1532 Nothing More To Say

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Moreover, she did not put on airs. When she was acting, the role she played was lifelike.

This time, everyone realized that Xu Zhiqin was actually quite good-looking.

Previously, perhaps because of her makeup, she did not look outstanding. This time, her hair was tied into a bun, revealing her slender swan neck, full forehead, and delicate chin. She was exceptionally attractive.

Amidst a bunch of anti-fans’ curses, she actually began to have fans who admired her good looks!

[She’s really good-looking! Especially when she has a cold expression, she looked very mature!]

[I want to see more of her! The production team deserves to be beaten up. What kind of clothes did they have her wear previously?]

[Let’s all vote for her! Zhiqin has to debut as soon as possible.]

[Yes, we have to vote. Otherwise, when will Zhiqin be able to stand out?]

Xu Zhiqin had experience as a manager, and she was not afraid of marketing and planning at all. Seeing that the netizens were willing to fall for this marketing gimmick, she naturally had no complaints.

However, she did not want to ride on He Xuyan’s popularity at all. It was just that whenever she saw him, she’d feel as though it’d be a loss if she did not seek guidance from him.

He Xuyan was her favorite director and her idol. She would not allow herself to take advantage of his popularity.

She couldn’t do it.

He Xuyan accidentally saw someone saying that he and Xu Zhiqin would make a perfect couple, so he let Xu Zhiqin see it too.

Xu Zhiqin took a look. How could this be?

She immediately said, “Wait, I’ll suppress this comment.”

He Xuyan was displeased. “Why?”

“Look at us. How are we a ship? We shouldn’t let them talk nonsense.”

He Xuyan’s face darkened as he ignored her.

Xu Zhiqin finally suppressed those kinds of comments. “Director He, it’s done. Weren’t you just saying that you wanted to give me a role?”

“There’s nothing else to say.” He Xuyan’s tone was a little unfriendly.

“Didn’t you just say that we need to discuss this scene?” Xu Zhiqin was puzzled. “Look at this. My kiss scene with the male lead of this scene…”

Kiss scene? He Xuyan didn’t want to discuss it anymore.

Xu Zhiqin could clearly feel that He Xuyan was unhappy. Although he was usually not a good-tempered person, he was not like this.

She whispered, “Director He?”

He Xuyan ignored her.

She asked carefully, “Director He?”

He Xuyan still turned a deaf ear.

Xu Zhiqin didn’t know how she had offended him, so she changed her tone. “Director He Xuyan?”

He Xuyan stood up and left.

Xu Zhiqin stared at the script with a confused expression.

In the end, He Xuyan came back to discuss the script with her just to carry out his duties at work. However, his attitude was neither cold nor warm.

Su Bei came to visit the production team. She knew that Xu Zhiqin’s development was going smoothly, so she was in a good mood.

“Mr. Su, I don’t know how I offended Director He. He’s indifferent to me,” Xu Zhiqin said. “Should I go and apologize?”

“Huh? Did you slack off?” Su Bei asked.

“No. Although I’m not very talented, I’m still very hardworking.”

Su Bei couldn’t figure out why either. She said, “In that case, have a good chat with him.”

After thinking about it, Xu Zhiqin decided to go look for him.

After finding He Xuyan’s residence, she knocked on his door.

When He Xuyan opened the door, his hair was wet and dripping with water from his chin.

Xu Zhiqin blushed. She quickly took out the fruits she had bought and said, “Director He, I’m here to see you. If there’s anything I didn’t do well in my work, please tell me frankly.”

“Do you often go to a director’s door alone like this?” He Xuyan asked unhappily.

After hearing this, she felt dejected. These words were too hurtful.

As expected, Xu Zhiqin’s expression stiffened. She pursed her lips and said, “I’m here because I hope that the small friction between us won’t affect our work. Since you don’t think it’s necessary, I’ll leave first. Please accept the fruits. There aren’t many episodes left. Let’s part on good terms.”

With that, she walked out stiffly.

“Wait.” He Xuyan stopped her.

Xu Zhiqin did not turn around. Her back was still stiff. Needless to say, the words just now were already weighing heavily on her heart.

“Didn’t you say last time that you’d treat me to a meal?” He Xuyan asked.

His tone was softer than before.

Xu Zhiqin lowered her eyes and turned around. “Director He, is there anything you don’t like to eat?”

Her tone was not very enthusiastic.

He Xuyan was unhappy with her tone, but after all, he had misspoken just now and hurt her. The tip of his tongue pressed against the tip of his teeth. “I want to eat some home-cooked food. You cook it.”

Xu Zhiqin stared at him in surprise. He Xuyan leaned against the door and said, “If you find it meddlesome, then forget it.”

“It’s no trouble.” Xu Zhiqin seemed to have seen through his unintentional words just now. Her tone was obviously happier. She turned around and walked toward him. “Do you have any groceries at home? Or should I buy them myself?”

“I have them.” He Xuyan turned his body and gestured for her to enter.

Xu Zhiqin opened the fridge and quickly took out some food to make three dishes and a soup.

He Xuyan lived in a simple one-bedroom apartment. It was not big, but it was not as messy despite it being a bachelor’s pad. As soon as the dishes were served, the entire room was filled with warmth.

Xu Zhiqin poured a drink. “Let me thank you for your guidance and care during this period. Thank you!”

‘Just thanks?’ He Xuyan picked up his glass.

He seemed to have thought of something, and his expression was a little unclear.

The meal was quite enjoyable. Xu Zhiqin was talkative, so there was no lack of topics at the table.

After eating, she took the initiative to help clean up. Her face was bright.

She walked out and asked with a smile, “Director He, I’ve already eaten and my anger has dissipated. May I ask if I did anything wrong to make you unhappy?”

He Xuyan couldn’t bring himself to say it and narrowed his eyes.

How could she have done anything like that?

Throughout the recording, her performance was the best. Excluding personal feelings, Xu Zhiqin’s work attitude was also convincing.

Seeing that he didn’t say anything, Xu Zhiqin didn’t force him. “Director He, it’s true that I haven’t acted in a long time. It’s inevitable for me to be rusty and I’ll be slow to understand things. The next time you see me perform poorly, don’t be afraid of me getting angry. Just say whatever you want and scold me. I’ll be very grateful if you can point out my problems.”

She looked sincere. The light shone into her eyes, shining brightly.

“Mhm.” He Xuyan nodded.

“I’m leaving now.” Xu Zhiqin picked up her bag. “Don’t give me high marks just because I treated you to a meal!”