1529 Who's Your Pick?

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Actually, Xu Zhiqin had the idea of choosing He Xuyan the moment she arrived, so now that she got the outcome she wanted, she naturally didn’t think she was forced to choose him.

When she was an actress, she already knew of He Xuyan’s ability. It was just a pity that she didn’t have the ability to work with him.

Being able to work together with him this time made her happy.

After talking to He Xuyan, she returned with a smile, looking quite happy.

As an actress who had debuted, Xu Zhiqin’s looks were naturally passable. In the past few years, she had been hurt by love and did not deliberately maintain her figure, but her figure was so thin that it was enviable.

When she smiled, the camera naturally captured her.

The man and woman in the same group as her naturally looked down on Xu Zhiqin. Xu Zhiqin was just as the outside world had said. She liked to harass men. Not only did she harass Pan Hongsen when she was a manager, but now that she was an artiste on a show, she immediately went to get close to He Xuyan. She was indeed shameless.

Sure enough, the production team chose Xu Zhiqin to hype things up between her and Yali.

When the production team announced that Xu Zhiqin and Yali were going on the same show, it caused an uproar.

In particular, the headline was [Xu Zhiqin, who is crazy about love, battles it out with the fashionable and beautiful Yali. Who’s your pick?]

It was like a title tailored for Pan Hongsen.

On Weibo, there was a lot of criticism. The show went viral before it was broadcasted.

Xu Zhiqin sat opposite Su Bei. Su Bei asked, “Can you handle it?”

“I have no way out,” Xu Zhiqin said. “I’m willing to keep going.”

“Zhiqin, you have to be mentally prepared. The production team will beat you down at any time. After all, they’ve accepted the advertising fees of the few brands Yali is endorsing. They must be willing to support her all the way,” Su Bei said. “All I can do is try my best to make the production team treat you fairly.”

Xu Zhiqin nodded. “I know. They’re just using me. But I’m also using them as a platform to achieve what I want.”

Besides, her favorite Director He Xuyan was on the show!

The first episode had just started airing when Xu Zhiqin was scolded badly for looking for He Xuyan alone.

However, what happened next surprised everyone. Whether it was during the preparation or during the performance, Xu Zhiqin was simply outstanding. When she acted out a scene that was less than seven minutes long, it made people feel as if they had just sat through an entire movie! Everything felt complete.

He Xuyan gave her a high evaluation, and the other directors were also very impressed.

Even the harshest person would find it difficult to find anything wrong with her performance.

Xu Zhiqin successfully advanced in the first episode!

However, the anti-fans would not let her off. [It’s all because the actors in the fighting scenes performed well. Xu Zhiqin herself is just so-so.]

[That’s right. With Director He’s ability, even a pig can play that role well after being trained. Xu Zhiqin just happened to be lucky.]

[Hehe, someone like Miss Xu is so good at harassing men. Is she still dreaming of acting in movies? She’s simply a disgrace to women!]

During the second filming, Xu Zhiqin performed well once more.

However, the production team felt that they had used her enough. Yali also had a lot of opinions about her because she had suppressed her limelight. Yali hinted to the production team that they should get rid of her.

When Su Bei heard the news, she brought Yue Ze to the production team.

She couldn’t care less about what others wanted to do or what dirty tricks they had up their sleeves. However, she definitely couldn’t let Xu Zhiqin be bullied!

When they arrived at the production team and before Su Bei could look for Director Xu, He Xuyan had already lost his temper.

In this episode, Xu Zhiqin did not get his guidance because of the way the segment was carried out, but her performance was still stable. However, the production team hinted to the four directors that Xu Zhiqin should not continue to remain on the show.

He Xuyan immediately stood up with a dark expression. “So what does your production team mean?”

“Director He, that’s not what we mean. Actually, we still believe in fairness and justice. Apart from this matter with Xu Zhiqin, we’ll definitely run the competition according to the cast’s strength and performance,” Director Xu quickly explained.

“Why are you excluding Xu Zhiqin, then?”

“Because she was never among the candidates our production team had previously chosen. After this, everything will be normal. Don’t worry, nothing like this will happen again.”

He Xuyan sneered. “So, you want to use her to hype things up for your show and then kick her out?”

Director Xu: “…”

While that was true, he didn’t have to say it out loud.

He Xuyan said, “Anyway, I don’t care what you want me to do. I’ll only choose the people I approve of. Since you want to play such games, pass the contract termination to my assistant!”

In other words, if the production team insisted on sending Xu Zhiqin out, he would not film the show anymore.

Director Xu was a little dumbfounded. If He Xuyan left too, how could they continue filming the show?

In the previous episode, He Xuyan had gained a lot of fans. Apart from the incident with Xu Zhiqin and Yali, he was the most popular cast member. His cold face and meticulous appearance had unexpectedly gained him lots of fans. The production team wanted to use him to maintain the popularity of the show.

“Director He, let’s talk things out,” Director Xu advised him.

He Xuyan took off the production’s clothes and walked out without looking back.

He bumped into Su Bei, who was walking in.

“Brother, you’re really more unyielding than I thought,” Su Bei said in a low voice.

He Xuyan’s face was cold, and he didn’t say anything, but his hostility subsided a lot.

Director Xu followed him and apologized profusely. Su Bei said, “Director Xu, you’re in the wrong here. If word gets out that you’re playing dirty tricks, the production team’s reputation will be ruined. Are you planning to cut off all cooperation with us in the future?”

Nirvana Entertainment was going uphill now, and Director Xu had no intention of offending anyone.

He smiled bitterly. “It’s all my fault. For the sake of viewership ratings, Xu Zhiqin was added at the last minute. I really shot myself in the foot.”

Initially, he thought that Xu Zhiqin’s ability was not good enough and that she would reveal her fear in front of the camera. When the time came, he would not have to find an excuse. He could just eliminate her and everything would be fine. Unexpectedly, her performance was unexpectedly outstanding and stable.

Now, He Xuyan was making a scene. The other three directors had yet to express their stance, but they already seemed a little unwilling.

Su Bei could also tell that Director Xu still wanted to do a good job. He was not someone who would do anything for the sake of benefit.