1552 Don't Get Involved

Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband Su Su Su Ru Yi 2022/11/23 21:27:31

Su Bei stood at the door and waited. A moment later, the door was pulled open forcefully, and a familiar face appeared.

He was familiar because he was a famous director in his 50s. However, he looked gentle and very young. His works from a few years ago were famous both domestically and overseas. He was even more famous than many popular artistes.

“It’s you, Director Xiao.” Su Bei had been on stage with him at some events and recognized him.

Xiao Ming smiled, but he looked a little unhappy. “Su Bei? It’s rare to see the Best Actress here. If there’s nothing else, you can leave.”

Xiao Ming came from a good family and was very rich. Therefore, even when everyone gave Su Bei face due to the Lu family, he didn’t.

In the early years, there were some rumors about him using his profession to harass female staff and artistes. The matter had caused an uproar.

Su Bei had heard about it before, but now that the matter had faded and he was famous, no one mentioned it anymore.

However, Su Bei subconsciously looked inside.

Xiao Ming saw her actions and said, “My friend and I are just exercising our vocal cords. Why do you care about it, movie queen?”

A light cough came from inside.

Su Bei’s heart tightened, but she still had a smile on her face. “How can I bring myself to meddle in your matters? But I saw reporters waiting outside just now. I was just worried that there would be reporters hiding, so I knocked on the door. Director Xiao, please forgive my actions.”

When Xiao Ming heard that there were reporters waiting, he didn’t insist on staying. He glanced at the door, turned around, and left.

After he left, a woman slowly appeared from the inside. Her hair was a little messy, and her lipstick was smeared on her face. When she saw Su Bei, her eyes turned red as she slowly said, “Thank you.”

Seeing her like this, Su Bei knew that things were not that simple. She frowned and asked, “Are you okay?”

Judging from her clothes, she should be a staff member of the dubbing studio. She didn’t look outstanding, but her temperament was not bad and her skin was fair.

“It’s okay. Su Bei, thank you so much, but don’t worry about Director Xiao.”

“Is it true that Director Xiao likes to bully others?” Su Bei did not use the word ‘harass’ but ‘bully’ instead.

“It’s not only me but also… Forget it. I don’t want to get you into trouble.” With that, she ran her fingers through her hair and turned to leave.

Looking at her wrinkled clothes, Su Bei’s heart skipped a beat. “Hey, are you really not going to call the police?”

“Don’t worry about it! You won’t be able to understand our situation,” the woman said without turning around.

After that, Su Bei was a little out of it. She was still thinking about it when Lu Heting came to pick her up in the afternoon.

Seeing that she was distracted, Lu Heting asked calmly, “Did your work not go smoothly today?”

“Work was fine. I just encountered something…” Su Bei told him about Xiao Ming. “It’d be fine if it was consensual, but that staff member was obviously forced. He’s really too much!”

“Xiao Ming? He’s indeed a heavy-handed person. He demands to have things done his way.” Lu Heting had long heard of him.

“Does everyone pretend like it’s nothing?”

Lu Heting tilted his head to look at her. “No one can call the police on him. He’s famous. Who cares about what he does behind closed doors?”

When Su Bei heard this, she pursed her red lips in anger.

Lu Heting reached out and stroked her hair.

Su Bei’s anger dissipated a lot, but when she thought about how Xiao Ming used his identity to do such things, she could not completely calm down.

Money and power brought endless glory to directors like him. The admiration from people could also satisfy his vanity.

If he was genuine in looking for a partner, he would have many choices.

However, that would not be able to satisfy Xiao Ming. He resorted to exerting force on innocent women for the sake of his perverted hobbies.

Just as Lu Heting had said, no one would call the police. This matter was normal in everyone’s hearts.

Since the people involved did not say anything, others naturally would not care.

This matter made Su Bei feel uncomfortable for a few days.

A few days later, Xu Zhiqin called from the production team and asked Su Bei to arrange an assistant for her.

“What about your existing assistant?”

“Her sister encountered something, and she needs a few days off. She left in a hurry, so she didn’t have time to tell the company. I made the decision to let her take leave first.”

Su Bei replied, “Okay, then I’ll arrange for an assistant to go over. I’ll go and check on you too.”

Su Bei got another assistant to follow her to the set of Wind and Rain.

Xu Zhiqin was filming. Su Bei stood at the side and watched for a while. She realized that Xu Zhiqin had made a lot of progress. Her performance was even better than when she was on Actors, Please Go On Stage.

After Xu Zhiqin finished filming, she saw that Su Bei had already arrived. She wiped her sweat and walked over. “Mr. Su.”

“The new assistant is here.” Su Bei smiled and said, “She’ll accompany you for the next few days. Did Xiao Ling encounter any difficulties?”

Xiao Ling was Xu Zhiqin’s assistant who had applied for leave. Since an employee had an urgent matter to attend to, it was only right for Su Bei to ask.

“I haven’t had the chance to ask yet. I’ve been busy filming in the past two days,” Xu Zhiqin said. “Coincidentally, she said she was coming over to pack some things today. I’ll ask her later.”

“Yes, I’ll ask her too. The company should know if an employee has encountered trouble at home.”

At noon, Xiao Ling came over. She was a little dispirited.

Seeing that she was not in a good state, Xu Zhiqin and Su Bei called her over to ask about it.

“Xiao Ling, what happened at home?” Xu Zhiqin asked.

“I…” Xiao Ling pouted and cried. “My sister… My sister, I’ve let her down…”

Xu Zhiqin patted her shoulder and comforted her. “Don’t cry. Take your time and tell us what happened.”

“Previously, I introduced my sister to a production team where she could work. But two days ago, she was harassed by the director…” Xiao Ling cried. “She attempted suicide. She’s still in the hospital.”

“Which director? Did you call the police?” Xu Zhiqin was shocked.

At the side, Su Bei’s expression could not help but become serious.

“She didn’t call the police. After the accident, she took a shower because she felt too disgusted. Besides, the other party is Xiao Ming. He’s a famous director. My sister doesn’t dare to say or do anything for fear of his revenge. It’s all my fault. If only I hadn’t introduced her to that production team…” Xiao Ling cried.

Su Bei suddenly stood up angrily. It was Xiao Ming again!

In just two days, she had stumbled into Xiao Ming’s mess twice!