1549 I Insist On Being A Busybody, What About It?

Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband Su Su Su Ru Yi 2022/11/23 21:27:29

Although she was the female lead, Xu Zhiqin had always used a public dressing room.

As soon as she walked in, a figure flew over and hugged her.

There was a click from the side as if someone had taken a photo.

Xu Zhiqin was shocked and furious. When the man stood up, she saw that it was the third male lead, Zhang Chengke.

Zhang Chengke shook his hands casually and said, “Sorry, I lost my balance.”

Although he was the third male lead, he was from a boy group and had just started filming. He had a lot of fans, and there had been a lot of people visiting him in the past few days. He was even more popular than the first male lead.

Xu Zhiqin’s face darkened. “Then your legs must be really unstable. You fell on me from a few meters away. These legs of yours are useless. Why don’t you donate them to someone who needs them?”

Zhang Chengke also stopped being so casual and said, “Xu Zhiqin, I won’t let you play dirty. If you have something to say, just say it. Pan Hongsen is my good buddy. You’ve been doing too much recently. You should either restrain yourself or…”

“Or what? Do you think you can do anything to me?”

Hearing that the other party had a good relationship with Pan Hongsen, Xu Zhiqin did not like him at all. Her tone was also extremely cold.

Zhang Chengke threatened, “Let me tell you, women have to know how to let go! Otherwise, how about I tell the outside world that you harassed and seduced me when we were on set?!”

Xu Zhiqin said angrily, “Zhang Chengke, how dare you?!”

Her reputation was already bad enough. If Zhang Chengke joined the battle, she would not be able to clear her name.

Men wouldn’t be able to tolerate such behavior from women.

“Why wouldn’t I dare? Try going overboard again!”

Xu Zhiqin remembered that when he pounced on her just now, someone had taken a photo from the side and from a certain angle. Netizens would definitely believe Zhang Chengke.

He had come prepared. The surveillance cameras must have been turned off long ago.

Seeing her flushed face, Zhang Chengke sneered. “It’s good that you’re afraid. I’ll give the photo to Hongsen. As for how he chooses to use it, that depends on him!”

He swaggered away and snatched the phone from his assistant’s hand arrogantly. Seeing how shameless they were, Xu Zhiqin’s assistant impulsively wanted to rush over.

Xu Zhiqin grabbed her assistant’s hand and held her down.

Since Zhang Chengke could do this, he must have come prepared. If she fought him head-on, she would be at a disadvantage.

Zhang Chengke was about to send it when he felt a sharp pain in his wrist. His phone fell to the ground.

Xu Zhiqin didn’t have time to think too much about it. She quickly picked up the phone and deleted the photo.

She looked up and saw that the person who grabbed Zhang Chengke was He Xuyan.

He Xuyan looked thin, but Zhang Chengke was in so much pain at this moment that he could not speak. His face turned purple.

Zhang Chengke’s assistant cried out, “Director He, don’t be a busybody.”

“I insist on being a busybody. What about it?” He Xuyan’s voice was slightly cold. There was murderous anger hidden in his faint tone.

The assistant mustered his courage and said, “This isn’t your production team. You can’t interfere in our matters.”

He Xuyan let go. Zhang Chengke was thrown far away by inertia and fell to the ground in a sorry state. He debuted in a boy band and had always been treated well. When had he ever been in such a sorry state?

“He Xuyan! Look carefully, Xu Zhiqin seduced me here. She saw that I was good-looking and tried to harass me! I’m about to call the police and publicize her evil deeds on Weibo. If you want to interfere, don’t blame me for dragging you into this!”

They all thought that He Xuyan was just an ordinary director who was easy to bully.

Zhang Chengke’s tone was very harsh.

Seeing that He Xuyan was silent, Zhang Chengke thought that his words had intimidated him. He said, “Director He, you know what kind of person Xu Zhiqin is. Why should you be entangled with such a woman…”

As soon as he finished speaking, he was slapped on the mouth.

Xu Zhiqin was clenching her fists when she saw He Xuyan slap Zhang Chengke until his mouth was swollen.

She was shocked and quickly grabbed He Xuyan’s hand. “Director He, Zhang Chengke is the nephew of one of the investors of this movie. Don’t mess with him. I’ll settle it.”

At most, she would let bygones be bygones and settle the matter peacefully.

Zhang Chengke was beaten up, so how could he tolerate the matter being resolved peacefully? He said hatefully, “It’s too late! You provoked me, yet you’re still thinking of resolving the problem peacefully? Let me tell you, I won’t let that happen! Xu Zhiqin, just wait for your reputation to be ruined!”

With that, he and his assistant stormed out.

Xu Zhiqin’s assistant was worried. “Zhiqin, what should we do now? If Zhang Chengke slanders you, you’ll be finished! And his uncle calls the shots in the production team! If they replace you, all your hard work will be in vain!”

After saying that, she said to He Xuyan, “Director He, we really appreciate your kindness. But after doing that, Xu Zhiqin will be finished! Why did you do that?!”

Xu Zhiqin pulled her back and said, “It’s okay. Don’t blame Director He.”

Her assistant was really unwilling, but under Xu Zhiqin’s instructions, he could only leave.

Xu Zhiqin said to He Xuyan, “Director He, you can go back first. I’ll settle Zhang Chengke’s matter myself.”

“How are you going to solve it?” He Xuyan frowned slightly.

“I have my own way.” Xu Zhiqin pointed at her makeup spot and said, “I leave a small camera over there to record the things going on every day. I was afraid that someone would trip me up. So, no matter what Zhang Chengke says, I have evidence!”

There was a hint of a cunning look in her eyes. She was completely confident.

He Xuyan’s expression relaxed slightly. Then, he said, “What if he doesn’t reason with you?”

“Even if both sides suffer, I can’t let him defame me!” Xu Zhiqin said. “Since I could even face Pan Hongsen, why should I be afraid of Zhang Chengke? At most, I’ll audition again and look for another opportunity. I don’t believe that the person behind him has ultimate control over the industry!”

He Xuyan’s lips curled into a smile so quickly that he didn’t even notice it.

Suddenly, the door was kicked open.

Zhang Chengke had already appeared with his uncle.

His uncle had a big belly. When he saw the huge red mark on his nephew’s face, his heart ached. He happened to be nearby. As soon as he received the call, he rushed over without a word.

“Where’s the female lead you were talking about? The female lead with good acting skills and is capable, huh? How dare she hit you? No production team will tolerate her! Does she really think she has the final say here?!”