Chapter 2365 - Black Dragon?

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Chapter 2365: Black Dragon?

Cao Mengde and the others were all dumbfounded at the moment. Why did Han Fei have to mess with Zhao Qinglong?

An ear-splitting sword hum resounded endlessly. Under this blow, although Han Fei still stood proudly, his body was pushed back tens of thousands of kilometers by a terrifying force.

Many cracks suddenly appeared on Han Fei’s fingers, palm, and entire arm.

Han Fei also sensed that a special force was trying to break into his body and destroy it.

As for Cao Mengde and the others who were watching, they were sent flying thousands of kilometers away by the aftershock.

Han Fei’s face became extremely solemn. If he guessed right, this person was the strongest person he had ever met except for Yi Qianxing.

No, this person was even stronger than Yi Qianxing. Yi Qianxing was only hard to kill and had a fast speed and many means. However, this person’s head-on combat power far exceeded Yi Qianxing’s.

Sure enough, no one who walked the path of invincibility was weak. With just one clash, Han Fei could tell that the other party’s strength was even stronger than the strongest state he could show now.

Because of the limits of his body, he couldn’t unleash all his combat power, nor could he fully use his Great Dao. But even so, he could still unleash the super combat power of the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm.

However, even peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators were far inferior to this Zhao Qinglong in strength. Han Fei was almost certain that if he didn’t use his full strength, he might not be able to resist this person.

The main reason was that there was a realm gap between him and Zhao Qinglong. He hadn’t finished the star transformation yet, but Zhao Qinglong was already in the perfected Star Transformation Realm.

On the other side, Han Fei was knocked back tens of thousands of kilometers, but Zhao Qinglong’s faint smile was gone.

This was because although Zhao Qinglong easily blocked All Great Daos in One Sword, he was still forced to retreat more than 30 kilometers by this force. This surprised and puzzled him.

Judging from this person’s aura, he had just entered the Star Transformation Realm. But how could such a person withstand his Azure Dragon Sword Qi? A person who had just entered the Star Transformation Realm was almost unscathed after taking his sword? A person who had just entered the Star Transformation Realm could push him back for more than 30 kilometers?

Not only was Zhao Qinglong shocked, but his teammates, as well as Cao Mengde and the others on Han Fei’s side, all widened their eyes.

Cao Mengde exclaimed, “F*ck, Brother Fei, Brother Fei can actually compete with Zhao Qinglong?”

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Wu Bufan muttered, “Gulp… So… so strong, but Brother Fei seems to be no match for him!”

Luo Dafei and Li Chen looked at Wu Bufan as if looking at an idiot. Are you f*cking stupid? If Han Fei can match Zhao Qinglong, wouldn’t Han Fei be able to enter the God Roll?

Although Han Fei was arrogant, he was not stupid. With just one blow, he knew that in terms of combat strength and comprehensive strength, he was no match for Zhao Qinglong.

The only things he could use against Zhao Qinglong were the Void Stealing Technique and the God Sealing Spear.

However, at this moment, three people had been reborn in the God Sealing Spear Array. Wu Bufan and the others wanted to rush in and kill those people, but the people in Zhao Qinglong’s team blocked in front of Cao Mengde and the others.

The members of Zhao Qinglong’s squad said coldly, “We’ve given you a chance, but you didn’t take it! Now you still want to farm points? In your dreams!”

Wu Bufan said, “Damn it, do you know who I am? Do you believe that I can easily hire someone to kill you with a little money?”

Luo Dafei said, “Get out of the way! Go to the Dragon Fighting Street to ask around. Do you know who your Brother Dafei is? Get lost before I get angry.”

Zhao Qinglong said indifferently, “Interesting. Your physique is very strong and has reached the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm, or even stronger. Your strength and comprehensive combat power have also reached the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm. However, your realm is much weaker. If you fully grow to the perfected Star Transformation Realm, you might become a peerless Heavenly Talent comparable to Feng Yu.”

Han Fei didn’t speak but was quickly calculating in his heart, which of the Void Stealing Technique or the God Sealing Spear could deal with this person.

However, Zhao Qinglong didn’t give Han Fei much time to consider. He simply said, “It just so happens that there’s still some time before the competition begins. I’d like to spar with you.”

In the next moment, Zhao Qinglong disappeared, and what Han Fei saw was ten times the speed of light. No, it seemed to have exceeded ten times the speed of light.

Han Fei’s heart trembled. He remembered what Senior Brother Azure Dragon said. Sky Openers generally couldn’t exceed ten times the speed of light except for some special Heavenly Talents who had comprehended special powers.

However, the speed that Zhao Qinglong showed didn’t seem right.

It was a speed that almost exceeded normal consciousness and reaction. Han Fei’s first reaction was to steal Zhao Qinglong’s consciousness, but at that moment, Han Fei was still sent flying tens of thousands of kilometers away.

It was too fast. The moment his consciousness was born, Zhao Qinglong had already appeared in front of him and his attack had almost fallen on him.

However, Han Fei’s physique was not weak. This was just Zhao Qinglong’s ordinary blow. It was nothing to be proud of to block it. After all, he had been knocked back more than 20,000 kilometers by a single punch.

In the next moment, Zhao Qinglong just shook his head and an eye suddenly opened between his eyebrows. Although his eyes lost consciousness for a moment, the third eye suddenly opened, and Zhao Qinglong seemed to come back to himself immediately.

Han Fei was surprised. He regained consciousness so soon? This seemed a little beyond his expectations. It hadn’t even been a second, right? It had only been an instant.

Then, Zhao Qinglong burst out at a terrifying speed ten times more than the speed of light again. This time, Han Fei stole Zhao Qinglong’s speed.

Zhao Qinglong staggered in the air and almost fell to the ground. Suddenly, he regained his balance, tapped the ground with one foot, and jumped up again.

A mountain collapsed and Zhao Qinglong rushed towards him without slowing down.

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However, Han Fei clearly discovered that he seemed to have stolen a special speed, a strange speed of the Dragon Leaping into the Sea of Stars, which shuttled through the void.

Han Fei felt that this didn’t seem to be the power of a humanoid because he seemed to see a dragon shadow.

Han Fei subconsciously activated it, but he still felt a little rusty with it. He subconsciously moved at a weird speed and narrowly avoided Zhao Qinglong’s sword.

But Zhao Qinglong came too fast. He didn’t care that this sword missed. With another backhand slash, he and his sword turned into countless shadows. With Zhao Qinglong’s speed, Han Fei didn’t completely dodge it, so he stole Zhao Qinglong’s Great Dao.

This time, Han Fei felt that he was touching an extremely strange Great Dao. It was a dark shadow, and a pair of scarlet eyes glanced at him. In an instant, Han Fei’s seven orifices were bleeding. Before he felt the Great Dao he had stolen, this Great Dao had already broken free.

His Void Stealing Technique was actually blocked by the other party?

“How is that possible?”

“Wait, there is another existence in his body?”

Han Fei clearly knew that he could steal a kind of power even if the target was a Monarch. But the scene he saw just now seemed a little different from the power Zhao Qinglong showed.

The power unleashed by Zhao Qinglong’s Azure Dragon Sword had the power to cleanse the darkness. However, what he saw just now was somewhat dark and evil. Why were these two completely different Dao runes on Zhao Qinglong?

Or, Zhao Qinglong was both good and evil. One side was Buddha, and the other side was Devil. That was why there was such a weird situation.

Either that, or Zhao Qinglong had also embarked on the path of Yin and Yang, which gave him this illusion.

Or there was another existence in his body.

The reason why Han Fei felt that there was another existence in his body was that he had once seen this identical scene. It was the first time he saw the Azure Dragon in the Ideal Palace.

At that time, the gaze of the dragon alone could immobilize him.

However, according to his understanding, it was impossible for Zhao Qinglong to be from the dragon race, because so far, the dragon race hadn’t appeared. Senior Brother Qinglong was from the dragon race. If there was a dragon cultivator walking outside, how could he not know?

Wait… Han Fei suddenly thought of something.

Senior Brother Azure Dragon and the others had discussed it several times in gatherings. A black dragon of the dragon race had defected. With Senior Brother Azure Dragon’s level, how could the black dragon be simple? It was at least at the Monarch level.

This also explained why he couldn’t steal the other party’s Great Dao at all.

It also explained why Zhao Qinglong broke free the moment he stole his consciousness.

Although Han Fei was confident, he was not as arrogant as to fight a Monarch.

Han Fei was blocked by the sword. This time, he only stole the power of the sword and slowed down the surrounding time.

Han Fei was almost pierced through by the sword, and golden blood oozed out of his chest. But he didn’t care. Instead, he raised his hand. “Stop! Fine! You win…”