Chapter 2362 - Gods Murmurs

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Chapter 2362: God’s Murmurs

“My speed and strength seem to be enhanced by about 5%.”

Although it didn’t increase much, and Han Fei didn’t know if this was Zhou Run’s true strength or if he was hiding his strength, it didn’t affect him much now.

Compared to Zhou Run, Cao Mengde was dumbfounded. He thought to himself, When did I become so capable? There are more than a dozen people on the opposite side, including two peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators. If I rush up and blow myself up, what damage can I bring about? I’m not a Monarch!

Cao Mengde estimated that Han Fei probably wanted to maintain the dignity of a strong master and didn’t want him to see him being humiliated. After all, these people were targeting him now.

Thinking about that, Cao Mengde roared and rushed out.

When Cao Mengde was charging suicidally, he didn’t notice that when Han Fei laid his hand on his shoulder, a shadow that couldn’t be seen or touched was attached to him.

Cao Mengde knew that he wouldn’t die anyway, so he didn’t care. He felt it a pity that he didn’t carry the flags. If he could carry the flags and charge at the same time, he would look more heroic.

The peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator pointed in the air and a pillar of energy pierced through Cao Mengde. Anyway, one wanted to die, and the other wanted to kill. With a bang, Cao Mengde exploded in the void.

Zhou Run tried to attack with the backscratcher, which made Han Fei speechless. Sure enough, he was no better than Cao Mengde.

At the moment Cao Mengde self-destructed, Han Fei had already unleashed all his strength and fled at full speed. He even used the time acceleration to reach seven times the speed of light.

However, how could the opponent give Han Fei a chance to escape? At the moment Han Fei rushed out, they also rushed out, and their speed was even faster than Han Fei.

Because the time was too short, one of them even felt that Han Fei’s speed seemed to be slower than expected. This was because the intelligence given by his family said that when Han Fei unleashed his full strength, his speed was about 7.5 times faster than the speed of light.

Of course, they thought that maybe Han Fei didn’t burst out with such a fast speed, or he still had some trump cards left, so they didn’t suspect him.

Because they didn’t dare to get too close and would be easily defeated by Han Fei if they used their clones, even though Han Fei’s speed was slower than the two of them, they didn’t dare to rush up immediately and force Han Fei to stay.

Because of this, Han Fei escaped for about three seconds.

On the third second, Han Fei suddenly perceived that a brand-new team of eight people had rushed out.

Yes, the Heavenly Races sent three eight-person teams led by three peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators and three strong late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators, and the rest was ordinary Sky Opening Realm cultivators, who were here to make up the number, but they had the power to temporarily resist Han Fei’s Void Stealing Technique.

In fact, except for the three peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators, everyone else only needed to create opportunities for them.

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Han Fei’s face turned green. There were three squads. The Heavenly Race must’ve used a lot of their connections.

Han Fei was speechless. Wasn’t the hundred-thousand-year competition too casual? How could the Heavenly Race mobilize the teams so easily?

This team that had been hiding for a long time couldn’t have just been watching the show. They must be preparing for something.

Sure enough, this new team blocked Han Fei’s way and took out a bead.

“Heavenly Seal, Reincarnation Mystery Barrier.”

The moment the pearl shone, the surrounding million kilometers were instantly covered by a dense light.

Around Han Fei, the Great Dao of Time burst out. He wanted to reverse time.

However, he heard a sneer. “Han Fei, do you really think we came to deal with you without any preparation? Although the Great Dao of Time is strong, the space here is chaotic and time is frozen. If you want to reverse time, save it!”

Han Fei sneered. “Why? Just the three of you? You want to suppress me? What makes you think you can?”

At this moment, fighting was actually secondary. Even if Han Fei tried his best, he couldn’t defeat these people at once. But if these people ganged up on him, it would be easier for Han Fei to find a chance.

Therefore, the Heavenly Race didn’t come up to fight him head-on. At some point in time, the strong masters of the Heavenly Race all held a glowing bead in their hands, and a white door of light appeared behind each of them, surrounding Han Fei.

The moment the Heavenly Gates appeared, Han Fei had already taken action, trying to penetrate one of them. However, just as he took action, before he rushed to the person, he seemed to hear strange murmuring sounds from the gates.

Han Fei felt that his Yang Soul shook, and then he vomited a mouthful of blood. His mind went blank for a moment.

At that moment, the three peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators of the Heavenly Race grasped the chance at the same time. One of them slashed out an axe beam that pierced through the starry river and slashed at Han Fei.

One of them used the long sword in his hand and pierced through Han Fei’s body. Another person grabbed a golden bowl with floating Dao Patterns on it and tried to cover Han Fei under it.

“Heaven… Dies, darkness… has arrived…”

Han Fei didn’t break free from these murmurs immediately. He felt that his entire soul was about to explode. At that time, he seemed to have fallen into chaos.

However, at the moment when the murmurs appeared, the Demon Purification Pot suddenly appeared in Han Fei’s mind, and the God’s Prayer Bead on his neck suddenly shone.

The two forces immediately pulled him back to reality.

However, it was impossible for him to dodge the two peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators’ killer moves now.

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Han Fei blocked the axe light with both hands, but his hands were destroyed and then pierced by the sword. He could even feel a great poison bursting out of the sword.

In the end, seeing that the golden bowl was about to cover him, Han Fei thought that he definitely couldn’t let this thing cover him. It looked much stronger than Li Chen’s golden bell. The Heavenly Race must have their reasons for choosing to attack him in the third round of qualifiers. Han Fei thought that they must be afraid that he would enter the killing segment.

The strength he had shown was enough to make most Heavenly Talents of the Heavenly Race fear him. If he was eliminated in the third round, his influence on the Heavenly Race in the 10,000-year competition would be minimal. Furthermore, he wouldn’t get any rewards from the 10,000-year competition, let alone an Origin Ground.

Therefore, Han Fei made a prompt decision to fuse his twin bodies. However, the moment Han Fei sobered up, the people of the Heavenly Race were all shocked.

“How is that possible?”

“How can he get rid of the god’s murmurs so quickly?”

When the golden bowl smashed down, Han Fei had already disappeared without a trace.

Han Fei returned to the battlefield just now in the blink of an eye, but he wasn’t in good shape. The god’s murmurs heavily injured him.

“Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique.”

“Sure enough, you returned here. You used Cao Mengde’s self-detonation to leave your invisible original body behind. Do you think you can hide it from us?”

Han Fei had just recovered when a spatial channel suddenly appeared here. In the distance, another eight-person team appeared.

Han Fei’s face changed slightly. “Four squads?”

This person was clearly guarding here to fight his black mist body. He had indeed exposed the Twin Divine Technique outside Tomorrow Camp.

However, he didn’t expect that the other party had been so prepared this time.

At this moment, as soon as the teleportation channel opened, the other party’s squads gathered.

It only took them six seconds to gather.

At this moment, a total of 24 people had surrounded him, including four peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators. And the other party seemed to have found a way to counter the Void Stealing Technique. If he wanted to rush out by force, he naturally couldn’t.

Suddenly, Han Fei grinned.

“Alas! I underestimated the Heavenly Race. I didn’t want to expose it… Hehe, since you have sent four teams at once, you should stay here forever!”

At that moment, he activated the Void Descends Technique, and 360 Han Fei appeared within 300,000 kilometers. Each of them held a spear pillar in their hands. There were 360 God Sealing Spears.

When the God Sealing Spears were pressed down, everyone except Han Fei felt that their strength was instantly suppressed. Except for the four peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators, the others lost at least 50% of their strength.

As for Han Fei, he wasn’t in a good mood either. Although he had prepared some God Sealing Spears, it wasn’t to deal with the Heavenly Race. Therefore, he didn’t prepare much in the beginning. What he prepared later was made with his Origin Star by his black-mist body just now.

Fortunately, his Origin Star had the ability to accelerate time. In just six seconds, he had two hours to make 360 God Sealing Spears. Otherwise, with the number of God Sealing Spears he had, he could at most weaken them by about ten percent, and they would be penetrated in a few seconds.

“Not good! Open the Heavenly Gate!”

“Open my ass! All laws forbidden in this space!”