Chapter 2363 - A Place to Gain Points

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Chapter 2363: A Place to Gain Points

When all laws were forbidden in this space, some people’s methods of resisting the Void Stealing Technique became ineffective.

Han Fei circulated his Great Dao to the upper limit of his endurance. His strength was nearly 30 million waves, and his speed was nearly 8 times the speed of light. With such combat power, Han Fei was truly comparable to peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators.

The three people who opened the door of light first were blown up by Han Fei without even having a chance to react. The four peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators attacked Han Fei with their clones, but how could their clones be Han Fei’s match?

Han Fei suddenly threw out a scroll and thirty-six Immortal Fiend Sabers burst out. However, the power of the Immortal Fiend Sabers was actually not strong enough now.

In the Sea Establishment realm, because the Immortal Fiend Saber had the power of the Sky Opening realm, it was very powerful. But in the Sky Opening realm, when everyone used this power, the Immortal Fiend Saber had no advantage.

Instead, the Great Dao of One Sword that he had created was a great technique that became stronger as he grew stronger. Now, it far exceeded the Immortal Fiend Saber.

Of course, even if the Immortal Fiend Saber couldn’t kill a Sky Opening Realm cultivator now, that was still a powerful blow in the Sky Opening Realm, which couldn’t be blocked so easily.

Thirty-six Immortal Fiend Sabers tried to charge out, and more than twenty of them were crushed in the blink of an eye. But in the next moment, many people from the Heavenly Race discovered, to their shock, that the Immortal Fiend Sabers that had just been crushed appeared again.

“This attack has clearly been annihilated!”

“Not good. There’s a problem with the time here.”

Han Fei thought to himself, Sure enough, on the path of growth, any epiphany could be a help in the future. He had comprehended the chaotic frequency of time after just a trip to the Prophecy House and a fight with a random person in the Time Temple. It could make the attack cycling and appear at least seven or eight times before it truly disappeared.

Han Fei had nothing to worry about now. There was no reason for him to lose.

In the blink of an eye, three more people were crushed.

After all, the Heavenly Race could form many eight-person teams through connections. However, once there was a peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator in your team, the overall strength of the others would inevitably be weak. Otherwise, if you had peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators and late-stage Star Transformation Realm Heavenly Talents, and the others were all mid-level, the composition would be completely unfair.

Even the Heavenly Race couldn’t cheat like this.

‘The source of this ?ontent is’,

Therefore, although these four Heavenly Race teams were intimidating, only eight of them could really fight. The rest were all cannon fodder.

Han Fei’s figure that was faster than the speed of light flashed crazily here, and the number of people in the four teams of the Heavenly Race decreased visibly.

Even with the intervention of four peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators, after more than sixty seconds, there were only six people left here.

It was not difficult to deal with these people. Although they all had a way to temporarily avoid his Void Stealing Technique, they didn’t give Han Fei a chance to fight just now. Now how could Han Fei be willing to give them a chance to fight him head-on?

The sealing area of 300,000 kilometers quickly shrank. At the same time, Han Fei grabbed at the void and took out a God Sealing Spear, frantically replenishing the array.

The four of them looked at each other and immediately attacked one spot of the array together. They realized that in the range of this seal, even if they detonated themselves, it would be useless because they might be reborn in it.

Then wouldn’t they become Han Fei’s farming machines?

Because these people were too strong, they came to Han Fei from the beginning, so they hadn’t had the time to study the rules of this round of qualifiers. They didn’t know that after their rebirth, they would be in an invincible state and their strength would increase by as much as 50%.

Therefore, their current thought was to quickly open an exit. As long as they could escape, Han Fei wouldn’t be able to accumulate points according to the rules.

Unfortunately, it was already too late when they made this decision. If they had done this the moment they were sealed by the God Sealing Spear array, they might have been able to rush out, but now? No way!

The God Sealing Spear was a great technique created by a god and it used the Dao patterns of the heavens and earth. The level of this great technique was terrifyingly high. How could they leave so easily?

However, Han Fei was also afraid that they would blow themselves up. Once they blew themselves up and were reborn, even with the help of the God Sealing Spear Array, he might not be able to completely suppress them.

Therefore, Han Fei deliberately damaged part of the God Sealing Spears to make it look like they had penetrated them. Han Fei, on the other hand, seemed to be grabbing at the air, trying to repair the damaged gap.

But in fact, Han Fei activated the Twin Divine Technique again, and his black-mist body quietly ran to where they were.

Three of them were directly caught.

Because they didn’t expect Han Fei to use the Twin God Technique again at this time.

At the critical moment when their strength was suppressed and they were breaking the array in a panic, even if they were in the mood to pay attention to Han Fei’s black-mist body, Han Fei was not a weakling. How could he let them discover it so easily? That would be embarrassing!

After stealing the consciousness of three people in a row, the four teams of the Heavenly Race were completely crippled.

However, Han Fei wasn’t quite happy. This was because he couldn’t really kill these people in this round, so he could only suppress them. And his trump cards were exposed one by one.

In fact, when they were escaping just now, Han Fei wanted to fish for the big golden bowl of the man just now, which seemed to be very powerful.

‘Visit (No ve (l)B i n) to read, pls!’,

However, if he did that, wouldn’t his trump card, fishing time, be seen through by the other party?

In short, Han Fei was actually not in a good mood. He didn’t feel proud even if he won. After all, what was his reliance? It was the Void Temple, the Demon Purification Pot, and godly weapons.

Besides, he had already transformed his Origin Sea into a star and had even shaped the ground veins. He was only short of producing a Star Core. His distance from the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm was getting smaller and smaller.

After a hundred seconds, these people’s strength was completely suppressed and they had no power to resist anymore. Han Fei nailed through the last peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator and immediately went to take the lost flags back. Then he gathered these people together and suppressed them with the God Sealing Spear Array.

Anyway, his God Sealing Spear Array had been exposed, so there was nothing to hide.

Han Fei raised his hand and looked at his hand. It showed a total of 31 points. His team had been wiped out twice as soon as they appeared. Fortunately, he had wiped out six teams.

A moment later, the two teams that were suppressed by Han Fei were reborn and eliminated by Han Fei one after another, and his score became 43 points.

Then, Luo Dafei and the others were reborn one after another.

“Ah, this… Is that a peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator?”

When Cao Mengde was reborn and saw this scene, he couldn’t help but say in shock, “God, Brother Fei, did you really… Did you really kill them all?”

Cao Mengde couldn’t believe it. Before he died, he thought that Han Fei was trying to save his face and that they would probably be wiped out this time.

But now it seemed that the other party was clearly the one who was wiped out, and Han Fei, as usual, nailed them into a skewer with the pride of a winner.

Wu Bufan and the others were all excited. They chose the right boss! He was too strong. More importantly, during their rebirth, Han Fei killed not only two teams, but also two other teams.

Ye Lingling was in a strange mood. Is this how it feels to win without doing anything?

She felt that the third round of qualifiers was too difficult. She would basically die the moment she met an enemy. She had never felt so frustrated since she was born.

He had thought that she was already very powerful, but it was not until today that she realized that in the Divine Capital Dynasty, in the ten-thousand-year competition, she was just a clown at the mercy of others.

But the man in front of her was really strong.

Han Fei was also quite tired now. He looked at Wu Bufan who was smoking a big pipe and looking at the six cultivators nailed into skewers with a shocked expression.

Han Fei couldn’t help but take out his big pipe and take a puff. “This place has been sealed by me. After these people’s teammates are reborn, their strength will be greatly reduced by my array. You guys, just stay here quietly and earn points for me. Let’s farm them for seven days and seven nights.”

Han Fei thought that it was very precious to have a place to farm points in such a chaotic place. However, he didn’t dare to take it lightly. If a few more such teams came, he might become too busy and make mistakes.

This time, with the lesson he learned just now, Han Fei was preparing in advance and kept making God Sealing Spears, ready to attack at any time.

He felt that he had passed the third round of the game. If he farmed with these people, he could earn 960 points in a day. After twelve days, it was impossible for him to not even pass the third round.