t let the Black Shark Bird Clan be wiped out in its hands.

It couldn’t become the sinner of a wiped-out clan!

At the thought of this, the Black Shark Bird cried out in anguish. Then, it suddenly rushed into the sky. When it flew ten thousand meters into the sky, it suddenly retracted its wings and fell down to the land below!

The Black Shark Bird’s huge body slammed into the plain between the two mountains. The huge impact shook the ground.

Sheng Xiao and the others looked down at the huge corpse on the plain in shock.

Was it over just like that?

They had yet to fight.

Xiao Shu shook his head and sighed as he said with a smile, “I’ve seen this bird before.”

“Oh really?” Yu Huang and the others turned to look at Xiao Shu and asked him, “When have you seen it before?”

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Xiao Shu said, “Ten thousand years ago, in order to obtain the inheritance of the Kunlun Divine Master, I entered the Kunlun Mystic Realm several times. At that time, my ability was at its peak. Even these super demon beasts in the Kunlun Mystic Realm found it difficult to defeat me. After I entered the Kunlun Mystic Realm, the first great demon I encountered was this bird.”

Xiao Shu pointed at the corpse of the Black Shark Bird and said, “I remember very clearly that the left leg of that Black Shark Bird was thicker than the legs of other Black Shark Birds.”

Yu Huang and the others’ gazes landed on the left leg of the Black Shark Bird’s corpse. As expected, they discovered that its left leg was much thicker than its right leg.

Xiao Shu suddenly looked at Kunlun again and said, “Actually, I think I saw you at that time as well.”

Kunlun revealed a confused expression. “Me?”

Xiao Shu pointed at Kunlun’s left leg and said, “There’s a scar on your left ankle.”

Kunlun lowered his head to look at its left ankle, but it was covered in thick fur. Yu Huang squatted down and reached out to lift the fur on Kunlun’s ankle. Then, Sheng Xiao and the others saw a deep scar on Kunlun’s ankle.

Kunlun stared at the scar and said, “This was left behind when I was young, but I forgot how I was injured.” He looked at Xiao Shu in surprise and asked curiously, “How did my injury come about?”

Xiao Shu stared at the wound on Kunlun’s ankle and said, “At that time, you were still very young.” He reached out and gestured at his waist. “You were probably only as tall as this.” Actually, Xiao Shu had already forgotten about this, but after seeing the Black Shark Bird, it evoked his memories.

He told Kunlun, “At that time, the Holy Spirit Continent was ruled by demon beasts. I wasn’t the only demon beast who could enter the Kunlun Mystic Realm. When I met you, you were unlucky enough to step into the net set up by a big demon. That net was deeply embedded in your flesh. When I met you, I didn’t know how long you had been captured for. In any case, you had already become skin and bones. Even the grass, tree bark, and insects around the net were all eaten by you…”

Kunlun hadn’t gained intelligence at that time, so Kunlun had no impression of what Xiao Shu had said.

Kunlun asked Xiao Shu, “Did you save me?”

Xiao Shu frowned and shook his head. “I didn’t save you. I just helped you remove the net.” At this point, he revealed a guilty expression and said, “At that time, you stared at me with an eager gaze and begged me to take you away, but I…”