Chapter 2360 - Sabotagers from the Heavenly Race

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Chapter 2360: Sabotagers from the Heavenly Race

Sure enough, after Zhou Run took action, the others seemed to realize something.

In the next moment, another person was reborn. This person’s strength was unsurprisingly among the top 100,000. A team was usually composed of cultivators of different levels.

The man just now was as strong as Ye Lingling, but this one was not something Ye Lingling could resist.

As soon as this person was reborn, he reacted.

When the Sealing Bell appeared, with a thought of this person, many jellyfish appeared in the surrounding ten thousand kilometers.

As soon as Zhou Run’s Sealing Bell was pressed down, the person narrowly dodged it.

At this moment, Luo Dafei roared, “Son of a b*tch, don’t run! Take my Demoness Enchanting!”

“Crack, Crack, Crack ~”

At that moment, charming laughter sounded within hundreds of thousands of kilometers. The strong master who had just escaped the Sealing Bell suddenly felt that he was infected by something. On his back, there was a naked woman at some point in time. The woman’s long hair hung down, and there was a strong fragrance on her body that could directly seep into this person’s soul.

“Water Bind! God Shattering Hand!”

At that moment, the seawater seemed to be cut apart, and this person and the strange woman on his back shattered into pieces.

“Huh? I’ve become much stronger, by about fifty percent.”

However, although his strength had soared, to his surprise, when he appeared on another jellyfish, a strange woman had already appeared behind him. Besides, the woman’s long hair was drilling into his mouth and nose.

This person was certain that he had been hit by a soul killing technique. Anyway, he wouldn’t die in this place. Besides, the strength of his soul seemed to have increased by 50%. He could just suppress this thing with his soul.

The woman behind this person was killed by him. This person couldn’t help but grin. His comprehensive strength had increased by 50%. He felt that he was extremely powerful now, even comparable to peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators.

As soon as the idea popped up in his head, he saw Wu Bufan sucking on his big pipe and spewing out a golden mist. The golden mist turned into ropes that stretched in all directions. The man was shocked to find that he seemed to be suppressed by an invisible force.

However, this power was not strong enough to completely suppress him.

Wu Bufan shouted, “Li Chen, what are you waiting for?”

Li Chen immediately threw out two walnuts, one black and one white, which were not the walnuts in his hand. The black and white walnuts revolved rapidly around the golden ropes, turning into countless blades that slashed at the cultivator.

The man still despised this kind of attack. He tried to penetrate these blades, but when he pierced through one of the black blades, the white blades would instantly land on him, ignoring obstacles, space and time, and vice versa.

At this time, the strength of a late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator who might already be in the third step of the Sky Opening Realm was revealed. Although he suffered a storm-like attack, his powerful strength and physique allowed him to withstand it. He could even fight back.

Seeing that the six of them couldn’t suppress this man, and seeing that Han Fei had no intention of attacking, Cao Mengde immediately roared and a small seal flew out of his body. As soon as this seal appeared, the void sank, and the man’s speed plummeted. He roared unwillingly, “B*stards, you are just a group of trash relying on godly weapons.”

His speed and strength were restricted. Although his strength soared by 50%, he was still crushed in the end.

Seeing the whole process, Han Fei casually pierced through the guy sealed by him. At this moment, the score on everyone’s qualification token had become 10 points.

At this time, even Han Fei couldn’t help being surprised. It seemed that the key to the third round of the qualifiers was still to grab the flags! Killing each person would only get one point, but snatching a flag could get 100 points, which was equivalent to killing 100 enemies.

How could it be so easy to kill 100 people in the Sky Opening Realm? Even if there was a super strong master in your team, there was also in other teams! And a small team usually only had seven or eight people. Assuming that the enemy teams were all eight-person teams, you had to kill 13 teams to get 100 points.

This meant that the strong masters in your squad had to defeat the strong masters in other thirteen squads to get the points for a flag.

Therefore, after experiencing the real battle in the plate world, all the participants would probably have this consciousness. Killing wasn’t the key. The key was how to snatch the flag.

There might be many people who were already thinking about how to get other people’s flags.

But Han Fei was different. He felt that he had to both kill people and snatch the flags.

According to the rules, he just needed to suppress the strongest person in the other party’s team and not kill him. He could stay beside the sealed guy and wait for his teammates to be reborn. Then, he could hunt repeatedly. In the twenty two hours a day, if he killed quickly, he could hunt them 23 times with 6 points each time, which would be 138 points.

Well, if he farmed more than one team, such as two teams, the score could be doubled.

Then what if he suppressed three or four teams?

In any case, Han Fei felt that he should have a try first.

After a while, Han Fei returned and looked at Wu Bufan and the others meaningfully. “Hey! Your strength is not bad! You were instantly killed just now, but now you can kill all your opponents together.”

Wu Bufan immediately said obsequiously, “Brother Fei, we can’t compare to you! It’s all thanks to the godly weapons.”

Li Chen hurriedly said, “Brother Fei, we’re really not good at fighting. We only know about throwing treasures out.”

Luo Dafei nodded repeatedly. “Yes, the last person was too strong. The seven of us almost couldn’t suppress him. What should we do if we fight the strongest guy on the team?”

Ye Lingling had complicated feelings now. Except for Han Fei, these six people all had godly weapons. Some even had two godly weapons. What was wrong with this world? Were godly weapons so cheap these days?

She really wanted to ask if they knew how rare and scarce godly weapons were in the wilderness.

Han Fei didn’t expose their lies. “Okay! Keep guarding.”

After a while, Han Fei put the strongest people in the two teams together. Because their teammates died at different times, their rebirth times were naturally different.

Soon, Han Fei saw Wu Bufan and the others piercing through six strong masters one after another. However, because Han Fei didn’t take action, Luo Dafei was pierced through and reborn.

Han Fei thought to himself, Forget it. These guys seem to be very good at enduring. They seem to be sure that they won’t lose this round, so they didn’t use any more strength

Han Fei certainly wouldn’t give back the points he got so easily, so he gave up trying.

At this moment, it had been an hour since Han Fei met the second team, but he hadn’t met the third team yet. He was thinking when the third team would pass by. Suddenly, two perceptions appeared in Han Fei’s perception.

These two perceptions came from different directions. Han Fei’s heart stirred and he said to everyone via voice transmission, Attention, two teams are coming. Get ready to fight. Li Chen, be prepared to cover Cao Mengde with your godly weapon golden bell at any time. As for the others, be prepared to sacrifice yourselves. Even if you blow yourselves up, hold off the enemy until I have time to take action.

In fact, Han Fei didn’t need them to hold off the opponents desperately, because even if all the members of these two teams were present, they wouldn’t be able to snatch the flag from him.

However, he couldn’t take anything lightly. To Han Fei’s surprise, the targets of the two squads were very clear, as if they had long known that they were here.

This surprised Han Fei. Logically speaking, in the world on the plate, he wasn’t his original body. Why did the other party take the initiative to find him?

Could it be that the other party’s soul power completely exceeded his, so he didn’t notice it when the other party spread out his perception?

But this was impossible! He had already cultivated a Yang soul. Even if a perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivator’s perception swept over, it was impossible to avoid his perception. Therefore, the people who came were a little strange.

From the moment the other party entered the range of his perception to appearing in front of him and the others, the speed was very fast. After all, at this point, at most 10% of the participants hadn’t mastered ultra-light speed.

Even most of the people in the first round had mastered ultra-light speed. Otherwise, how could they participate in the 100,000-year competition of the Divine Capital Dynasty?

Therefore, the participants now could be said to be the elites of the elites.

However, to Han Fei’s surprise, not only were there 16 people in total in these two teams, but the two captains didn’t choose to come close to him and even deliberately avoided him.

Han Fei frowned slightly. Something was definitely wrong.

But the battle was about to start. Han Fei immediately found the strongest person in the team and stole his consciousness.

A seashell appeared in the void, and the person whose consciousness Han Fei had stolen walked out of the big shell.

Han Fei suddenly realized that the other party knew who he was. The other party had specially come to hunt. However, the other party should also know that they probably couldn’t hunt him down, even if both of them were in the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm.

Therefore, the only thing they could do was to kill his teammates, or take his flag. If they did this, there could only be two kinds of people on the other side. One was the people from the Heavenly Race who came specially to destroy his third round of tests. The other was that these people were enemies of Wu Bufan and the others. They knew that Wu Bufan and the others had formed a team with him and received his protection, so they came to ruin their advancement.

However, Wu Bufan and the others looked so useless. And even if someone from their respective clans wanted to kill them, they shouldn’t have done it in this plate world where people couldn’t be really killed.

Therefore, the answer was obvious. The other party was most likely the Heavenly Race.