Chapter 2364 - A Strong Master on the God Roll

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Chapter 2364: A Strong Master on the God Roll

Han Fei underestimated the mobility of the strong masters on the plate world. In just one day, his God Sealing Spear Array had been filled with 18 captain-level strong masters.

This meant that in less than 22 hours, Han Fei had defeated another 12 teams.

This method was actually very simple. Cao Mengde and the others were running around carrying flags, as long as it didn’t exceed 5 million kilometers.

As a result, there were a lot of people who came to grab the flags. Now, Cao Mengde and the others no longer carried the flags around because they were busy killing the reborn almost all the time.

This was because up to now, the 18 squad leaders had been nailed into a string, and 119 squad members were taking turns to be reborn. Almost every few seconds, one person would be reborn.

Because of the powerful sealing power of the God Sealing Spear Array, even if the reborn would be in an invincible state for five seconds, once they entered a combat state, their invincibility would disappear. Besides, invincibility was passive. As long as someone hit you, other than maintaining a 50% increase in strength, you would be no different from ordinary people. But under Han Fei’s continuous addition of the God Sealing Spears, the additional 50% of combat power was directly weakened.

Therefore, even if someone was reborn every moment, they still couldn’t resist the crazy attacks of Cao Mengde and the others with godly weapons. Occasionally, some people were reborn at the same time, and Han Fei would only take action when Cao Mengde and the others couldn’t beat them.

Most of the time, Han Fei was wondering if he could create a killing array. Although he could set up many large arrays and even set up arrays with the Dao patterns of the heavens and earth, these large arrays couldn’t kill so many Sky Opening realm cultivators.

Arrays mostly drew power from nature. However, the God Sealing Spear Array had already extracted too much power. If he set up a killing array, this place would immediately become extremely dazzling and attract more people.

Therefore, Han Fei had no choice but to prepare for battle all the time.

In this way, on the first day,when 24 hours passed, everyone was fighting crazily elsewhere, but Han Fei and the others were continuing to farm casually.

Cao Mengde said, “I killed another one. Huh, the flag is gone. My total score is 1,928 points. Shit, so many points. It’s equivalent to nineteen flags.”

Among the 1,928 points, there were a total of eight flags. Among the twelve teams that came later, only five teams still had flags in their hands.

Wu Bufan waved his big pipe, and the golden threads bursting out of the godly weapon cut one person to death. He said unconcernedly, “The 52nd. I feel that we can already pass the third round of qualifiers. It’s only the first day and we already have such high scores. I’m afraid other teams can’t get such high scores even in the whole 12 days, right?”

However, Han Fei didn’t think so. There were 50,000 flags refreshed every day. If each flag had 100 points, it would be 5 million points. And the flags would inevitably become points every day, which meant that the flags would only be concentrated in the hands of a small number of people.

Even the strong teams could only get 200 points a day, it would be 2,400 points in 12 days. No matter how they fought, it would eventually become a competition of strength.

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Plus the normal hunting and killing, it could be said that in 12 days, it wouldn’t be a problem for the remaining teams to have at least 2,000 points.

Therefore, although Han Fei and the others had obtained 1,928 points on the first day, if they didn’t improve, or if they were killed later, they probably wouldn’t be able to pass the third round of qualifiers.

Therefore, in any case, Han Fei felt that he had to hold on for another day and farm points for another day.

One and a half days later.

The God Sealing Spear skewers became 25, with three new flags in their hands. Yes, another three. At present, their team’s score totaled 3,278 points.

At this moment, there were too many people who had been sealed, but everyone else, including Han Fei, was fighting all the time. If they were slightly slower, someone reborn would try to break the God Sealing Spear Array.

While Cao Mengde, Wu Bufan, and the others were killing randomly in the array, Han Fei encountered a special team.

The captain of this team shocked Cao Mengde and the others.

“Zhao… Zhao Qinglong?”

Wu Bufan’s face changed greatly, and he said to Han Fei telepathically, “Brother Fei, come on, let’s go! We can’t continue to farm here. Zhao Qinglong is on the God Roll.”

Li Chen said, “Brother Fei, go now. I’ll stop them for you.”

Ye Lingling’s face became ghastly pale. She had seen Zhao Qinglong from a distance at the beginning of the first and second rounds of qualifiers. He was a strong master on the God Roll. It was said that in the entire Sea Realm, only the Central Sea Divine Realm would issue a God Roll when they felt it necessary, so the God Roll was usually issued every thousand years.

However, in fact, under normal circumstances, as long as the cultivators on the God Roll hadn’t proved their Dao, they wouldn’t be removed from the roll. Such cultivators were too strong. There were only ten of them on the authoritative list issued by the Central Sea Divine Realm!

When Cao Mengde and the others’ legs became soft, Han Fei didn’t feel anything. After all, the plate world was a battlefield, and it was possible to meet anyone here.

Although Zhao Qinglong was on the God Roll, Han Fei had learned from Feng Yu that the so-called God Roll was actually a list evaluated on the strong cultivators that had the potential to prove their Dao by the age, Great Dao, comprehensive strength, battle results, and so on.

Those who could be on the God Roll were definitely the strongest of the strong. It could be said that with a little time, they would be able to prove their Dao.

However, no enemy was invincible. For example, although Han Fei had the Void Stealing Technique, if he only had the Void Stealing Technique, he would have been defeated countless times.

When he had so many trump cards, Han Fei no longer feared Zhao Qinglong.

He even wanted to fight him.

On the other side, Zhao Qinglong’s squad was also full of weaklings. When these weaklings saw Han Fei and the others, they looked calm. Although they had already discovered that Han Fei seemed to be farming points here, they only showed some joy, because they felt that this farming ground had become theirs.

Zhao Qinglong’s heart did a flip when he saw the God Sealing Spear Array. To be able to suppress so many strong masters, this sealing technique must be extraordinary.

Besides, when he paid attention to Feng Yu, he seemed to have heard news about Han Fei. Although he didn’t pay attention to this person, it seemed that this person had a deep relationship with the Phoenix Divine Race.

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At this moment, he knew that he was actually a little late. The other party had been setting up the array for so long, so this sealing array must have already been very perfect.

Although Zhao Qinglong was confident that he was the strongest in the 100,000-year competition this year, he would not underestimate anyone.

Therefore, Zhao Qinglong put on a faint smile and said, “Give me the flags.”

Carrying the flags, Cao Mengde was relieved when he heard that Zhao Qinglong only wanted the flags. He grinned and was about to speak.

But suddenly, a hand laid on his shoulder, and Han Fei’s indifferent voice sounded, “If I give the flags to you as you told me, I’ll lose face. I… won’t give them to you.”

Han Fei felt that his fighting spirit had been aroused. This was a rare opportunity to fight against a powerhouse on the God Roll, which could best measure his true strength in the Sky Opening Realm. How could Han Fei give up this chance so easily?

Zhao Qinglong smiled casually. He was not in a hurry to fight. Stepping in the air, he walked towards Han Fei. “I only wanted three flags, but if you don’t give them to me, I’ll take the farm too.”

Han Fei, on the other hand, was fearless. “Just because you’re on the God Roll doesn’t mean you can take it. Who do you think you are?”

Cao Mengde, Wu Bufan, and the others were all stunned. Wait, why did Han Fei suddenly start a fight with Zhao Qinglong? Why can’t we just farm quietly? We can farm more than 3000 points today, and now we’re only halfway through! How much are three flags worth? Is it worth it to compete with Zhao Qinglong for them?

However, Cao Mengde and the others didn’t understand. The moment Han Fei and Zhao Qinglong met, they had a vague sense of tit-for-tat and could even find a trace of familiarity from each other.

As Zhao Qinglong and Han Fei got closer and closer to each other, Han Fei finally realized why he vaguely felt a sense of familiarity. It was the feeling of the path of invincibility. Had Zhao Qinglong embarked on the path of invincibility?

However, Zhao Qinglong didn’t notice this because Han Fei had too many Great Daos. What was running now was the commonly-used Great Dao of Heavenly Enlightenment, the Great Dao of Time, and the Great Dao of Space.

Therefore, Zhao Qinglong didn’t notice it because other complicated Great Daos covered up the aura of the path of invincibility.

However, although Zhao Qinglong didn’t notice the collision between the paths of invincibility, for some reason, he just didn’t like Han Fei and even felt like killing him.

This was also the first idea that came to Han Fei’s mind. He didn’t like Zhao Qinglong and wanted to fight him or even kill him.

Zhao Qinglong smiled. “You seem rather annoying.”

Han Fei grinned. “I have the same feeling for you.”

Cao Mengde had already slowly stepped back. He felt an inexplicable killing intent, and his heart almost jumped into his throat. These two people are going to fight!

Zhao Qinglong raised his hand, and there seemed to be a dragon roar. It was a cyan long sword. When the sword stabbed out, it was as dazzling as a falling star. This sword gave Han Fei the feeling that it was an exploding star, blooming in the darkness and sweeping away the surrounding darkness.

Han Fei didn’t want to be outdone either. He raised his hand, and between his fingers, the various Great Daos paralleled each other and All Great Daos in One Sword shot out. When the sword shot out, the mountains and trees behind him shook violently, and the void surged with waves.

Seeing Han Fei’s attack, Zhao Qinglong’s eyes flickered. This person’s strength seemed to be not bad. This attack was enhanced with complicated Great Daos and was full of power, making him feel threatened.

He felt as if he were fighting a strong master of the same realm as him, but this person was clearly not.