Chapter 2361 - Its Up to You

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Chapter 2361: It’s Up to You

The moment Han Fei saw that his Void Stealing Technique didn’t work, he guessed the origin of these people. They were the strong masters of the Heavenly Race who were specifically targeting him in the third round.

However, according to the rules, if the strong were matched with the weak, their other teammates shouldn’t be very strong. Therefore, Han Fei was also curious how they would attack him.

On the other hand, Han Fei no longer focused his attention on the two peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators. It would make no difference to kill the others first. After killing the others, when only he and these two people were left here, what could they do to him? Did they think they could ruin his game with just the two of them?

Therefore, with a thought, Han Fei stole two ordinary participants in the Sky Opening Realm.

However, this time, one of them turned into a flower bud, bloomed and walked out from the other side. The other person, for some reason, was still fighting even though he had stolen his consciousness.

Han Fei discovered that no matter what the reason was, the other party had come prepared. These people actually had a way to deal with his Void Stealing Technique.

It was just three thoughts in an instant and didn’t waste any time, but Han Fei realized that these two teams were difficult to deal with. It had only been more than two hours since the beginning of the game, but the other party had already come over. Obviously, it had been planned.

At this moment, how could Han Fei dare to be negligent?

Han Fei shouted, “Zhou Run, protect the flags.”

Zhou Run was quite surprised. The enemies hadn’t come yet, but Han Fei had already ordered him to protect the flags? But Han Fei was the boss! He would just do what he was told.

The golden bell fell, protecting Cao Mengde in it. In Han Fei’s hand, the God Slaying Boxing Gloves had appeared, and the God’s Prayer Beads were activated too.

Han Fei launched All Great Daos in One Sword with his full strength. He was confident that no one below the Star Transformation realm could resist this blow.

With this attack, the other party’s offensive power was unleashed too. For a moment, dozens of Great Daos smashed at Wu Bufan and the others. Obviously, they wanted to solve Wu Bufan and the others first before working together to deal with Han Fei.

Although Wu Bufan and the others had godly weapons in their hands, the Heavenly Race’ methods were domineering. As soon as they attacked, they didn’t give them a chance to use godly weapons at all. In just one clash, they had pierced through two of them.

In the blink of an eye, only Luo Dafei, Cao Mengde, Li Chen, Zhou Run, and Ye Lingling were left.

Li Chen exclaimed, “F*ck, the opponent is so strong. Even my magical Yin-Yang walnuts can’t resist it.”

Luo Dafei shouted, “Prepare to blow yourself up!”

Luo Dafei released the female ghost-like spiritual illusion in an attempt to confuse the other party. However, a peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator of the other party simply swept his thoughts over and the female ghost was crushed into pieces.

Luo Dafei vomited blood crazily. Someone tried to kill him in one fell swoop.

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Just when the man was about to kill Luo Dafei with one finger, the void trembled, and Han Fei appeared, instantly stealing the other party’s combat power and then punched out.

This person exploded. Perhaps he had a way to resist Han Fei’s consciousness stealing, but what Han Fei stole this time was power. Sure enough, this person’s body dispersed and turned into a cloud of water mist.

However, once his resistance against Han Fei was exposed, Han Fei had found a flaw.

The mist turned into a human shape the next moment. Han Fei punched again, and this person exploded and died.

Luo Dafei was dumbfounded. What happened just now? He just said blankly, “Brother Fei, you’re awesome.”

While Han Fei was dealing with this person, Ye Lingling had already been penetrated. Han Fei pointed at Ye Lingling’s side and the other party retreated quickly.

However, as soon as he retreated, he found himself in front of Ye Lingling again.

“The Great Dao of Time?”

The man realized that he had entered the Great Dao of Time and was about to escape in case Han Fei caught him. But in the next moment, he was cut apart by a dazzling knife light.

However, two fists were no match for four hands.

Han Fei had just helped Ye Lingling. On the other side, Luo Dafei and Li Chen, who had just been rescued, almost exploded into slag at the same time. Of course, the two of them still remembered what Han Fei said. Before they died, they would blow themselves up to buy some time for Han Fei.

In just an instant, four on Han Fei’s side and four on the other side were gone.

Only Cao Mengde and Zhou Run were still hiding in the golden bell.

The two peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators blocked Han Fei’s way, causing a flurry of attacks behind him, and the Sealing Bell was shaking.

At the moment when the golden bell disappeared, the two peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators had already attacked Cao Mengde and Zhou Run. Han Fei made a prompt decision and chose to replace them.

The Dao of Time Circulation was activated. These people might have a way to block his Void Stealing Technique, but couldn’t they escape time?

“Not good! The time here has something wrong.”

They discovered that the attack they launched disappeared halfway through, and Han Fei had already slashed three people with multiple All Great Daos in One Swords.

Of course, there were a total of five people trapped in the Great Dao of Time. Although these five people were bound to die, Ye Lingling on his side was ambushed.

At the last moment, the only emotion in Ye Lingling’s heart was that the opponent was so strong, really strong. At that moment, she fought with the opponent, but in the end, she only pierced through a shadow, and the opponent seemed to be fine.

However, before she dissipated, Ye Lingling seemed to see a strange sword of light appear out of thin air and cut the shadow. Then she seemed to see the shadow shatter.

Han Fei looked solemn at this moment. He had used Time Jump, which he had learned from Tian Ran from the Time Temple.

After the unexpected battle, although the two teams of opponents killed six people on Han Fei’s side, they lost eight people.

Of course, in terms of the battlefield situation, they didn’t suffer a loss at all.

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Cao Mengde’s voice was trembling. “B-Brother Fei, what… what should we do?”

Han Fei frowned. There were two ways now. One was that he ran with the flags, but then the farm he had just set up would be gone. That would be a great loss! If he was chased crazily in the end, although with the flags, he could earn 300 points, Cao Mengde and the others would probably be wiped out 20 more times. Then if the 7 people were wiped 20 more times, he would lose 140 points.

Therefore, he couldn’t run. As for fighting, although the other party was targeting his ability, there were only two peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators and two late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators who could really be called his opponents. The black shadow, the one who killed Ye Lingling, had been pierced by him. In other words, although the other party still had eight people left, there were only three people who could really be called his opponents.

Han Fei wanted to summon Blood Fiend. But in the next moment, Han Fei realized that something was wrong. Although he thought Blood Fiend was just a puppet, the rules didn’t allow it.

For example, if I were to fight in the arena and ended up using a puppet in the perfected Star Transformation Realm, my opponent definitely wouldn’t accept it. Otherwise, if someone had a Monarch-level puppet, wouldn’t he be invincible?

Therefore, there was no need to think about the Blood Fiend Puppet, which made Han Fei’s heart sink.

At this moment, Han Fei felt his heart palpitate. Something was wrong. The two teams seemed to be stalling for time because they didn’t seem to be in a hurry to attack.

If the other party was not in a hurry to take action, they must be waiting for something. Suddenly, Han Fei realized that if the other party also had a way to seal him and was setting up a seal now, as long as they forcibly sealed him for 12 days, they would be able to make his score negative by killing his teammates and then he would definitely be eliminated.

Han Fei’s mind was racing. Why did they think that they could seal him? With a godly weapon? An array? Or a Great Dao?

But in any case, Han Fei felt that there should be more than two groups of people on the other side. In that case, they should have far more peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators than these two.

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. He was unwilling to give up this place. This place was a place he had prepared for farming points. He planned to use two teams as the basis, wait for other teams to pass by, lure them over, and continue farming. As long as the strongest person in the other party’s team was sealed, all passing teams would be equivalent to his ATM.

Besides, when Wu Bufan and the others died, Han Fei already had some understanding of the surrounding environment and was already thinking about setting up a trap. However, he didn’t expect to be besieged by the Heavenly Race so quickly.

If he had known earlier, he would have already started setting up the trap at the end of the first wave.

However, it didn’t seem too late now.

Han Fei appeared beside Cao Mengde and Zhou Run and laid his hand on their shoulders. Pure black fog flowed out undetectably.

Han Fei said, “Give me the flags. Prepare to be reborn.”

Cao Mengde said solemnly, “Brother Fei, don’t mind us. Just kill them all.”

Han Fei was lost for words. “Why are you so confident in me?”

Cao Mengde immediately said, “Of course I’m confident in you! Brother Fei, you even defeated the Dragon Fighting Street and killed Yi Qianxing. How can these people be your match?”

Han Fei thought to himself, It’s true that the ignorant are fearless. The people on the Dragon Fighting Street are mostly only ordinary late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators.

But what level are these people today? They were all peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators and specifically targeting my team. Besides, there might be more such teams than just two.

Carrying the flags in one hand, Han Fei casually drew out the big pipe that Wu Bufan gave him.

Under the teasing gazes of the two peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators, Han Fei let out a long breath of golden mist and then said to Cao Mengde and Zhou Run via voice transmission, It’s up to you whether we can win or not. Charge up and blow yourselves up…

As for Zhou Run, he didn’t talk much. After thinking for a while, he suddenly took out the amplification dice and threw it out. It was 666.

Immediately, a wave of heat enveloped Han Fei’s body.

Zhou Run didn’t say what effect the dice brought to Han Fei. If he said it now, what if the other party found it? So, let Han Fei experience it himself!