Chapter 2359 - The Trump Cards of the Trashes

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Chapter 2359: The Trump Cards of the Trashes

At that moment, Han Fei understood, but Ye Lingling didn’t.

The corners of Han Fei’s mouth curled up slightly. It turned out that the rules didn’t completely forbid farming, but increased the difficulty of farming.

Han Fei said, “If my guess is correct, a person who has just been reborn can’t take the initiative to attack. You can’t fight back until you’re attacked by the enemy. Because you’ve just been reborn and are in a protected state, the Heaven and Earth Plate can temporarily increase your combat power by 50% in case you’re attacked the moment you’re reborn. However, if you’re given an additional 50% combat power, you still can’t escape and are still farmed by the enemy, then you deserve to be eliminated.”

Han Fei grinned. Sure enough, there were loopholes in the rules.

Han Fei looked around at them, and they all stared at the flags in Han Fei’s hand, thinking that they had only died once. Good lord, they just closed their eyes and opened them, but there were already three flags on their side.

This meant that in the hour before they were reborn, Han Fei not only snatched back their flag, but also killed two squads.

They couldn’t help but look at the qualification token on their wrists. The score had changed from -7 to 4 points.

Besides, the person below was nailed to the mountain. What did it mean?

From Luo Dafei’s rebirth to the disappearance of the golden light on his body, there was a total of five seconds. These five seconds were theoretically the time for Luo Dafei to escape.

After eight seconds, the golden light on Cao Mengde’s body also disappeared, and Han Fei said, “Okay, the test is basically over. Every time you are reborn, you have five seconds of invincibility. If you are attacked in these five seconds, you will have 1.5 times your combat power and can fight back. But forget it. It doesn’t matter if you fight back or not. If anything happens, you can use this power to escape.”

Luo Dafei asked, “Well, Brother Fei, have you worked out the rules?”

Wu Bufan didn’t care about the rules. His eyes had always been on the flags. At this moment, he said in shock, “Brother Fei, why are there three flags?”

Ye Lingling was also shocked. She knew that Han Fei was the only one left in the team just now. According to the score, Han Fei destroyed two squads alone, killing a total of 11 people. And there must be strong masters in the other squads. Han Fei could still get the flags, which meant that the other party’s strong masters had also been killed by Han Fei.

Oh, no, they might be suppressed, such as the one below.

But Ye Lingling still had a question. “Captain, you said that I could only fight back if the enemy attacked me, but you just…”

Han Fei pointed down. “I borrowed his power to attack you.”

Ye Lingling’s heart skipped a beat. Is this really possible? The cultivators ranking in the top 10,000 are really terrifying.

Han Fei stuffed the three flags into Cao Mengde’s hands. “Keep carrying them.”

Cao Mengde was stunned. Me again? For some reason, he had a feeling that he would die if he carried the flags.

Cao Mengde couldn’t help but look at Wu Bufan, who hurriedly took out his big pipe. “Look, I’m very busy.”

Cao Mengde turned his eyes to Li Chen, only to see that Li Chen had already begun to play with the walnuts in his hand. “Alas, it seems that I am still not proficient enough in using the protective godly weapon!”

Without waiting for Cao Mengde to look at him, Luo Dafei quickly took out his folding fan and clicked his tongue. “Mengde! You look ferocious and scary. You’re the most suitable to carry the flags.”

In the end, Cao Mengde had no choice but to turn to another guy who kept a low profile for help. The guy chuckled and took out a backscratcher, pretending not to see his gaze.

These people were all smart and refused to carry the flags. Otherwise, if they encountered a strong team, the first one dead must be the one carrying the flags.

Han Fei said, “Everyone, except for Cao Mengde, be prepared to use all your strength. If I’ve guessed right, someone in the squad just now will be reborn soon. In their reborn state, as long as they are attacked by you, their invincible state will immediately be broken. However, the other party’s strength will increase by more than 50%. Therefore, you have to kill them quickly.”

Wu Bufan and the others were stunned. We’re ranked below the 370,000th place. Who can we kill?

Han Fei said with a dark look, “No matter how weak you are, it’s six against one. It’s impossible for you to lose. Take advantage of the fact that the other party doesn’t know the rules of rebirth yet. This is a perfect opportunity to earn points. Otherwise, as long as half a day passes, more than 80% of the teams may understand the rules. Then they will work out many ways to deal with them, and it will be difficult for you to kill your opponents at will.”

Li Chen asked, “Brother Fei, what are you going to do? Do you still want to test the rules?”

Han Fei said, “I sealed another person in this team five million kilometers away. I want to see where their teammates will be reborn.”

Li Chen and the others couldn’t help taking a breath. Han Fei was really awesome. A team that could destroy the seven of them in three seconds was sealed by Han Fei however he wanted. Seriously?

Han Fei went to the other side alone. However, his perception was constantly on Wu Bufan and the others.

Han Fei could have used the Twin Divine Technique, but he also wanted to see the real combat power of Wu Bufan and the others. Did they really think that he couldn’t tell anything just because they pretended to be trash?

So far, everybody, including Cao Mengde, had disguised themselves well and seemed to be vulnerable in the battle. However, how could this be so coincidental that they all made it to the third round of qualifiers with the rankings below the 370,000th place? They had almost occupied the last few places. Was this reasonable?

Suddenly, on the side of Wu Bufan and the others, a figure appeared out of thin air, exuding a faint halo.

The moment this person appeared, Ye Lingling had already taken action. The two daggers in her hands turned into a blade storm that filled the sky. This blade storm was not ordinary. Her daggers had the power to break through defenses.

The person who had just been reborn was caught off guard. The pale golden light on his body turned pale red, preventing him from experiencing the specific state of rebirth.

In an instant, Ye Lingling penetrated many parts of his body. But this person was the first to be reborn. According to the order of death, he was the first person killed by Han Fei, who was also the strongest in this team except for the three people controlled by Han Fei at the time.

Therefore, although Ye Lingling could penetrate him in the first clash, she couldn’t kill him.

Wu Bufan raised his big pipe and attacked. Perhaps he was deliberately showing it to Han Fei. There was a mystic light on the pipe that was like a knife. The moment the mystic light hit the other party, the latter was stunned for a moment as if his soul was shaken and he lost his mind for a moment.

Then, Li Chen also screamed, and the two walnuts in his hand became the size of two purple-gold hammers and smashed at the man.

The man’s body was dented but didn’t explode. It seemed that Li Chen’s combat power was not good enough. Even if the other party stood still and let him hit him, he still couldn’t kill him.

Luo Dafei followed him closely and cut the man into halves with his fan.

The others also attacked together, punching and kicking that person, using all kinds of techniques.

Han Fei couldn’t help but shake his head slightly. Wu Bufan and the others were a bit over-acting, but he didn’t intend to expose them. At least, Han Fei was more certain of one thing. Wu Bufan and the others were much stronger than they described. Han Fei could see their use and control of power clearly.

No matter how well they pretended, in the eyes of an old actor, how could there be no flaws?

Three people were resurrected in a row, all on Wu Bufan’s side. Because these resurrected people were relatively weak, it was easy for them to fight them.

“Huh? They were all reborn there. Is it because they all died there? Or will they only be reborn by the strong?”

Han Fei continued to wait for a while. When the fourth person was reborn, this guy was stronger than Ye Lingling and reacted faster. Ye Lingling and the other six tried their best but failed to kill him.

At that time, the playboy who used the backscratcher suddenly threw out three dice, three sixes. As soon as the dice were thrown out, a big golden bell flew out of his body and instantly landed on the top of his enemy’s head.

As the bell rang, the person trapped in the golden bell was covered in blood and his body exploded in many places.

The person who attacked shouted, “Everyone, hit my big bell and shake him to death.”

Sure enough, that person was obliterated.

Wu Bufan and the others looked at the person who attacked in shock and couldn’t help but exclaim, “F*ck, Zhou Run, how did you come up with such a super ultimate move?”

Zhou Run grinned and said, “Haha, I got it from my father. It’s an amplification dice and a Sealing Bell. Don’t envy me.”

Luo Dafei cursed, “F*ck, it turns out that you have two godly weapons. Then are you just pretending with your back scratcher?”

Zhou Run said, “I’m not pretending. I use it to refine my body! Are you stupid? How can it compare to my amplification dice? With it, I can borrow different degrees of strength according to the number of points on the dice.”

Ye Lingling was dumbfounded. Are these people serious? Godly weapons? Two godly weapons?

Han Fei, on the other hand, looked at Luo Dafei and the others with a smile. No matter how good at pretending these silkpants were, they were still silkpants. Although the strength Zhou Run showed seemed to come from godly weapons, this was also a kind of strength! If Zhou Run had this strength, how could others not?

At first, Han Fei was afraid that they wouldn’t be able to solve the enemies if they continued to pretend. But now, he was no longer anxious. Instead, he fused with Little Black and Little White and looked at them with the Yin-Yang Divine Eyes.

He guessed that Zhou Run just guessed that he was observing them, so he deliberately exposed some powerful means. But he didn’t know that Han Fei had suspected their fundamental strength from the beginning.